Interracial Hotwives 3


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Interracial Hotwives 3

Movie Type: Amateur
132 Mins
THEMES: Amateurs, Interracial Sex, Outdoor Sex, BBW
STARS: Hillary, Ann, Phoebe, Molly, G, Denzel, Dr. Goodjug. Tone, Tom.


This is a collection of amateur scenes shot by people with varying technical proficiencies. The hotwife thing is really not accurate as it isn’t at all about relationship status or alternative lifestyles. Instead it is four pro-am scenes with white female talent and black male talent. Interracial for sure, but hotwives? No. If you were looking for that, then try something else. Because this is a pro-am flick you might expect some variation in the attractiveness of the cast. You certainly get that here. There are a couple of girls who are pretty cute for amateur pornstars. There are also two women who would qualify as smaller BBWs. One of them is pretty cute. The sexual energy is often lacking and the camerawork gets to bad sometimes that you might just want to give up. It isn’t bad for an amateur movie, but it isn’t great either. Hillary has a very nice body and is the most attractive woman in the movie. Her outdoor scene is fun to watch though it runs too long and could use a good edit job to make it pop. Phoebe is a cute girl with glasses who is rail thin. She takes on a black guy after a standard interview porn scene. She also takes on the camera guy when she is finished. The other two scenes feature the same two male talent and the same camera guy doing long interviews. Ann and Molly are both small BBW performers who do their best with a couple of struggling mopes. Molly is young and cute and manages to make her scene worth watching despite the guys. Ann just doesn’t have the experience to save hers. If you like amateur flicks with interracial sex there are better titles on the market. It isn’t horrible, but you really need to be into this specific genre to find much here.

Hillary & G

Hilary and G are enjoying a nice sunny day. She decides to strip down and a get a tan which requires him to rub some lotion on her. The camera moves around while he puts it on and she delivers her lines like an amateur trying to add some set up to what is going to be an outdoor fuck. Hillary has a nice set of natural tits that he sucks on before she takes over and gets his dick hard. Her mouth and hands do the trick with some brief glimpses at the camera with her mouth full. G rolls her over and works his tongue between her legs. After another round of head, she gets on all fours to be fucked. She does have some bikini tanlines that are visible when she is getting fucked in doggy. Her body is nice looking and Hillary is quite pretty. The best shots of this scene come during the POV. They show off her body and the lovely outdoor setting. After too long, he pulls out and shoots a good load on her face.

Ann, Denzel & Dr. Goodjug

Thick Ann has a last name of “Goodhead” and fancies herself a skilled oral practitioner. She does an interview that is really tough to understand because the sound is pretty bad. Hey, it’s an amateur movie so we can forgive some of that so long as the action is good. She trips down and sits between a couple of black guys who are ready to put her name to the test. One of them eats her pussy while she works those lips. Her oral skills aren’t bad and soon she finds herself moaning around one dick while the other is pumping her pussy. They keep her quiet with cock and her soft curves are shaking every time she gets banged. The guys slap her thighs and try to pick up the pace. This scene will be for a specific audience. Ann is a small BBW, the guys are moderately hung dad bod dudes, the camerawork is very rough and the sexual heat is moderate at best even for an amateur shoot. The two facial shots are pretty good if you enjoy the rest of the scene.

Phoebe, Tone & Tom

Phoebe is a pretty brunette with a nice body that includes quite a perky butt. During her interview she confesses to preferring lesbian porn. This is her first shoot and she is down for anything, including some pretty rough sex. Tone feeds her his dick, guiding her head with her hand even though she doesn’t need any sort of encouragement. Phoebe is very aggressive with her hands and moans around his cock while getting it all spit-shined. They rush through some finger play before he pulls her on top to fuck that pussy. She grinds and bounces like she isn’t going to stop until she’s good and satisfied. She tells him she is ready and takes a facial shot all over her glasses. Taking a break, she showers off and gets ready for the next guy to have his shot. The next guy is the dude behind the camera. He is white with smaller dick and a bigger belly, but Phoebe still sucks it like a champ. He has to hold the camera so it is more than a little shaky at times. When he shoots his load into her, Tom moves the camera in to catch the creampie as it seeps out of her pussy. This cutie is worth watching.

Molly, Denzel & Dr. Goodjug

Last up is Molly, a BBW white woman who was driven to the shoot by her mom. At twenty one, she is a cam model and has the support of both of her parents. As she starts to strip, Molly takes time to explain her tattoos. That adds a different aspect to the interview that many people may find interesting. The same two guys from before come in and join the interview. Eventually the all disrobe and each guy take a big titty to play with. She gets between them and sucks one cock at a time. The camerawork is as shaky as the erection on the second guy. I know this is amateur stuff, but man do they make Molly work for it. To her credit, she sucks really well and gets them both us and ready to fuck. Getting on top, she grinds her hips and her belly wiggles as she keep sucking. Fans of enthusiastic young BBWs will really enjoy the way she moves. The doggy seems to turn her on, though we don’t get any shots from behind which likely cost fans some big ass shots. They manage to fuck her well enough to get her off, but Molly seems to have to give them instructions each step of the way. The first cumshot goes on her face, but the camera barely captures it. The second guy stands there with his half-hard dick in her mouth for an alleged second shot. This girl shows some promise for the BBW genre, but she needs to work with better guys to really let loose.


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