School of Submission: Kristen Scott

School of Submission: Kristen Scott

Movie Type: All Sex
260 Mins
DIRECTOR: John Paul the Pope
THEMES: BDSM, Flogging, Toy Play, Forced Exercise, Whipping, Spanking, Rough Sex, Bondage
STARS: Kristen Scott, Derrick Pierce & the Pope

WINNER: Best BDSM Production at 2020 AVN Awards

This movie is nominated for Best BDSM Production for the 2020 AVN Awards. (UPDATE: It won the award.) It features one of the top performers in the business in Kristen Scott. It is a very intense four hours of BDSM and definitely geared towards that specific audience. I enjoy watching Kristen in anything, so I probably liked a lot of this more than most vanilla porn fans. It is a four day training that includes lots of bondage, flogging, whipping, electric play, and some sex thrown in for good measure. There is also a very intense forced workout that was interesting to say the least. Sexually Kristen is fantastic as always. There is lots of toy play, solo and a pretty hot fuck with Derrick Pierce. If you like BDSM, this is a really intense and well done movie with an A List adult star that is well worth watching and having in your collection. If you like Kristen, then check it out knowing what it is. You can always skip past the stuff you don’t like.

Day One:

Seated in front of a mirror, Kristen gives her final thoughts on submission before getting her first lesson. He strips her to her bra and panties and starts to work on her with gloved hands. She looks gorgeous as she stands and lets him whip her ass. Watching her rub her pussy on command has me quite interested. Kristen is beautiful and the action is intense, making for some really special fetish footage.

Day Two:

Derrick Pierce joins the action on day two. Kristen submissively holds her hands behind her back as they talk about her and tie her up for what is being called a “sexual evaluation.” Once she is all tied up Derrick starts working on her with harsh works and vigorous finger action on her pussy. He tests out her oral skills which are outstanding, especially with a cock she can handle fairly easily. Moving her into a rope swing, Derrick starts fucking her pussy. Kristen is gorgeous and a very good performer so this action is hot on a number of levels. He is rough with her, choking her for a long time while fucking her, but she responds well and fucks back hard. They mix the sex and the BDSM really well here and Kristen is a fucking star throughout.

Day Three:

Testing more than her sexual endurance, Pope puts Kristen on an elliptical trainer to get her blood pumping before starting her training. Whipping and finger play get her pussy all wet before she has to endure box steps. Exhausting her physically and sexually at once seems to be breaking her down quickly. The naked workout footage adds something unique to the scene to be sure.

Day Four:

For her final test, Kristen is nearly naked but standing proudly in her heels as she waits her master to abuse her. She has been so good so far that she gets some pleasurable finger play before he goes into the serious bondage. Kristen gets tied up and shocked while in some very acrobatic and uncomfortable looking positions. They do some choking play with the ropes that I just can’t get past. She goes through the pain portion of the scene and makes it through. Much of this movie is hot even if you aren’t into BDSM, but the final scene is very niche-oriented. Not a bad thing, in fact it’s going to be a home run with the core audience. It seems to make Kristen quite happy as well. When she is done she kneels naked with a triumphant smile on her face. Have I mentioned how fucking beautiful she is. Damn.

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