True Anal Access 3

True Anal Access 3

Movie Type: All Sex
142 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Mike Adriano
THEMES: Anal Sex, Gape Shots, A2M
STARS: Joanna Angel, Layla Love, Kayla Paris Mi Ha Doan


By now you should know what you’re getting with these movies. Mike Adriano doesn’t mess around when it comes to anal sex. The action is fast and furious with the camera right up in there as close as possible for most of the run time. You get gapes, A2M, hard backdoor pounding and all shot from a view where one mishap and you’re going to see what the starlets had for dinner two nights ago (Pre-anal fasting and all.) If all of that sounds good to you then this is a great movie. You get all of that in four really good scenes. Each woman brings something a little different. Mi Ha Doan is very cute, but turns out to be quite the anal princess. Kayla Paris has a fantastic ass that gets shown off with and without a cock in it. Layla Love gives super gape shots. And of course Joanna Angel is a superstar in any kind of scene, but has always been a terrific anal queen. She shows great energy and gives the best overall scene in the movie. If you like Mike’s work and are really into hot anal action, give this one a try.

Joanna Angel

Long an anal queen, v sits her sexy ass down on Mike’s couch for a chat before her anal pounding. Her love of anal sex is a major topic in the interview which transitions well into the action which starts with Joanna’s legs up over her head and Mike’s dick pounding her bootyhole. The camera is in tight for this so you can see her ass stretch and then gape and then stretch some more. The ass shots are fantastic and Joanna’s energy never diminishes. After having his dick in her ass for a good long time, she takes a break and starts sucking it. She is still one of the best on-screen (And I assume off) cock suckers in porn and this section is a highlight for sure. They finish up in doggy with Mike shooting all over her ass before Joanna gives the fans a final gape shot.

Layla Love

Blonde Layla Love says that she enjoys anal sex in her private live. Yeah, probably not the way it’s going to happen here. Mike has her strut around and show off her ass. When she spreads it for the camera and wiggles it, it is big and nicely shaped. He eats her from behind for a long time before flipping her over and using a toy to get her further prepped for her pooper poke. After an extreme close up of her gape shot, he sticks his dick in for a stroke or two before some AM head. Her big round ass gets a lot of screen time and looks great and he seeks to increase her gape with his hard thrust between her cheeks. He has her hold her cheeks open during a long round of doggy that ends with a shot all over her stretched asshole.

Kayla Paris

Next up is Kayla Paris. She does part of her interview bent over with her ass on display. Her bottoms come off so we get a little closer look before Mike feeds her his dick. She looks pretty good sucking dick, but he wants that ass. They go for the full oiled up ass action as he pours it from the bottle all over his cock. This certainly helps things as she pulls her knees up to her chest while he goes balls-deep. The close up shots of this anal action are pretty good and Kayla likes dropping her ass on him hard. Right in the middle of the action, she walks around the apartment with the camera following closely. The ass shots here are simply fantastic. Kayla has a really sexy walking ass. He finishes off with a creampie right in her tight asshole.

Mi Ha Doan

Pretty Mi Ha Doan opens up by describing how overwhelming her anal orgasms are. She is ready to have plenty of them today. First we get a look at her body as she stands and poses. Mi Ha has a very pretty face and wonderfully perky breasts. He sticks his cock into her ass and gets is opened up. Mi Ha turns around and stuffs it into her mouth. She is very pretty, but he is more interested in her other end so the head doesn’t last long. The close up shots of the anal are once again excellent and front and center.

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