My Sexy Little Sister 7

My Sexy Little Sister 7

Movie Type: All Sex
New Sensations
DIRECTOR: Paul Woodcrest
130 Mins
THEMES: Fauxcest, Stepsisters, Big Tits, Natural Tits, Buttplugs
STARS: Gabbie Carter, Ashley Red, Kiarra Kai, Kira Cole, James Deen,


Let the fauxcest fun begin. Seriously folks, this one is pretty fun, Just look at the cover shot. How fucking cute is Gabbie Carter Beyond cute, she’s just smoking hot. It doesn’t even matter if you like the whole semi-cest angle, this movie is worth picking up for Gabbie all by herself. She opens the movie in a schoolgirl uniform. Her stepbrother can’t resist the sight and they give into their forbidden lust. Kiarra Kai is very cute and quite naughty. Her stepbrother discovers her butt plug and then gets to help her use it. Ashley Red and Kiera Cole are both more aggressive when going after what they want. Ashley spies on her brother in the shower then doesn’t take no for answer. Kiera welcomes James to the house by jumping him within minutes. This is a really good looking cast so if you like fauxcest with sexy stepsisters, give it a try. Or just VOD Gabbie Carter and watch in wonder at this rapidly rising superstar.

Gabbie Carter & James Deen

James is planning a dinner party and his eighteen year old stepsister (Gabbie Carter wants to be invited. He tells her know, but makes a comment about her coming to the party in her schoolgirl uniform. There is tension in the air that they break just by kissing. He works his way down her body and gets around her uniform to lick her pussy, spank her ass and enjoy her wonderful natural titties. Dropping to her knees, Gabbie drools all over his big cock as he fucks her pretty face. They stand in the doorway with her skirt up around her waist while he fucks her tight pussy. She uses her tits wrapped tightly around his cock to get him going even harder. Gabbie shows off her hot body and gets into some fun positions thanks to the stairs. I love watching her bounce on him with her cute ass sticking out and her boobs shaking like crazy. Finishing him off with a handjob, she smiles as James explodes a huge load all over her pretty face. Gabbie then licks up every drop and sucks him dry. This woman is super-hot, always.

Kiarra Kai & Zac Wilde

When Zac finds his stepsister’s buttplug, Kiarra Kai goes from slightly annoyed, the dragging him into the bedroom in seconds. She mounts him and dry humps his cock while they kiss and he plays with her firm tits and pierced nipples. He flips her over and takes off her shorts, working his tongue and fingers in and around her shaved pussy until she is quivering for more. With her legs pushed back he slides his cock right into her pussy Turning her over, he oils her ass, puts in the plug and drives his cock home harder from behind. She turns around and gets on all fours, allowing him to fuck her face until the drool falls to the floor. They get into the bed where she mounts him and grinds. His hands rub the oil into her nicely shaped ass as Kiarra appreciated every inch her stepbrother gives to her. Love the energy and the eye candy in this scene. The messy double cumshot as her sheets totally soaked.

Ashley Red & Mr. Pete

Ashley Red spies on her stepbrother taking a shower. This isn’t the first time she has done this apparently because she came to the party with a dildo that she shoves up her pussy while she spies on him. He catches here and tells her that is wrong for her to come after him way. His cock doesn’t seem to agree, especially when she drops to her knees and puts into her mouth. After a few strokes he starts guiding her head until she drools all over his balls. He pulls her onto his lap, spanking her ass as she lowers her pussy down around him. In reverse cowgirl she shows off her body perfectly and seems right on the edge of totally exploding. He fucks her until he does explode, all over her belly giving his slutty stepsister what she been craving all this time.

Kiera Cole & James Deen

Blonde Kiera Cole shows her new stepbrother around the house. She shows him his room and then starts getting undressed. He is getting settled in when she pretty much dives on top of him and makes it impossible for him to say no. He gives her a serious reach around with his fingers, getting her good and wet so he can pull her puss down onto his cock. Kiera is a very boisterous young woman who lets him know quite clearly that she is enjoying herself immensely. She stops fucking him long enough to deliver a blistering hot BJ that cleans her juices from his cock in record time. He spanks her ass pink and they fuck and full speed for a good long while. Kiera is as flexible and horny as she loud making for quite a combination. He shoots a massive load all over her face. This scene is worth sticking around for.

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