Powergirl: Superheroine Fetish Parody

Powergirl: Superheroine Fetish Parody


Movie Type: All Sex
88 Mins
Anastasia Pierce Productions
DIRECTOR: Anastasia Pierce
THEMES: Superheroine, Bondage. Flogging, Spanking, Forced Orgasm, Peril, Big Tits,
STARS: Anastasia Pierce, Kendra James, Samantha Grace, Ashley Lane


This superheroine movie bills itself as a fetish adventure and it is that for sure. The heroine costume appeal is front and foremost, but the sexual action is heavily fetish-oriented. There is some bondage, spanking, mind control, flogging, forced orgasm and milking among other fun stuff. Anastasia Pierce is the woman behind this project and she is also plays the titular character in each scene. She fills out the costume beautifully with a big set of tits that really pushes the limits of the material. Anastasia plays the character with equal parts earnest heroine and cartoonish damsel. Ashley Lane co-stars as Supergirl in the opening scene. The young heroine has some serious submissive fantasies about being dominated and defeated by the statuesque Powergirl. The solo footage with Ashley is very hot and she falls easily to Powergirl. That is the only time that Powergirl comes out on top. In the other scenes, she is taken by vile villainesses and forced to cum over and over. Catwoman milks her relentlessly while the lovely Kendra James gets her revenge with repeated forced orgasms. Powergirl is even defeated by unseen entities in this peril-filled, costume fueled superheroine fetish adventure. If you like busty superheroines in peril with a fetish twist, this is your movie.

Anastasia Pierce & Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane slowly strips down her Supergirl outfit and ponders the idea of two of her. She can’t keep her hands off of herself and as ominous music plays she lifts her skirt and rubs her smooth pussy. Ashley drifts off into a fantasy where she and Powergirl (Anastasia Pierce) have a sexual power struggle. Tied up (Somehow) Supergirl gets spanked, teased and flogged by the busty superheroine. The fantasy has Supergirl rubbing herself off frantically while in her mind she is bound and helpless as Powergirl uses a pussy hook to leave her hanging and horny, forced to cum, she gets things a little wet and ends up climaxing with a mix of joy and shame.

Anastasia Pierce & Samantha Grace

Catwoman (Samantha Grace) is running low on Kryptonian milk for her special power boosting martinis. She decides to go right to the source and invites Powergirl (Anastasia Pierce) into her lair. Using Kryptonite to knock out the clueless heroine, Catwoman focuses her attention on Powergirl’s giant tits. Pulling out her own boobs, Catwoman rubs chests with her captive before revealing her real plan. She chains Powergirl to a fucking machine and hooks her up to a milking machine. Rumor has it, when a Kryptonian cums, she produces more milk. She whines about being abused, but quickly gets turned on by the machine’s relentless thrusting. The milking machine provides some very specific fetish footage. With all the special milk she needs, Catwoman will be unstoppable.

Anastasia Pierce & Kendra James

Powergirl is confronted by Kendra James who has figured out how to drain her powers. It looks painful and sends the busty heroine to the ground writing in agony. When she awakes, she is tied to a padded horse and helpless. She gets spanked and flogged by Kendra before her tits are finally brought out. Apparently her tits are the key to draining her powers because, well why not? Using some creative devices to help with the job, Kendra’s evil plan is working. Both women are very convincing and sell their dialog quite well. It turns Kendra on to defeat the mighty Powergirl so she uses a vibrator on herself while riding the horse right next to her captive. Fully drained Powergirl is transported to a deserted planet and left to roam aimlessly forever.

Anastasia Pierce

The final scene has Powergirl (Anastasia Pierce) investigating some strange occurrences in a library. As soon as she opens the book Powergirl is overcome by voice inside of her head. Instead of coming out and fighting face to face the entity exposes her boobs. Powergirl is very upset by this but doesn’t duck them back into her top. Instead she rants against the unseen forces and waits until more clothes disappear. A gag and some nipple clamps follow as she is helpless to do anything. She begs him to remove the items which happens, but then she ends up getting beaten up and bound by the invisible enemy. As a final humiliation, she is forced to cum all over a huge vibrator.


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