Deeper: Femme Fatale

Deeper: Femme Fatale

Movie Type: All Sex
155 Mins
Kayden Kross
THEMES: Cheating, Women in Charge, Creampie, Sex at Work
STARS: Skye Blue, Ana Foxxx, Jessie Saint, Abigail Mac, Small Hands, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, Tyler Nixon


Kayden Kross has done some fantastic work with Deeper. Obviously people have taken notice because she earned herself Director of the Year honors. This movie has a very intriguing title and the action follows the female in charge feel of most Deeper projects. It stops short of where you might think the movie is going based on the title. The women take the lead for sure and some of them seem ready to ruin whatever relationship their partner is in, but in the end, everyone is happy. Happiest of all is probably the audience who gets to enjoy well shot eye candy with some good energy and much better than average sexual chemistry. Ana Foxxx opens the movie as a home wrecker who will bang even her best friend’s husband. He doesn’t try too hard to resist because she’s just too damn hot. This scene set the bar super high. Skye Blue is quite attractive and knows how to go after what she wants. Abigail Mac is fantastic in the movie. She sets the tone perfectly with a strong acting performance and then nails the sexual energy. This scene is a perfect balance of fantasy and hot visuals. Jessie Saint and Mick Blue close out the movie with another visually pleasing fuck with better than average energy. There is plenty here to enjoy and the movie is well made enough to make it good for couples or single viewers.

Ana Foxxx & Small Hands

Ana Foxxx stays with her college friend and her husband (Small Hands). From the starts making moves on him right away. After sending her friend away, Ana crawls into bed with him and makes him an offer he can’t refuse. Clearly in charge, the gorgeous home wrecker has his dick throbbing at full mast long before her pretty lips find their way around his shaft. She gets on all fours and lets him eat her from behind. The shots of Ana’s body are fantastic. She is so beautifully enticing. The intense connection between the performers is really outstanding here. They look at each other like fucking is a moral and biological imperative. There are some close up shots of the penetration that shows the bright pink inner lips opening up for him. Ana rides him slowly but with purpose, taking his cock and making it hers. In fact, she demands that he cum inside of her and doesn’t let him pull out as he pumps her full.

Skye Blue & Manuel Ferrara

Being married doesn’t stop Manuel Ferrara from hitting on sexy blonde Skye Blue. It also doesn’t stop her from wanting him. It does stop things from going any further. At least until he shows up for a massage a few months later. Sky recognizes his voice and beings to run his worries away. Ever since their encounter, Skye has wanted him and this is her chance. She takes his cock out and strokes it while his eyes are covered. Manuel gets excited, but stops again, this time running off to the showers to cool down. Sky isn’t about to say no and follows him for a more aggressive attempt. This time she shoves his face into her pussy and doesn’t let him up for air until she has all but destroyed his resolve. She returns the favor, devouring his dick like she’s starved. Her perfect tits fit nicely around his dick until he is ready to fuck her. Once he has given in, Manuel starts banging her for all he’s worth. Great energy here and Skye’s body is gorgeous. She ends up with his cream all over her face.

Abigail Mac & Tyler Nixon

Tyler and Abigail Mac had a thing, but he wants it to be over. The problem is, she is his boss and does not taking no for an answer. Harassing him all week she finally corners him in the bathroom, cuffs him to the counter and her way with him. Most guys wouldn’t complain too loudly at the idea of having this lovely woman giving them head, but he’s really trying to be a good husband. He just can’t quite resist hard enough. Abigail treats us to a truly stunning blowjob. Tyler follows her orders and licks her pussy until she is ready to pull him into her pussy. She bends over and shows off her ass and legs while he does the work from behind. She is in charge and lets him know it throughout, even taunting him about showing his wife pictures of them fucking if he doesn’t do her properly. This scene looks incredible and I love the crazy energy. She ends up sucking the cum right out of his cock. The boss always gets what she wants.

Jessie Saint & Mick Blue

Mick really likes to spoil Jessie Saint and she takes all of his gifts with a smile. Money is the source of his power so she takes it in order to gain control. He doesn’t seem to mind, especially when she pulls him in between her thighs and gives him something tasty to enjoy. Once he gets to be inside of her, Mick goes full speed and Jessie is ready to match his energy. When she is on top her hips work so hard that she might just break his cock off and take it home with her. The energy is fantastic as they fuck with money all around them. Jessie has a very hot body and knows how to position herself for fantastic eye candy from every angle. He pulls out and shoots onto her face. I’d call it money well spent.

BONUS MATERIAL: Bonus Scene (Valentina Jewels), Trailers, Gallery

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