Recall Race


Politics haven’t been on my mind for a while and they aren’t here, but I had to talk about this one….

As many of you already know, there is a recall election coming up in California to see if Gray Davis should be replaced. That issue aside, some interesting names are popping up on the ballot. Larry Flynt has thrown his name into the hat and why not? It only takes 3500 bucks and 65 signatures to get on the ballot. I hear that Kick Ass contract girl Mary Carey also intends to be on the ballot. Who knows if they will fill out the paperwork or run much of a campaign, but it could make things interesting. I’ll vote for Mary if she lets me feel her tits. No wait, I’ll vote for her if she shows me her ‘intern’ skills.

That said, some of you wrote in and asked if I was going to run. Don’t think I didn’t consider it. In fact, I looked into the paperwork. Like any good politician though, I need to fund-raise. I’ve got 1000 bucks to put up. So if anyone wants to pledge money to the campaign drop me an email. If we get to 3500 by next week then I will file and run. Sorry guys I’m just not as rich as Mr. Flynt.

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