Jimmy Drama Reports from EXXXotica NJ 2019

Jimmy Drama Reports from EXXXotica NJ 2019

So, I went to EXXXotica NJ last weekend. I’ve kind of stepped back and not been too many of them of recent even though this is my 7th or 8th I also had been to an AVN in 2007 an adult film distributor paid for me to do such. I am seriously considering doing one more AVN this coming year Jan 2020. Anyhow I saw Annie Cruz, Richelle Ryan, Ryan Connor(she NEVER showed up despite her Twitter Post said she did), Cory Chase, Dani Jensen, Michelle Maylene would be there. I had never met any of them. Richelle and Annie go back lots of years on social media with me. I’ve been a fan of them for a long time, so I had to see them. I went to bed at 2:30am Friday morning because I work late then I got up at 9:30am Friday. I tell everyone this to explain how exhausted I became from my 3 days in Edison. For some reason even though I left at 1230pm I arrived at the convention at around 7pm not 5 or 6pm. I went to my room at Raritan Hotel first. Such a shitty hotel by the way I decided too pay less for a hotel to save money, but I found the $200 less than the Sheraton for the weekend may not have been worth it. The bed was hard as fuck, the phone in the room was missing but at least the jacuzzi worked I paid an extra $10 a night for, it was crucial.

Now too Exxxotica, first person I saw was the beautiful tatted gal Jessie Lee. I still remember the one year I came to EXXXTOTICA and she wasn’t there found out later she was in a horrible car accident, met her though later, then again, this weekend. I Then looked all around for Annie Cruz. I saw her but she was doing radio had I looked at her Twitter I would have known that, I was going to see her afterwards but I screwed that up so instead I saw her Saturday and Sunday. This time I paid attention to what she said on Twitter (yay me for getting it right). What a rad chica & all around talented woman. I’m not sure VIVID Radio knows that. I also went over to see Christy Canyon one of what I call the Queens of the Industry (of them is her, Tera Patrick, Jenna Jameson, Ginger Lynn, Vanessa Del Rio, Seka, Ashlyn Gere, Brittany Andrews, Marilyn Chambers, Julia Ann, Belladonna, Stormy Daniels, Teri Weigel, Savannah and a few more). I brought her a Vivid bobblehead I bought as well as her book I forgot to have her sign years ago when I first met her. Christy has a complete psycho by the way that keeps making up new pages and harassing her and her fans(like me) I think she is finally taken care of now though. I then went to see Cory Chase I love her dirty family movies. Such a sexy woman. Then it was the Goddess Tera Patrick, she is one of the rare gals that I get soooo humbled by every time I see her. She isn’t the Queen Bee for nothing. Still only looks like she’s in her 30’s yet she is just a couple years younger than me. Then on to Tyler Faith met her in 2007. I remember years ago she said we need an updated pic well we have several now phone and camera. Met her guy too. Luv Tyler. Then it was Katie Morgan(finally met her in 2015). Then I found Richelle Ryan. Used to talk to her via Twitter and Facebook for YEARS now I finally meet this big booty beauty. Richelle was amazing as a feature dancer, simply amazing. Luv Richelle. I used to talk to her ALL the time on Facebook and Twitter, so finally we meet and saw her & Alexis at Lace later too. Later like I said I saw her and Alexis Texas feature dance too (saw LEXI Belle came as well but she came just to chill). Forget Alexis Texas persona that she uses. She’s actually a very super sweet woman. I met her several times. One year, I forget the year that year it was with Lou, Me, Scum of Tempe, Taco, Teagan Presley, Mr. Pete, and Alexis Texas went to a restaurant super late night. I think it was 8 or 9 years ago. Lou was the one who got it started. I was just there for the ride. Having breakfast with Alexis Texas and Teagan Presely as well as Mr Pete was a treat. I was already an Alexis fan, but I didn’t want to tell her that. Someday she’s going to marry me or NOT, lol. I will say this she loved my mini poster of her in a cowboy hat I have, and Sunday I bought a shirt of her I can not fit into yet because its an XL However I am losing weight. I was 500 pounds last year another reason I didn’t come for a while to the EXXXXOTICAS until now I am 380 or less. We talked several minutes about healthy choices after that. The guy working the booth took a few videos of our short convos, neither turned out, but you can kind of see it on my Instagram. I tweeted one too. I then went over to my girl Jada Stevens next, luv that girl, made sure to see her once ore Saturday. I then saw April O’Neil, what an absolute sweet gal, she had to use the restroom and asked me if I could wait, definitely , thanks for asking though. Then a gal brought a blind man put him right in front of me, so I had too wait a long while because he was a chatter, but hey he’s blind I’m just going to deal with it because why not. She was so unbelievable nice though it was worth it. I then left for the night went to the AFTER Party at the Sheraton a few stars showed up but I was bored though and left(I should have got a MEDIA pass on my VIP pass I could have chilled with Alexis Texas and a few others but whatever, it’s been so long I forgot I needed to do that I thought my VIP pass was enough to chat in the VIP area with the stars). I found out later I missed my girl Tyler Faith, she told me she came out later I guess I did not have enough patience. Anyhow I was starving so I looked for some spots via DUCKDUCKGO, I found The Menlo Park Diner. Their make your own Omelet was fantastic. I’m doing the KETO diet so I have to be picky about my diet by the way my weekend with FOOD & Water was soooooo horrible almost everywhere I went was anti-keto. I finally went to bed at 4am after an hour soak in my jacuzzi in my piece of shit room.

Next day I was thinking about seeing Abella Danger at some point in the day but was like if the lines are worse than Friday Ill try Sunday only if she will be doing Sunday too (which she did and I met her again, last time was 2015 when she was a bit less popular). Saturdays at EXXXOTICA are usually horrible believe it or not the Friday at this one was ridiculous too coming in late I had to park in a very out of the way Parking lot(That’s Friday). I parked at the Expo center at 12:30pm (it starts at 1pm on Saturday) still not the greatest parking spot but at east it was not their parking lot B. I found out that Kiki D’aire would also be at the EXPO. I must have missed her on EXXXOTICA page. Abella Danger came in at 3pm Later on I checked on her at 2:55pm since I found out shed definitely be in Sunday I did not wait in her huge line. At the same time I wanting to see Kiki D’aire and Annie Cruz, Kiki told me she would not be in until 3pm. Annie had a short window before and after her VIVID RADIO Program so I set my alarm went to see her before her radio program. I luv me some Annie Cruz she’s the realest and tells it like it is. After years of chatting with her on MySpace, Facebook(I cannot get in anymore by the way past 3 years) and Twitter I finally met the Annie Cruz, I think we go back to 2005 on MySpace. The I went and found Kiki as well as my homie Adam (TarantinoXXX). I used to talk to him many years ago on Twitter especially about sports, so had to say what’s up to him too. I walked around saw many other gals then at 740pm Tera Patrick did a Feature dance, so I needed to see that and did. If Tera does a show or whatever you make time for it. Its Tera freaking Patrick. I then went back to my hotel sometime after 9:00pm. AT 10:30pm or so I left my hotel to go to LACE to go see Richelle Ryan and Alexis Texas. I also saw that Lexi Belle, and I think Marie Luv and Bethany Benz were there too. Alexis and Richelle were the ones that danced both did an exceptional jobs too. I ate at Lace while I was there, their food was great too.

Next day my feet are in sooooooo much pain regardless of the ibuprofen and kratom. I just sucked it up but my Sunday evening driving back and Monday morning sleeping sucked. I went to Skylark Diner in the morning after I checked out of the hotel. Kiki D’Aire reminded me that Skylark Diner was a great place to go. So that’s where I went. It’s the same spot Belladonna and Aiden took me and Jersey Mike out for breakfast. I provided the vehicle of course back then. I think that was 2012 or 2013 man I miss Bella she was such an Awesome human being. Michelle Sinclair (Belladonna) was so interesting to talk to. The quitting porn was not a big issue to me I just wish I could still chat with her like Gauge, Aurora Snow, Jenna Haze, Jenna Jameson, Brittany Andrews, Christy Canyon and so on (who ae all retired from flicks). I want to say it’s the same spot Scum of Tempe, Taco, Lou, Alexis Texas, Teagan Presely, Mr. Pete went to in 2012 0r 2013 but Alexis told me it was Harold’s only Harold’s isn’t open at 3 or 4am but maybe back then they were. Anyhow after Skylark I went to the EXPO I got immediately into a line for Abella Danger. I got in 35 minutes early almost turned around. I am glad I didn’t. I talked to a couple cool dudes about the expo beforehand. Abella showed up 7 minutes late but no matter that’s pretty good for a star, she was only few minutes but boy was she a sweetie to everyone. I was third in line. I stopped by Annie Cruz again before her show. Then I was onto Richelle Ryan and Tyler Faith again. Had to say what’s up one more time. Third time this weekend. I then moved on to Alexis Texas. Again like I said. I bought an XL shirt of her told her I’d wear it when I was thinner. She then told me about how she has made heathy choices to make her life better. Thanks Alexis for the tips, much appreciated. My body was so tired I saw a few more gals like Rocky Emerson. She lost her Passport Friday. Glad it was found for her Saturday by the staff at EXXXotica, New Jersey. I then finished my day talking to Annie Fucking Cruz because after so many years of chatting on social media with this cutie I had to say what’s up one more time. I offered after a bit to take her, Nikki Delano and a Vivid Radio Producer(name escapes me right ow, sorry). I made the mistake of waiting a bit to long to go get my vehicle then grab them. So I tried to be nice but I think I fucked it up by taking too long to grab my vehicle and get them. Sorry Annie. Sorry Nikki. My sincerest apologies. On the way back home I cut the toll booths totally out but I could have swore I took a fast way to get home with that change. A 4 hour 30 minute trip ended up being 7 hours after my Buffalo Wild Wings stop, fucking ridiculous. I’m Jimmy Drama, Super Fan, Industry Insider signing off for RogsReviews.

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