Big Titted Nurses 2

Big Titted Nurses 2

Movie Type: Vignette
101 Mins
Reality Junkies
THEMES: Nurses, Uniforms, Big Tits, Natural Tits
STARS: Bunny Colby, Annabel Red, Ella Knox, Violet Myers, Jon Rogue, Jonny Goodluck, Codey Steele, Alex Jett


Combining two things men like is usually a good thing. In this case the movie pairs hot nurses who are even hotter in these troubling times and big tits. The titties are big in this movie and they are the focus of the action whenever possible. There is less uniform appeal I suppose, but still enough to make it worth watching if you dig nurses. Most of the nurse appeal comes from the stories which are kind of cute. Not very realistic I suppose, but this is porn so we should be OK stretching the fabric of believability. The nurse and boob angles are where the movie works best. The cast isn’t bad, but they aren’t going to blow you away either. Ella Knox is always fun and sports some very big breasts. She knows how to use them as well as her other charms to extract a sample from her stepbrother (Whoa, isn’t that crossing into yet another sub-genre?) Her bit tits are tons of fun to watch. Violet Myers takes control in the finale and is pretty energetic. Bunny Colby and Annabel Redd give solid performances and play their nurse roles nicely. This is far from great, but it will do if you like nurses and big tits.

Annabel Redd & Jon Rogue

Annabel Redd is an outcall nurse who used to be a stripper. She pops in to give Jon a few pills to make him feel better. She accidentally gives him the wrong pills resulting in an uncontrollable boner. Luckily the busty ginger nurse knows just how to handle such issues. She quickly loses her coat and pops his cock into her mouth. She is good at this part of her job and he does seem to be in better spirits immediately. As she gives him head, her heavy boobs rub against his legs. He turns her around and fucks her from behind, making those boob shake with each thrust. I love the way she arches her back to show them off for the camera. Since this is a boob movie, keeping the shaking titties in the shot is key. They finish up with Annabel holding her rack in her hand as he dumps a load all over her fun bags.

Bunny Colby & Johnny Goodluck

Johnny goes to nurse Bunny Colby with a very intimate problem. He is embarrassed, but she has a magic potion to get him all up and ready again. He is afraid of the needle, but after passing out, wakes up with a rager. Faced with such a stiff situation, she has only one choice, to drop her head into his lap and suck. I guess she has to test to make sure that the meds are working to full capacity. She does a pretty good of getting it wet with her tongue before letting him into her pussy. He licks it well first, letting Bunny lean back and play with her tits while munches her lips. They are both wet and ready to fuck. The action is fine here, but there is less focus on the boobs this time around. Not that Bunny isn’t busty mind you. She has a pretty solid set that is best shown off during the doggy in this scene. He finishes by shooting all over her rack. Looks like that shot really did the trick.

Ella Knox & Alex Jett

Nursing student Ella Knox is learning how to properly masturbate a patient to relieve pressure. She is starting an internship at a sperm bank and watching her practice on a cucumber gives us the opportunity to see Ella with her big tits practically spilling out of her tiny top. On her way to her first day she stops to talk to her stepbrother Alex. Ella is nervous, but he gives her some ideas and she decides to try them out. He is totally in awe of her massive tits and sucks on them like he may never stop. Ella wants some attention focused a little lower and Alex happily eats her out. (Nice camera shot here to really focus on her tits. She is ready to suck his cock and handles him with ease, working her fist around his shaft and looking up with her big brown eyes. Longer shots also have her boobs shaking, but the best tit shots come as they fuck. Ella holds her rack in her arms as she gets fucked and then lets them loose when she is on top. If you were looking for huge bouncing tits, this is the best scene of the bunch. Holding the sample jar near her boobs she smiles as he misses and paints her rack as well and filling the jar. This busty babe is going to do really well at the clinic.

Violet Meyers & Cody Steele

Cody Steele is sick and just wants to sleep it off. His dad calls the family doctor and Violet Meyers shows up. She is the doctor’s daughter and is now a nurse. She wants to give him a reward for being a good boy, so long as he follows her instructions. He starts by playing with her tits and they are certainly sizable. Taking his cock out of his pants, she locks eyes on the camera and starts to suck. Nice BJ here with good eye contact and decent shots of her boobs. The tit shots get better when they start to fuck and he has her knockers shaking back and forth really nicely. When she gets on top they are really in view and rather bouncy. Cody bends her over and gives her a solid round of boning before pulling out and shooting all over her big naturals.

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