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AVN is reporting that the Extreme bust from April has resulted in indictments for both Rob Black and Lizzy Borden.


On that note, here is an article from this site back on April 9th. Pretty much covered it.


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Yesterday morning, Postal inspectors raided the offices of Extreme Associates. The exact nature of any changes that may be coming is not known at this time, but agents reportedly seized records involving four Extreme titles. The four movies that have made the government’s hit list are Tom Zupko’s “Ass Clowns 3”, Rob Black’s “Extreme Teen 25” and two titles from Lizzy Borden, “Cocktails 2” and “Forced Entry.” Almost from the first day, Extreme Associates has pushed the limits, almost relishing the bulls-eye they painted on their own chests with titles like these.

Before leaving Elegant Angel to form Extreme, Rob Black had all of porn talking about his edgy blend of sex, violence and ‘off-limits’ topics like religion, drug abuse and rape. Shortly after starting his new company, Black stopped directing movies, focusing instead on a growing wrestling empire. Even though Rob was out of the directing business, his company continued to push boundaries.

Thomas Zupko was brought on and picked up where Black left off, shocking even jaded porn fans with “In the Days of Whore” which featured a scene involving lepers. Other Zupko movies have featured rough sex, religious themes and questionable uses of the American Flag. The seized movie “Ass Clowns 3” brings audiences a bit of all three and then some. One scene has two male performers dressed as oversized vegetables who attack a bride who wanders into the wrong cornfield. Odd as this is, it’s the tamest scene in the movie. The finale features Veronica Caine as a US news reporter who gets dragged into a cave and sodomized by an Osama Bin Laden look-a-like. If that one isn’t enough to set off red flags, there is plenty more. Actress Dannaca Gray plays an angel who is slapped around and mocked by an actor portraying God. When she isn’t being abused by the Almighty, she is forced to perform oral sex on another performer who is nailed to a cross and preaching in a very un Christ-like manner. Some of the scenes in “Ass Clowns 3” are a little hard to swallow, but do any of them violate the law?

Rob Black got back in front of the camera to direct “Extreme Teen 24.” Using the name Stanley Ferrara, he continued the general themes that have made the ET line one of the most successful in Extreme’s history. The line features young performers often dressed as teens or even pre-teens. Incest, forced sex and clearly child-like behavior, all no-nos in the world of porn, have been staples in the series. The volume in question has a little bit of all of these elements to it. From the opening scene, which features and angry father verbally abusing and then sodomizing his young daughter to the finale where a girl is choked by a penis in the middle of her nightly prayers, “Extreme Teen 24” is a feast of what I like to call P4P (Porno for Pedos). It’s distasteful, even sick perhaps, but one has to wonder if there is anything in this movie that many other pornographers haven’t been doing for years.

Lizzy Borden, Black’s partner and fianc�e, seems to have hit the jackpot. Two of her movies were carted off. From the beginning, Borden has made no excuses for her movies, choosing the in-your-face method of smut making. Her Cocktails line is a Bordenesque twist on the usual blowjob series. It consists of plenty of rough oral sex, spitting, choking, gagging and other activities during the oral sex. The female performers hold bowls or other containers under their chins to collection the vile concoction created and then drink it down at the end of the scene. Before the release of “Cocktails 3” Lizzy promised me that it would make me “fucking sick.” That’s quite an endorsement coming from the queen of shock. She wasn’t exaggerating this time as C3 really did take the series to new depths. Enemas were added to the mix as well as a good bit of urine. Water sports have always been off-limits in US porn, but what’s a little fecal matter mixed in with spit, semen and stale beer? The health department might disagree, but I don’t think that bad taste should be criminal.

That leaves us with the most likely candidate for getting someone hauled off to jail for making smut. “Forced Entry” gained notoriety when a PBS crew doing a story on Borden stormed off the set. They found a violent scene with Veronica Caine being ‘raped’ and ‘murdered’ to be too much. The movie stars Luciano as a serial killer who is obsessed with The Nightstalker, Richard Ramirez. To show his loyalty to his dark idol, Luciano kidnaps rapes and murders a number of women. Again Borden was unapologetic for the tone of her movie. Over a year before its release, “Forced Entry” was the topic of discussion during an interview I did with the director. Lizzy described her pet project thusly “I’m doing this movie, ‘Forced Entry’, that you will just rip apart. It’s six scenes of pure rape. No pleasure at all.” She was right on all counts. I did rip it apart, it was brutal and there was no pleasure in even watching it. This movie obliterated the line between hard-core sex and violence and is very probably the main cause for concern from Extreme’s legal team.

All of these movies take some liberties and go beyond the norm for modern day adult material. Whether it’s the incest in “Extreme Teen 24”, the religious themes of “Ass Clowns 3” or the pure carnage for “Forced Entry”, no one can say that Extreme wasn’t pushing the limits when they released these titles. The question isn’t whether or not these acts are in poor taste or even disgusting. What is at issue here is whether or not such scenes are against the law. Once that is determined, we can get further into whether or not they should be protected by the First Amendment or banned for simply being ‘too offensive.’

Though it’s still too early to say for sure why Extreme got raided, it’s certainly not too soon to start speculating. All four of the titles push the envelope to be sure, but are they really any worse than what is out there on the market? Is this raid cause for concern? Of course it is. Are the Feds coming for Max Hardcore, Brandon Iron, Thomas Zupko and anyone else who makes rough or controversial movies? That remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain. Extreme hung a huge target on their back years ago and someone has then lined up for a kill shot.


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