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Brand new Digital Playground contract girl Lacie Heart sits for a chat. Though she has softened a bit since greeting me at the Circle Bar with “you’re the guy who gives me bad reviews” Lacie is still a little perturbed about my review of her Vivid movie Roughed Up. She opens up though, talking about her contract at Vivid, her relationship with Scott Nails and in the end drops a bomb. Read on and find out, for the first time, about Lacie’s run in with the law.
Lacie Heart
INTERVIEW: Lacie Heart

Lacie’s Movies

We are here, and I’m going to get closer because this is nice, with one of the two new Digital Playground girls Miss…

Lacie Heart.

Lacie Hart who people know from Vivid. Now you’re with Digital. When did that happen?

About three weeks ago.

How did that change come about?

My contract was over with Vivid and I wanted to go with Digital Playground in the first place so I decided that a change of venue would be good.

So you had a one-year deal with Vivid?


How was that?

They stopped shooting me after I stopped doing boys. They didn’t use me so it was time to venture out.

So you’re not doing boys now?

I only shoot with Scott Nails.

I met Scott the other night. Interesting guy. How did you guys meet?

At a party.

Were you both already in the industry when you met?

I had only been in the industry for a month. I had never worked with him.

He got you right away. He still works with other women. You only work with him and with other girls?

Yes, I work with girls.

He can work with whoever he wants?


He’s getting the better of this deal.


Does it bother you at all that he work with other girls?

It’s work, I can’t really be bothered.

But it’s not a huge turn on for you.


What can people see you in?

Lacie HeartFrom Digital?

Are there Digital movies out yet?

Yeah, I shot these before I signed with Vivid. Porcelain, Jack’s Big Ass Show and Jack’s Teen America 17.

I get the Teen America thing, but Big Ass Show? Where is the big ass?

They had to do funny camera angles.

It’s a nice ass, but it’s not big. How tall are you?




Definitely not a big ass. Blonde hair, green eyes.


Absolutely beautiful.

Thank you.

Natural or enhanced?

Natural. If they were enhanced they would be a lot bigger.

They are nice. Are you going to keep them that way?

We haven’t decided that yet.

So there is a possibility they may be bigger.


Some people like bigger. On behalf of those of us who like natural, you don’t need to change a thing.

I like them the way they are, but if I was going to do it, I would do it for Digital.

Porcelain was a pretty girl movie.

That was a Jana Cova movie.

And you worked in the Jack’s stuff which is more gonzo. Did you work with Scott in both of those?


What was the first movie you guys worked together in?


Had you started seeing each other before that?


So you had already been together off screen. Do you think that makes for a better scene?

Yeah. Even now it’s better. I’m saving people a lot of trouble by only working with Scott. With someone else it wouldn’t be a good scene.

You do your best scenes with Scott.


Does he do his best scenes with you?

Maybe. There is a difference when he works with me, but it’s still work to him. He goes into a zone.

Do you watch his other scenes?


So you’re fine with it, but you don’t want to bring it home and watch?

Oh no.

Since you work with girls, does that come home?

No. I like working with girls on camera, but it’s not, I don’t know.

Had you been with girls before the business?

Once, in an awkward threesome, but I didn’t have any interaction with her. She was just sort of there.

How was it an awkward threesome?

It was with my boyfriend and one of my friends. It was New Years Eve and we were all really wasted. Afterwards it was awkward. We didn’t have any interaction.

So it was mostly for him?


You really are a good girlfriend.

Lacie Heart
I guess.

Do you have a web site now?

No, but Digital and I are talking about it.

You didn’t have one while you were at Vivid?


There are a lot of Vivid girls right now. Do you think that they did enough to promote you?

It’s different at Vivid. They have thirteen or so girls. They treat everyone the same because they have so many girls to promote.

I saw you a little hypno thing for Steve Steele right before you signed with Vivid. I believe you and Tiffany Taylor were both in the same movie right before your contracts.


So I saw you looking great, you went to Vivid and sort of disappeared.

It slowed down a lot.

Here they promote their girls well. There are six or seven of you now. They push everyone so we should see more of you.


Have you worked with the other Digital Playground girls?

Only Jesse.

Are you looking forward to working with any of them in particular?

Yeah, I really want to work with Jana and Shay.

That will be nice. Shay is new and hot. Are you up for any AVN Awards?

Best New Starlet.

Do you think you’re going to win?

I don’t know. I’m up against a lot of really good girls including Stefani Morgan who is a Vivid Girl. I won’t be disappointed if I don’t win as long as someone good wins.

If you don’t win, who would you really like to see win?


Where do you come from?

San Louis Obispo.

How does a nice California girl get into porn?

It was an accident.

So you were driving…

I never planned on it. It wasn’t a childhood goal.

You weren’t thinking about being a porn star at twelve?

No. I’d never even seen a porn movie until I got into the business.

What was your first scene?

It was for Shane’s World.

Did you do one of the campus things?

No, it was Pillow Talk or something. It was pretty quick and normal.

Who was it with?

Jack Venice.

When did you do your first girl/girl?

Two scenes later.

Was that a better experience?


You hadn’t seen porn, you hadn’t had sex with another girl. You were really just sweet and innocent but you ended up in porn.

I know, it’s sad huh?

Why is it sad?

I’m just kidding.

Lacie HeartYou worked with Jesse in which movie?

It’s for a movie that isn’t out yet called Jesse’s Juice. We were on a concrete floor with paintball stuff all over the place. They told us to take it easy since were on the concrete floor, but that lasted for about three minutes.

Jesse doesn’t seem to take it easy on girls these days.

I’ve known Jesse for a while because of Playboy. We are pretty good friends.

Did that make for an easier scene?

Yeah. There was a lot of built up tension since we hadn’t worked together. When I met her, I had just signed with Vivid.

She was probably eyeing you for a long time.

We basically attacked each other.

We’ll look forward to that scene in “Jesse’s Juice.” Is Digital Playground going to so their series stuff with you?

I think so. They have done a Teagan’s Juice and I think they are doing all of us. There is also the Deeper series. I think my first two will be Deeper and Lacie Heart: Sexual Freak.

Other than the girls here at DP, is there anyone you really like working with?

I worked with Sunny Leone a lot.

If you were going to cast your next movie, who would you call?

Jana, Shay and Jesse.

If they were all booked and you had to pick someone not at Digital?

I have never worked with Carmen Luvana.

That would be good. If she is ever out there and not under contract, she should call you. You said you were inexperienced with girl when you got into the business. Now you’ve done quite a few scenes, but you don’t bring it home. Is it just work or have you developed a taste for it?

It is fine on camera, but not something for home.

Scott is a fairly big guy in the equipment area. Is that something that interested you before the business?

I didn’t really have that much experience before the business because I always had boyfriends. I had never experienced anything like that in my life.

So you got into the business and realized that they come in different sizes?

Exactly. It was kind of scary.

How old were you when shot your first scene?


And you’re twenty now?

I was a week shy of my nineteenth birthday.

It was a new thing, but now he’s your boyfriend. Do you think you could give that up now that you’ve had the big cock?

It isn’t so much the size, but I have gotten used to the kind of sex we have at home. It isn’t comparable to the civilian sex I’ve had.

So you think porn guys do it better, or just Scott?

Just Scott.

He is up for a few awards.

Performer of the Year and other crap.

Do think he will win?


Do you think he should win?


If Scott can’t win, who do you think should win?

I don’t even know who else is nominated.

How many guys have you worked with?

Just a handful.

What is something that no one knows about Lacie Heart?

Someone always asks me that and I never have an answer. I’m a total nerd. I sit at home on the computer and I watch movies.

Do you read the internet web sites?

Not the porn sites. Not yours you asshole.

Lacie HeartSince you brought it up, let’s go there. I was going to let it go. Why is it that you think I give you bad reviews or that I don’t like you?

(She laughs) That was a joke because I had never met you before.

The first thing you said to me was “This is the guy who gives me bad reviews.”

That’s because you were the only one who said anything bad about that “Roughed Up” movie. You were the only one who kicked it to the ground.

It got a C or something, it wasn’t kicked to the ground.

You said you liked Lacie Heart, but didn’t care for the others. AVN was just raving about it. I was thinking, cool everyone loves the movie but then I read your review.

Who was right, AVN or me?

I don’t know. I just thought “fuck you.”

You thought “fuck you” because I didn’t love the movie? How many times do I have to say that you’re beautiful in a review for you to get over it?

I’m just kidding.

So you obviously read that review. What other sites do you visit?

The only site I go to is AVN.

What mainstream sites? We want to know what kind of a geek you are. Do you go do Star Trek conventions?

I’m a total Star Wars geek.

Did you watch the Rose Parade with the Stormtroopers?

No I wasn’t home. I have the Star Wars Battleship game.

Do you have all of the DVDs?


What is your favorite Star Wars?

3 and 4.

The last and the first.


Have you ever dressed up in a Star Wars outfit and had sex?

No, but I did put on a Darth Maul outfit.

All of the Star Wars geek are now tuning in You don’t look like the average Star Wars geek. Did you stand in line for any of the movies?

Yeah, when “Attack of the Clones” came out and “Phantom Menace.” I wasn’t really old enough for the first few.

I am old enough and I did stand in line. What was the longest you stood in line?

Around three hours. I’m a girl, I really don’t have to wait in line. I just sort of magically get up to the front of the line.

Is it good to be a hot girl?

Yes and no.

What is the best thing you ever got just for being a hot girl?

Not put in jail for driving on a suspended license with a warrant out for my arrest.

That’s pretty damn good.

He didn’t even say anything, he just wrote me a ticket for having a broken windshield.

Wait a minute, you had a warrant?

Yea, it was for an unpaid speeding ticket that happened a year earlier in another county.

So you got away with it?

No. I was coming back from Cabo and they run warrants when you use your passport. I got arrested at the airport. I was in jail for about five hours, it was pretty cool.

One would not know it to look at you, but you love Star Wars and have been in jail.

It was LA County Jail too.

You were probably the daintiest girl in the place.

It was actually really funny because that night they had done a sting in downtown LA and had like forty prostitutes in there with me. I got bailed out.

No more of that. No more going to jail?

No. They just couldn’t find me. They didn’t have my current address.

How fast were you driving?

Around 80.

At least it wasn’t for 65 in a 55.

No it was like 86 in a 65.

Is there anything I haven’t covered?

No. You’re the first one to ever know that I was jail.

We should look for you in future Digital Playground movies with all of the other girls and of course Scott.

(Robby D tries to sneak in quietly and listen to our interview.)

You have shot for Robby D a lot. Would you say that he is the worst director you have ever shot for?

Absolutely. (She laughs) No, I love Robby.

He is one of the few directors these days that isn’t also talent.

True. But he still whips it out on set and runs around hitting people with it.

I hear that it is about the same size as my IRiver recorder and only slightly less red. Is that true?

I try to close my eyes because it scares me.

Everyone else is squinting and you close your eyes.

I try.

What can I say about your next movie that will make you forget that I didn’t like Roughed Up?

Come on, that’s a total joke.

It’s always nice to meet someone and have them attack you first thing.

Come on, you burn people for a living.

Lacie Heart

Is that what you think I do?

It’s your job.

I don’t burn people for a living. I will no though. You’re going down in the notebook. Lacie Heart must die. I’ll kill your career.

Robby won’t be too happy about that. They will be his movies too.


Lacie’s Movies
NEW: Audio Interview With Lacie Heart now available! Listen to interview

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