Evil Girls with Mormon Boys

Evil Girls with Mormon Boys


Movie Type: All Sex
128 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Dana Vespoli
THEMES: Religious Themes. Reluctant Males, Anal Sex, Threesome
STARS: Kenzie Reeves, Brooklyn Gray, Paige Owens, Cherie DeVille, Logan Pierce, Robby Echo, Alex Jett, Charles Dera, Cody Steele


Dana Vespoli brings you four scenes of Mormon guys getting their world’s rocked by naughty girls. The religious themes should be obvious, but if that isn’t your thing, you might give it a pass. If that sparks your interest, then by all means strap in. It isn’t over the top, but in addition to the hot cast and great sex, the specific religious themes are an additional bonus to the core audience. The cast does a good job of selling the fantasy. The Mormon guys are clean cut and do their best to resist temptation. Of course they can’t and that results in some very hot scenes with lots of anal. Even that is thrown into the Mormon context for added texture. Kenzie Reeves is a very bad girl who comes on strong in the opener. She is quite cute and a serious anal slut. Brooklyn Gray has great aggressive energy in her scene. I was quite impressed. Paige Owens probably comes in first for me in this flick. She looks fantastic and plays a perfectly slutty girl who knows how to get what she wants. The finale is different on a number of levels. Cherie DeVille and Charles Dera invite a young Mormon man into their home to have him help double team Cherie. They are pretty wild and the religious themes are pushed to new levels in this scene. If that is what you are looking for, start there. If not, you have been warned. This is another great movie by Dana Vespoli that mixes great sex with the edgy theme in a way that is skilled and sexy. The only thing missing is a hot cameo from the director herself.

Kenzie Reeves & Logan Pierce

When Brother Pierce comes to the door to spread the word, Kenzie Reeves invites him inside. She is interested, but needs to confess all of her dirtiest fantasies before she can be free. He puts up a halfhearted fight, but this pint sized prick princess is not about to take no for an answer. Not when there is a hard cock close enough for her to suck. Face down on her bed, she goes to work on his dick, deep threatening it with ease and making it very messy. By the time she finishes sucking his cock, Logan is all in, diving between her legs and eating her asshole. Her little hole it tight, but his cock fits and she seems to love it when he gives her hard strokes. The anal action is very well shot and quite energetic. He lifts her off the bed, holding her petite ass in his hands while he slams her balls deep with everything he’s got. They finish with a big shot on her adorable face. This movie is off to a rather fantastic start.

Brooklyn Gray & Robby Echo

Robby stops by to talk to the Bishop and finds his daughter, Brooklyn Gray home instead. She is very aggressive with him, demanding to know what happened to make him doubt the Church. He is confused and tries to resist, but her energy is overwhelming. By the time he knows what’s going on, she has his cock in her hands and is kissing him to shut him up. Brooklyn is a pretty skilled cock sucker and loves grinding her pussy down on his face. He is well beyond any hesitation by the time he flips her over and starts fucking her tight pussy. The doggy looks great and he sprays a huge load all over her upturned ass.

Paige Owens & Alex Jett

Alex Jett is staying with a very nice family during his mission. One morning their daughter (Paige Owens) sneaks in through the window after a long night of fun. She needs him to lie to her parents, but he refuses. She pushes the issue and shoves him back onto the bed to see if his cock is hard. It is and Paige makes it disappear into her mouth. His objections stop quickly with her bobbing her pretty face on his dick and gagging as it hits her throat. Going along with the “Save the virginity” plan, she climbs on top and sticks him right into her ass. It is a tight fit, but she bounces hard before doing A2M and repeating the action, this time facing the camera. He pulls out and shoots a big load all over her body with some even making it up to her open mouth. Paige is very pretty and her filthy talking anal action in this scene should not be missed.

Cherie DeVille, Codey Steele & Charles Dera

Codey Steele shows up at Cherie’s house. She and her husband have called him there to learn more about the church, but he soon finds out what they really want. When she disappears, Codey goes looking and finds her sucking her husband’s cock and having a very loud role play lesson where Cherie reveals her desire to show the clean cut young man what a total slut she is. The kinky couple don’t stop going at it while Codey just stares and passively lets Cherie taste his cock. Her dirty talk is pretty intense as she gets two dicks at once. They want to let Codey fuck her ass which fits with the whole blind spot motif we have seen throughout this flick. They encourage Codey to be rougher and make her gag so that Charles can feel her pussy clamp down. They add a lot of religious elements to the scene as well, reading from his book and eventually cumming all over it so Cherie can suck up every drop and swallow. Super filthy talk, religious themes and sexual intensity mark this finale.



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