Wantedlist.com Enters Into Partnership With Metro Tv’s Naked New York!


WantedList.com Enters Into Partnership With Metro TV’s Naked New York!

July 29, 2003 (Los Angeles, CA): In May the founders of WantedList.com, the world’s first online adult DVD rental service, took New York by storm and garnered attention from some of the top magazines on the newsstands today. But one media outlet ” Metro TV’s Naked New York with Bob Berkowitz ” took such a shine to them that it resulted in a beneficial partnership between the two!

“The joint relationship came about after we were on Naked New York with Bob Berkowitz ” they seemed to really like us and the concept of the company. Its not too often you’ve got two Asian guys with funky haircuts talking about porn in such a nonchalant manner,” says co-founder Anh Tran. “After the show we sat down with some of the staff and producers and discussed how we could continue a relationship with the show, and one of the ideas thrown around was for us to sponsor all of their adult movie reviews. Now every other week WantedList’s staff works with the staff of Naked New York get together to choose four or five movies and submit them to Bob, Donna [Barnes, co-host] and Porno Jim for their personal reviews on the show every week.”

The segment, called “Porn Reviews with Porno Jim, Bob and Donna,” airs every Thursday night and features clips from the reviewed movie spliced with honest and open discussion about the title. The first WantedList.com pick, Temptations from NinnWorx, was lauded as a pretty flick along the lines of a Victoria’s Secret commercial, earning it a 1.5 X out of three for its final rating.

“WantedList has the selection and the vast resources to deliver the films we want, when we want them,” says Todd Crusham, the production coordinator for Naked New York. “They’re incredibly reliable and we at Naked New York have quickly come to depend on them ” I’ve found it to be an invaluable tool for locating the adult films that I need for the show.”

“Being associated to a highly respected show in one of our key target markets is great exposure,” Tran adds. “Plus, our current customers and our potential customers get to see what our perverted tastes and preferences are.”

Speaking of perverted preferences, any chance of sending some off-the-wall titles to Bob and the crew?

“Sometimes Todd and I throw in a kinky fetish movie to see Bob and Donna’s reaction. So far, even though we’ve thrown in some kinky stuff, nothing has really surprised them. Makes you wonder a bit about how much Bob and Donna really likes their jobs,” Tran laughs.

Airing Monday through Thursday on Metro TV, Naked New York has been on the air since October of 2002. Featuring guests from all walks of life discussing sex and issues surrounding sexuality, the show reaches over 4.4 million households in the New York market area.

WantedList.com is the earth’s first online adult DVD rental service boasting over 8000 titles, far outweighing any brick-and-mortar store’s inventory. Customers pay a flat fee every month to have the adult DVDs of their choice mailed to them in nondescript envelopes with a return mailer attached. Postage is paid for both ways by WantedList. No late fees, no travel, and complete anonymity ” it’s the next evolution of porn.

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