Disciples of Desire: Bad Cop Bad City

Disciples of Desire: Bad Cop Bad City


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Movie Type: All Sex
255 Mins
Jules Jordan Video
DIRECTOR: Prince Yahshua
THEMES: Interracial Sex, BBC, Big Cocks, Cops, Abuse of Power, Submissive Women
STARS: Prince Yahshua, Whitney Wright, Angela White, Ivy Lebelle, Jax Slayher, Khloe Kapri, Paige Owens, Natalia Queen, Harmony Wonder, Emily Willis, Jane Wilde


This is a new movie from Disciples of Discipline that plays like a feature, kind of. It also plays like six scenes, tightly clinging to a specific set of themes. Prince is an LA detective who rules the streets with a ruthless sense of justice and a big cock. His targets tend to be law bending white girls how need to be taught a lesson or two. The abuse of power theme is clearly dominant as is the IR sex/BBC appeal. If that isn’t your thing, then you may want to find another way to spend four hours. If you’re good with that theme, recurring six times, then there is a lot to like about this movie. Prince and Jax dish out the super sized dick with lots of aggression and plenty of energy. The opening scene features Whitney Wright who gets pulled over, dragged to a warehouse/garage/fuckspace and given the chance to earn her freedom with her body. She ends up loving it of course and seems none the worse for the wear. Angela White takes Ivy Lebelle out looking for cock and they end up sharing Jax’s huge prick. Great energy and really good pace make this scene stand out. Angela does an especially good job of sharing the spotlight this time. Not an easy task when one is as hot as she is. The first disc ends with Khloe Kapri taking on both cops. Same vibe, different numbers game on this one. They put her through some serious paces in the roughest scene of the movie. Disc two features three more scenes that basically just change the gender balance a bit. Paige Owens goes one on one with Prince. They have an established relationship, but she is still totally submissive and lets him do what he wants. Natalia Queen and Harmony Wonder are both very cute and get seriously worked over in another two on two scene that is worth watching. Emily Willis and Jane Wilde team up in a finale that seems ripe for some kind of a twist ending, but ends pretty much like everything else in the movie. This movie has an interesting look to it (It will remind many of the Raw versions of the Lansky brand) and hits its main themes often and hard. If you like corrupt black cops abusing their power on petite white girls with varying degrees of resistance (Starting a “slight”) who eventually love every inch then this is the movie you have been waiting for.

Whitney Wright & Prince Yahshua

Poor Whitney Wright has no idea what she did to get pulled over. Officer Prince asks her some inappropriate questions and hauls her off to a motel room for further questioning. He kisses her and quickly bends her over to shove his tongue into her holes. She seems to be going along with the program at this point. There is a smile on her face as she takes his cock out of his pants and runs both hands up and down the shaft. When his cock is as wet as it is hard, she climbs on top and stretches her lower lips around him. She grinds her pussy and shakes her ass until every inch is inside of her. Prince moves her against a window and fucks her from behind. Any reluctance she had is gone now as she calls him daddy and praises his long strokes. Prince doesn’t stop with the pussy either, bending her over again and taking her ass from behind. I love the anal action here and especially enjoy the way Whitney’s legs look in the air and spread wide as her ass gets properly pounded. Prince feeds her a load that Whitney takes with her mouth wide open. She milks out the last few drops, savoring his seed.

Angela White, Ivy Lebelle & Jax Slayher

Angela White thinks that her friend Ivy Lebelle looks smoking hot and that they need to go out looking for someone to fuck. They find Jax Slayher and invite him to join them for a little trouble. Ivy and Jax screw around in the back before they even get back home. Once they go get to privacy, Angela joins the fun, helping her girl give Jax a stellar double BJ. Both women are in black lingerie, taking turns on that big dick. Putting Angela on the hood of the car he slides his dick into her smooth, wet pussy. Once he knows it will all fit, Jax picks Angela up and lets her drop down onto his fat pole. Ivy waits her turn, sucking on Angela’s breasts until it is time for her to be impaled. Ivy shows off some great flexibility as she also gets truly pounded. Jax picks her up as well and the look on Ivy’s face tells us a lot about what she’s feeling at the end of his big dick. Angela manages to hang back long enough for Ivy to get some time to shine, but both of them come together for the shared facial finish.

Khloe Kapri, Jax Slayher & Prince Yahshua

Taking Jax out for some training, Prince follows blonde college girl Khloe Kapri who makes the mistake of picking up some recreational pharmaceuticals on the wrong block. They pick her up and make sure she knows she needs to do as they say to avoid jail. Jax has her in the back seat, slowly sucking his cock as they bark orders at her. They get her to a room so they can both have a taste. Khloe ends up spit roasted by some very deep penetration that seems to test her physical limits. Things get a little rough with lots of hair pulling, choking and tossing the blonde around. She really wants to go home and does whatever they want. It is a bit more of a sexual gymnastics competition than anything truly passionate, but that sort of scene has its appeal to an audience. Moving from a couch to the car, things probably get less comfortable for Khloe, but she never slows down for a second. They fuck her hard and she ends up eating to loads of cum. Jax pops in her mouth while Prince shoots in her pussy, lets her expel it onto his stomach and then lick it up. This one has decent intensity; it just isn’t as appealing to me as some of the others in the movie.

Paige Owens & Prince Yahshua

After a hard day on the streets, Officer Prince relaxes in the front seat with his young companion Paige Owens. She calls him daddy and sucks his cock like she desperate needs his approval. Another cop approaches the car but gives them a pass when he sees Prince’s badge. They head to a room for a romantic fuck because it has been six months since he first pulled her over. Paige is really playing this one like a submissive cock slave. Her body responds to his fucking and she is spraying squirt all over the place in no time. He keeps fucking that pussy as she grinds down and screams out for more. They take full advantage of the space, moving to a bed where Paige spreads her thighs wide to let him in. There is a lot of good footage here, but Paige bent over t he bed working her hips while he fucks her from behind really looks hot. Paige rides him hard until he finally shoots a huge load and fills up her pussy.

Natalia Queen, Harmony Wonder, Prince Yahshua & Jax Slayer

While lecturing Jax on only going after the “big stuff” Prince spots Natalia Queen and Harmony Wonder riding a scooter without helmets. The dirty cops pull them over, toss them in the car and drive them to a place where they can earn their way out of trouble. They are scared at first, but the sight of big black cock turns them both into rather eager little cock puppets. Natalia is especially hungry and drools all over that large portion of meat. Harmony opens wide and sucks with a big smile on her pretty face. The girls get bent over the hood of the car for some side by side pounding from behind. By the time they turn around and do side by side dick sucking, both pretty young women are fully on board with working their way to freedom from their knees. Both Natalia and Harmony are very cute and they seem to enjoy watching each other when the guys are focuses on one or the other. They double up Prince’s cock and happily lick him up and down like they are in an ice cream eating contest. Plenty of great energy from these petite princesses before they end up eating loads of cop cream.

Emily Willis, Jane Wilde & Prince Yahshua

Prince ventures into Slut Bitch Gang territory where he picks up a couple of very belligerent bangers (Jane Wilde& Emily Willis). They resist and spit and talk shit the whole way, but he shuts them up with cock. There are some nice shots including good eye contact as they dutifully lick and suck his meat. They protest loudly when he bends them over and starts going into the booyhole. Protests or not, he is taking those asses until they are both screaming about how good it feels. There is plenty of dirty talk as he makes sure to stretch both asses to their limits. They also watch each other try deep throat with some helping hands on their heads. The girls get loud, talk dirty, wrestle with Prince and cheer one another on. He ends up shooting on their faces and they share a very deep cum swapping kiss. I was kind of expecting a twist ending, but they just flip him off and leave after a thoroughly rousing ass fucking scene.

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