Anal Newbies 10

Anal Newbies 10

Movie Type: All Sex
Evil Angel/LeWood
DIRECTOR: Mark Wood & Francesca Le
158 Mins
THEMES: Anal Sex, New Girls, Twins
STARS: Sami White, Joey White, Arietta Adams, Lily Glee, Mazzy Grace, Mark Wood


Francesca Le and Mark Wood have some more new girls on hand to give anal a try. Four scenes worth, but with five young women. That’s because the opening scene features the two lovely young ladies from the cover of the movie. The White Twins, Sami and Joey are obviously the main attractions here. They do not disappoint in the opening scene. There is a bit of a role play going on as Mark plays a tutor who is unaware that his precautious student has a craving for hard dick in her ass and a twin sister. The fantasy of having twins is strong and the White Sisters are pretty damn cute. They also both hold up to some serious anal action. Sami seems to come out on top in this battle, but anyone would be thrilled to be with either sister. If you were thinking of watching this movie for the White Twins should do just that. Their scene lives up to expectations. From there the girls join Mark for one on one fun. Arietta Adams is an attractive redhead who really impresses. I want to see more from this lovely young woman. Lily Glee and Mazzy Grace also give us plenty of reasons to enjoy the movie. They are cute, enthusiastic and Mark breaks them in really well. This is a solid movie if you like simple movies with well shot anal sex and fresh faces. Bonus points for the White Twins obviously, but also stick around Arietta and add her to your list of sexy women to watch.

Sami White, Joey White & Mark Wood

When you have twins in porn, dressing them in identical outfits for side by side tease footage seems like a pretty good place to start if you want to play up the obvious appeal. When the action starts Mark is a tutor coming to see Sami to help her get into college. He doesn’t know that she has a twin so the sisters decide to have a little fun. He doesn’t object at all when she wants to suck his cock, get naked and then bend over to take his cock. She leaves to check on something and sends Joey in to pick up where they left off. She sucks his dick for a bit and then goes to get her sister. Since Mark was fine fucking one student, he isn’t about to turn down a shot at her along with her sexy twin. The sisters do some great double head, helping one another and playing up the biggest fantasy appeal of the scene. Same gets on top first, pumping her body up and down on his cock until they slap loudly against each other. When it is Joey’s turn, her sister actually helps hold his cock while she pushes down on it. Mark holds her cheeks open for a really great view of the action. Sami does some A2M on Mark’s cock fresh out of her twin’s butthole. Sami spends a lot of time on her back with her legs in the air getting seriously hammered in the backdoor. Her sister seems more comfortable on top but eventually gets her ass reamed hard as well. Mark finishes off by shooting onto their faces. Hey, if you like watching young twins get fucked in the ass, this is a slam dunk.

Arietta Adams & Mark Wood

Sexy ginger Arietta Adams wiggles her ass out of a tiny bikini during her short tease segment. Her firm young body features a tiny set of perky tits and a snap-back pussy just begging to be stuffed. Francesca handles the interview with the friendly nineteen year old babe. With a butt plug already in place, she uses a huge vibe to get her pussy wet and ready. Mark shows up and gives Arietta a hard cock to suck on. She is very cute and quite enthusiastic about her oral adventures. Things get a little sloppy before he is ready to fuck her other holes. He fucks her pussy until he pulls the plug out and slides into her ass. Grabbing that big vibrator she uses it on her pussy while he pumps her ass with increasingly deep thrusts. I love the way she grinds on his lap, working her ass down over his dick while her round cheeks bounce. This girl is very attractive and knows how to work her body to make an anal scene look hot. They finish up with a big shot on her face. I know the twins are the main draw, but Arietta is a performer I am going to be watching closely.

Lily Glee & Mark Wood

Lily Glee’s tease footage features her wearing a very colorful outfit and some matching cat ears. They move inside for some solo but Mark enters pretty quickly so that she has something to fill her mouth. Lily is cute and pretty good with her mouth. Of course she is going to have to do a lot more than just suck today. That doesn’t seem to be much of an issue for this wide-eyed cutie. Mark oils her up and she sticks her cute as in the air for inspection and insertion. Nice close up shots and she handles the action pretty well. After some A2M, she climbs on top and bounces as her ass fills with meat. They bring the vibrator into the mix to work her clit while Mark breaks in her tight butthole. This scene is nicely shot and the facial caps off a worthwhile watch.

Mazzy Grace & Mark Wood

Last up is Mazzy Grace who is all decked out in lace and a pair of fuck me heels. She is already showing off her ass long before it gets fucked. Mazzy has small natural breasts, long thin legs and a pretty face. During the tease, she shows off her butt plug and tugs on it to show just how tight she is back there. Francesca tries her out with a bit of toy play before Mark pushes his dick down her throat. She looks up at him while he fucks her face until the drool runs down her chin to her tits. She turns around and sticks her ass in the air for him. Her pussy gets fucked as he teases her butthole. After a few strokes he goes into that hole and she opens right up. They pick up the pace in mish with her long legs in the air and his hand on her throat. For a new girl she is good at anal and quite flexible. Mark makes sure to keep her busy and shoots his cream on her face. Mazzy shows her gaping butthole after the pop, proving she is ready for the big time.

Extras: BTS, Cumshot Recap, Filmographies, Trailers, Cast List

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