Ask A Dancer: Krysti from Rick’s Cabaret


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Dancer Interview: Krysti from Rick’s Cabaret

What are you doing to keep busy during the Covid shutdown?

Krysti: Learning two foreign languages—German and French.

What do you miss most about dancing?

Krysti: It’s fun to have all those eyes on me.

How are you staying in shape during the shutdown?

Krysti: Peleton!

Do you remember your first time on stage? What did you dance to?

Krysti: “Work” by Rhianna. I was too nervous.

What do you think about pole dancing as a potential Olympic sport?

Krysti: Sure.

If you could ban any song from every being played in a club you were in forever, what would it be and why?

Krysti: Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” No need to explain.

How many pairs of heels do you own?

Krysti: Too many.

Have you ever had a customer pretend to be someone famous?

Krysti: A Simon Cowell look-a-like. He didn’t fool me.

Have you ever run into anyone you know in real life while working?

Krysti: Yes, one of my college professors.

What is the most original pick up line you have ever heard?

Krysti: “I just won the lottery and I feel like spending a lot of it on you.” Nice.

What is the worst thing someone can say to a dancer in a club?

Krysti: “You remind me of my daughter.”

What is your go-to song when you want to kill it on stage?

Krysti: Naughty Girl, Beyonce

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