Deeper: Drive


Movie Type: All Sex
DIRECTOR: Kayden Kross
208 Mins
THEMES: Orgies, Rough Sex, Cheating, Big Cocks, Natural Tits, Public Sex, Pegging, Trans Sex, Gay Sex, Lesbian Sex, Interracial Sex.

STARS: Angela White, Maitland Ward, Alina Lopez, Autumn Falls, Joanna Angel, Lena Paul, Emily Willis, Kira Noir, Aubrey Kate, Ivy Labelle, Gabbie Carter, Brooklyn Grey, Manuel Ferrara, Isaiah Maxwell, Markus Dupree Mick Blue, Rob Piper, Dante Colle, Pierce Paris, Tommy Wood, Owen Gray, Small Hands, Wolf Hudson


As porn awards season comes barreling down on us, some of the best XXX flicks of the year are hitting the shelves. This movie, from director Kayden Kross is one of those flicks. It is a blockbuster for a lot of reasons and comes with plenty of expectation and a fair amount of hype. The former comes from the fact that Kayden has been doing some very interesting things with the Deeper brand this year. Her stuff is exquisitely shot and well directed. The women and sex are all presented in a way that makes them look amazing. The sexy is visually pretty even if it is often psychologically dark. This contrast makes it among the most interesting smut on the market. This also the latest big project to star Angela White Already in the midst of an history run, Angela has added some serious acting roles to her already impeccable collection of sexual performances. The hype for this movie comes largely from the high profile role Maitland Ward plays. For those of you who don’t know, this beautiful woman was a child star in the mainstream world who has jumped into XXX with both feet. For this project she shows her serious acting chops as a counterbalance to Angela’s character. Together they nail the dialog and emotion of the movie in every regard. It is compelling to watch them on screen together and anyone who enjoys well acted adult features will want to take note. The story is simple, but well written and paced. Angela is a woman in a stale relationship, haunted by her desires. For someone who has spent the last several years lighting up our screens with unbridled sexuality, playing it low key and repressed is a rather impressive feat. Maitland plays her part as seductive, menacing and sexy as hell. Both women should be up for acting awards and either would be an excellent choice. Sexually this movie has a huge cast, but stays fairly close the dark, foreboding tone set by the lighting, music and story. There is some good stuff here of course. Great stuff actually, it just isn’t all brightly lit, happy loving couple kind of fucking. Maitland’s scene with Ivy LaBelle and Manuel sets the tone nicely. She is new to XXX but already looks ready to fuck with the very best. Angela takes over from there and carries the sexual action the rest of the way. She plays ringleader in a scene where Manuel bangs naughty blonde Gabbie Carter. Gabbie is gorgeous and a great addition to this cast. Once Angela realizes who (and what) Maitland really is, she soars to (Or spirals into) new sexual levels that take her though just about everything. The large group scenes are intense and very well shot. We know that Angela excels when she isn’t pushing herself and she shines throughout. Along the way, there are some interesting detours including some pegging, trans sex and a little M/M action that is still rare enough to stand out .Overall this is quite a sexual journey. It is another solid acting performance from Angela White with a standout effort from Maitland. Sexually it fits with what Kayden has been doing with Deeper. It is intense and well paced with interesting, often gorgeous lighting and music. This movie is a contender for best of the year with plenty of sexual heat and great lead acting performances.

Maitland Ward & Manuel Ferrara and Ivy LaBelle

Maitland is more involved with Angela’s live than she initially appears. The lovely redhead has Angela’s husband (Manuel Ferrara) in an intimate setting. They are working each other over on a couch while Ivy Labelle dances. Maitland joins her for a quick lick and then turns the busty tattooed babe loose on Manuel’s dick. After watching for a while, Maitland moves over to get some for herself The three-way energy is really good as the women take turns sucking and fucking Maitland adds a lot of dirty talk, especially when Ivy is getting plowed. That talk gets even louder when it is her turn. The whole scene is beautifully shot, but one moment stands out for me. Maitland is standing up facing the camera while Manuel fucks her from behind and Ivy is on her knees masturbating as she watches. It is a stunningly beautiful shot that matches the sexual intensity with perfect eye candy. The big finish features a shared double facial and a surprise ending.

Brooklyn Gray, Owen Gray & Small Hands

On her way home, Angela come across Brooklyn Gray slipping into an alley with Small Hands and Owen Grey, She stops to get a closer look and is surprised by Maitland and they watch as the action unfolds. Small Hands appears to be Brooklyn’s husband while Owen is a stranger that the adventurous couple has just met. She slips to her knees between the two men and moves her mouth back and forth between them. Brooklyn seems pretty enthused about being fucked by two cocks. She talks dirty when her mouth isn’t full and bends over to get slammed while standing. They find a conveniently non-grimy pile of garbage to fuck on, taking a load off of their feet for a while. Angela and Maitland watch as the guys flip Brooklyn over, take her at both ends and match her energy stroke for stroke. There are some nice looking shots along the way including the finish that features both guys unloading on Brooklyn’s wide-open mouth.

Angela White, Gabbie Carter & Manuel Ferrara

In therapy Angela reveals a time early in their relationship with she and Manuel shared another woman. The couple is working together and sexy intern Gabbie Carter makes a move on Manuel. Angela lies into a fit of rage and pushes the pretty blonde to her knees so she can get what she was looking for. Her mouth fills with Manuel’s fat cock and Angela coaxes her along with forceful dirty talk. She orders Gabbie up onto all fours so he can fuck her. This is what they both wanted after all. At first Angela watches from the other side of the room, but she makes her way over, blows smoke in Gabbie’s face and chokes her. Manuel fucks her hard, pushing Gabbie’s face into Angela’s chest. In the end, it is Angela who jerks Manuel’s cock until it explodes all over Gabbie’s pretty mouth.

Angela White, Lena Paul, Manuel Ferrara, Autumn Falls, Alina Lopez

Finally coming face to face with her own desires, Angela enters a warehouse orgy with Manuel in tow. A leashed Angela is led by Maitland who has to pull her away from various scenes of debauchery before finally allowing the busty Aussie beauty to get a taste of strange cock. Even this is short lived however as the main event is waiting in the next room. Manuel is there along with Autumn Falls and Lena Paul. The group action is frantic and the lighting is as moody as it is artistic. Manuel ends up in the middle of some very beautiful and sexually energetic women. They manage to keep up a good pace and that isn’t easy in a scene like this. There is plenty to look at here as well as Manuel makes his way through piles of gorgeous female flesh and Angela does her best to direct this sexual circus. She ends up with some intense one on one time with Manuel in between licking and sucking hot pussies and tits. He finishes up with a big load across three faces that Angela jerks out. If you like steamy group fun or just like the idea of four beautiful women on one cock then this is a winner.

Angela White, Joanna Angel & Wolf Hudson

Angela continues working her way through the orgy. Her first stop is to join Joanna Angel for a double peggy scene with Wolf Hudson. Joanna uses her toy on Angela as well, sliding it down her throat while they give Wolf a treat by letting him fuck Angela’s huge tits.

Angela White & Aubrey Kate

Running to the next room, Angela chases down Aubrey Kate who is getting blown by a dude. Not wanting to wait, Angela sucks his cock and then moves to Aubrey’s and goes back and forth quickly. Right in the middle of a lot of double cock sucking, the dude watching grabs the dude Angela is sucking and leaves Aubrey to suck our star while the guys have a little B/B fun right in the middle of things.

Angela White, Isaiah Maxwell, Kira Noir, Mick Blue, Emily Willis

Moving on again, Angela finds her in a huge empty room. Like a battle royale, she is joined by other participants one at a time. Isaiah Maxell, Mick Blue, Emily Willis and more enter the fray. Each new player gets a shot at Angela and then finds a way to participate in this growing orgy. Several guys gravitate to Angela, giving her cock at both ends. Kira and Emily are beautiful and great performers, but this is a chance for Angela to fully embrace her sexuality by fucking every cock in the room. She spreads her legs and gets fucked until she squirts. Emily is bent over looking gorgeous as she gets drilled. Kira looks like she is ready to star in her own super hot gang bang, but all the while Angela seals the show. There are too many great shots to mention here, but there is one with Angela on her back, Rob Piper fucking her while hold ingot her feet as her perfect breasts shake with each stroke. It’s just fucking gorgeous and stands out in a beautiful group fuck. When the cum starts flying, Angela runs around licking it up. First she cleans up a load from Emily’s body and then she invites the guys to shoot directly into her mouth. There is a three way shared facial that is really hot. This is a huge climactic scene

Extras: Feature Trailer, Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Website Info

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