Angela Loves Women 5

Angela Loves Women 5

Movie Type: All Sex
DIRECTOR: Angela White
137 Mins
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Big Tits, Natural Tits, Trans Sex, Kissing, Tease
STARS: Angela White, Alina Lopez, Ana Foxxx, Autumn Falls, Natalie Mars


I feel like I have run out of new ways to discuss the amazing run of Angela White. She has dominated porn in a way I don’t think we have ever seen. (Topic for another time, but feel free to weigh-in in the comments section.) No other female performer has come close to the amount of quality smut that this beautiful Australian sex dynamo has starred in/produced/directed. Of course those last two are a big part of her domains. While other big stars are mostly dependent on other production companies to put them in quality content, Angela creates her own and it is brilliant. That gives her quite an advantage. Of course the stuff she directs/produces is helped tremendously by the fact that she is the star and there is no hotter woman in the business. So we have a chicken and the egg scenario. Is Angela’s body of work so awesome because she produces such high quality content or does she produce such high quality content because the star is so awesome? Either way, the result is unparalleled success and dominance. Oh yeah and there is this movie to talk about. Volume 5 of Angela Loves Women is a stunningly beautiful piece of work. The tease sequences leading into the four scenes look like mainstream films and have a decided romantic feel to them. The music is really fantastic and it helps set the stage for the action. The sex in the movie is very good as well. Angela has good chemistry with all four of her co-stars. There are no toys or outrageous sex acts here. Just women together kissing, using fingers, tongues and a whole lot of body grinding to make one another happy. Alina Lopez is beautiful and matches Angela’s intensity. They throw in something different with Angela fucking Natalie Mars. (Fans of extreme anal finger play will want to note this scene.) Angela teams with Autumn Falls for a matchup of incredibly natural breasts. This one is probably the scene that will stand out for most people and it’s fantastic. For my money, Angela with Ana Foxxx takes home top honors. They are gorgeous together and seems to really vibe. Also the skin contrast makes for incredible visuals and Angela does some ass eating that is just outstanding. Overall this is a really gorgeous movie with a great cast, lots of sexual energy. It is a must see for Angela fans and one of the top G/G productions of the year.

Angela White & Alina Lopez

Angela White and Alina Lopez are both very beautiful. They are also apparently quite enamored with each other. The opening tease has them sharing a ride to the beach for a romantic walk complete with drawing hearts in the wet sand. They share a kiss on the beach that becomes a full on bikini clad make out session in bed. They strip one another naked while keeping up the kissing and fondling. Alina works her way down between Angela’s legs and does some really good work with her tongue. Angela thanks her with a kiss and flips Alina face down so she can work on her from behind and focus on that lovely ass. They start grinding together with Angela showing how she can take charge and turn up the heat at will. Alina goes in for some finger play, working Angela in doggy while we get to admire the incredible eye candy. Love the ass licking she does before they go back to riding each other. The sexual energy and chemistry is so good here that is almost beats out the eye candy, almost.

Angela White & Ana Foxxx

Angela White and Ana Foxxx share a lovely walk by a lake. The slow motion footage of the two lovely women holding hands is really quite sweet and the whole thing looks like a mainstream film project. In the bedroom they start with some serious kissing that is just really beautifully shot. The breast play starts and though Angela gets it started, things really heat up when Ana gets her hands on Angela’s perfect set. I love the skin contrast at play here. Ana’s lovely dark skin against Angela’s pale curves. It’s beautiful and they seem to enjoy one another almost as much as we enjoy watching them. Ana really works over Angela with an active tongue and skilled finger fucking. Angela puts her sexy friend on all fours and lovingly licks that sweet black ass. There are plenty of highlight shots here including Angela sitting behind Ana and reaching around to get her off.

Angela White & Autumn Falls

This is the pairing we have all been waiting for. Angela White and Autumn Falls, together in a scene. If you love perfect natural breasts then you are absolutely going to love this one. They wake up in bed together and Angela runs out to get the paper. While she is away, Autumn takes some sexy seflies and sends them to her girl. This sets up an immediate intimate moment when Angela gets into bed. They start to grind together with both lovely ladies showing off their goodies. Angela must be hungry for breakfast because she dives between Autumn’s legs and eats like she is starving. Of course there is plenty of boob sucking as they get down to business. Both women can suck their own nipples so it is easy for someone to have a knocker in their mouth in any position. And if tits are your thing, you really need to see what it looks like when Angela and Autumn go pussy to pussy and neither their natural knockers loose. Their energy is great and the kissing is quite passionate. There is also plenty of breast play and even some foot/toe action if that gets you going. This scene is everything we could hope for and then some.

Angela White & Natalie Mars

This is an interesting turn. The girl Angela White loves in the finale is T-Girl Natalie Mars. The scene gets the same poppy/happy teases as they are out shopping in Beverly Hills, holding hands and kissing in the car. They start kissing and Natalie seems pretty impressed by Angela’s boobs. They are in matching lingerie which is the sort of small touch that makes AGW movies stand out. Angela finds her way to Natalie’s cock and sucks it, easily taking every inch before moving on to eat some ass. Ever the sexual expert, Angela uses four fingers in Natalie’s ass while also making the cock vanish between her lips. After going down, Natalie fucks Angela, trying to really work up some good strokes. We have seen Ms. White takes the biggest cocks in porn so Natalie has some trouble with some of the position just from a size standpoint. Besides, Natalie seems to enjoy being the bottom when Angela gets her hands going anyway. This one has plenty of intensity and it adds something different for the audience. If it is your thing, then by all means enjoy watching Natalie tit fuck Angela.

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