Hookup Hotshot: Fuck Buddies

Hookup Hotshot: Fuck Buddies


Movie Type: All Sex
238 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Bryan Gozzling
THEMES: Rough Sex, Lifeless Girls, Gagging, Spitting, Puking
STARS: Alex Coal, Leah Winters, Viva Athena, Katie Kush, Bryan Gozzling


This is another four scene movie from Bryan Gozzling that will undoubtedly please his fans. It features everything that he has been doing for a while. What he does, doesn’t really hit home for me. It feels like a hyper-focused niche fetish for people with very particular tastes. His tendency to treat models as lifeless dolls and sex as punishment just feels cold and hallow. The cast is why I wanted to give this a try. I love watching Alex Coal work. She does her best here and looks great. If you try really hard you can find stuff to enjoy beyond the micro niche appeal. Katie Kush is also really attractive so there is some good stuff in there. The other two girls are cute, petite and are made up in the movie to look as close to over the line as possible. I know it sounds like I’m bagging on Bryan pretty hard and the tendency is to just write it off as “Rog doesn’t like rough sex.” That isn’t it. Dana Vespoli did “Consent” last year and it was fucking brilliant. Rough sex can be beautiful, it can be hot, it can be hard to watch and still a fucking turn on. This kind of material just seems like it is made for a super specific audience. I’m just not in that audience. Maybe you are so your mileage may vary.

Alex Coal

All decked out in pink, Alex Coal is stunning as usual. Her top is nice and thin allowing her nipples to make a prominent appearance even before the top comes off. She gets a match on her app and sends Bryan some revealing selfies that are sure to peak his interest. This is her second visit and she wants to get fucked even harder this time. He has her stand, pose and follow orders for a very long time. After nearly a half hour of watching him pose her like a doll I am starting to wonder exactly what it is we are watching here. Alex squats and holds her mouth open, but Bryan seems to like women who are lifelike, but not actually able to move or act on their own. He fucks her mouth and then her pussy, grabbing her by the throat and having her call him daddy over and over. I really like Alex Coal, but she isn’t allowed to do anything but hold still and be monotone through the whole thing. There is so little of what makes her a great performer on display here. We watch her eat ass without any expression for several minutes and then recite the same line over and over with each stroke and I’m trying to figure out who this is for. He ends up shooting into her mouth and has her pose with the mess on her face. Alex still looks fantastic and I get the whole submissive and obedient thing, but this just feels like a hyper-niched fetish scene and is a huge waste of talent.

Leah Winters

Skinny brunette Leah Winters does her selfies in an alley with leaves falling from the trees. It’s actually a cool setting and the semipublic nudity is at least interesting. She shows up at Bryan’s door and he gives her the compliance speech. Her outfit is incredibly bright and feels like more extremely specific fetish fodder as she stands perfectly still and lets him examine her. Her clothes come off and she spreads her legs to let him treat that pussy like it’s a cut of meat being inspected by a chef. She also has to clean the floor and collect drool in a pitcher while being face fucked. I know this must appeal to some audience, but I feel like this has been going for hours already. He fucks her roughly and with zero joy from either of them until he finally cums on her face. There are times when I get Max Hardcore vibes from Bryan, but it feels like the camera is just set up and rolling with no thought about editing the footage into anything coherent or interesting to anyone but the one shooting it.

Katie Kush

Disc two starts with Katie Kush walking down the alley in impossibly small shorts while she texts Bryan. She has a tiny top on to match the shorts and sports pigtails with big black glasses. There is some nice tease here, but when she arrives itis more of the same. Bryan holds her by the throat, manhandles her tits and acts like he would rather spit on her than fuck her. I don’t mind rough sex. Some really fine shooters work in that genre, but this just feels joyless and I can’t get to that place. Katie gets on her knees and does her best to put on a good show. She manages to suck it pretty well, but he keeps stopping her and diverts any heat she manages to generate. Look, it isn’t all bad. Katie is cute and they move into a number of positions for the rough face fucking to make sure the can handle things without too much trouble. There are plenty of shots of her showing off her flexibility. She spends a lot of time on all fours showing lovely thighs and a nice round ass. The doggy sex is good and easy for anyone to enjoy without sacrificing the hard, rough sex angle. He has her sucking his cock until she pukes all over his dick. That’s it for me. Enjoy it if that’s your thing my friends. Somehow she manages to smile through the big facial at the end. Hats off to Katie.

Viva Athena

Last up is another super skinny girl Viva Athena. She totters into the house in her Candyland Fantasy Hooker uniform and plays mannequin for Bryan. Upon judging her properly lifeless and void of personality or freewill he moves on with the charming hookup sex. She closes her eyes and rubs his crotch while he chokes her and checks her pussy the way you might check your dog for ticks. Viva opens her eyes to suck his cock. When it gets to the back of her throat he moves around side to side to see if it fits better sideways. It fits into her pussy and her knees make nice earmuffs for a while. After rabbit fucking that hole, he moves to her mouth and gets the drool going all over her face. After having her eat his ass for long enough to binge watch a season of Game of Thrones, he shoots on her face and thankfully ends this four hour journey.

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