Gentleman, The

Gentleman, The

Movie Type: Feature
253 Mins
Missa X
THEMES: Cheating, Suspense,
STARS: Lacy Lennon, Bree Daniels, Kira Noir, Mona Wales, Zac Wilde, Chad White

Nominated for Best Director Featurette (Missa X) for 2020 AVN Awards
Nominated for Best Drama for 2020 AVN Awards
Nominated for Best Dramatic Screenplay for 2020 AVN Awards
Nominated for Best Leading Actor (Zac Wilde) for 2020 AVN Awards
Nominated for Best Leading Actress (Lacy Lennon) for 2020 AVN Awards
Nominated for Best Supporting Actor (Chad White) for 2020 AVN Awards
Nominated for Best Supporting Actress (Kira Noir) for 2020 AVN Awards


Wow, seven AVN nominations for this movie. Four for the acting alone. Spoiler alert folks, it deserves all of them. The acting performances in this movie are super fucking tight. Zac Wilde is really fantastic. His is a top performance for sure. Lacy Lennon is also amazing in this great role. Chad White and Kira Noir do fine work and Mona Wales also should have been nominated. The script is also really tight and very interesting. It kept me interested throughout. The sex scenes are good, sometimes very good to excellent. The action is nicely shot, but the chemistry and intensity is what makes them work. Zac carries a lot of the weight in the first half of the movie. He has good scenes with Mona Wales and Bree Daniels before hooking up with Lacy. Lacy is gorgeous and completely hot in her scenes with both Zac and Chad. As great as her acting in this movie is, her sex scenes are nearly as impressive. Add Kira Noir to the mix and the second half of this movie really picks up the sexual intensity. I enjoyed watching this movie on every level. It is sexually hot, superbly acted and a very entertaining, if edgy XXX thriller.

Mona Wales & Zac Wilde

Mona Wales comes to visit her friend, but is told by Zac that she is out of the country arranging her mother’s funeral. Something seems off, but with no place else to stay Mona agrees to stay in her friend’s house. The dialog shared between Mona and Zac is really good and the voice over backstory is haunting and sets up the creepy vibe nicely. They connect over several scenes and after a half hour of set up, finally hook up. O am really surprised that Mona didn’t land herself a supporting actress nomination for this movie as well. The sex is well shot and lets loose all of the passion and energy built up so far. Mona explodes with dirty talk that would have been inconceivable when she first hit the screen early in the movie. He finally shoots his load all over her pussy and they collapse in each other’s arms.

Bree Daniels & Zac Wilde

A few months later, Zac introduces himself to the new neighbor Bree Daniels. She and her husband have bought the house from the owners who abandoned it. She is having marital issues which come into play as she invites the stranger in for some pizza. Their dialog scenes move her close and closer to his arms as she lays out her troubles and falls for his gentlemanly charms. It works so well that she has to practically beg him to make love. Once again the scene is a release of the sexual tension and emotion built up through very well written and perfectly delivered dialog. He cums inside of her and she begs for a second round.

Lacy Lennon & Zac Wilde

Months later, Lacy Lennon shows up and she is on to him. Lacy corners Zac and confronts him with his crimes. Their dialog is tense and she delivers it perfectly. She is just as nuts as he is and her proposal to team up is quite the juicy twist for a porn script. The dialog scene is shorter this time, but it still leads into an explosive sex scene. Lacy is gorgeous I don’t care if she is a psychotic killer, head like that just might be worth it. Her dirty talk and energy during the fucking is the best of the movie so far and watching her bounce on his dick is a visual treat. He pounds her as hard as he can and shoots his load deep inside of her. I am shocked this scene didn’t last on a nomination list as well.

Kira Noir & Chad White

One year later, Kira Noir and Chad White have moved into the neighborhood. Chad wants to get involved with Zac’s company and insists that his pretty wife come over for a dinner party. This is really smart dialog and both Chad and Kira earn those acting noms. Before they head over, Kira turns on the charm and gets his cock into her mouth. As good as the acting and dialog are, Kira’s BJ is one of the best things about this movie. Chad pushes her onto the bed and with her feet up near her head, Kira takes everything he’s got. Kira is energetic and grinds her hips on him like she is in love and also really wants him to forget about going to the party. Those are “power of persuasion” hips right there. They finish with her riding him to a big internal pop.

Lacy Lennon & Chad White

The aim of the dinner party is to see if Lacy and Zac can break their new neighbors. Lacy comes on strong, promising Chad the partnership he craves is he will impregnate her. While that is too much for him at first, you know he is going to give in eventually. She is just too tempting no matter how hard he tries to resist. Once her lips are around his cock, it’s game over for Chad. Great looking head leads to standing doggy that is so boisterous one might imagine all the neighbors can hear them. He gives her the creampie that she needs. The sex is over (On a high note for sure) but the story keeps going for a half hour to one of the more emotionally fucked up endings in a porn movie this year.

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