Young Fantasies 4

Young Fantasies 4

Movie Type: All Sex
DIRECTOR: Laurant Sky
154 Mins
THEMES: Young Girls, Sugarbabies, Cheating, Big tits,
STARS: Gianna Dior, Lena Anders, Addie Andrews, Jade Kush, Mick Blue


This movie brings us four stories of four lovely young ladies who know what they want and how to get it. Sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s cock and sometimes it is both. The scenes are well shot with lots of eye candy and good sexual energy. Gianna Dior adds another great scene to her impressive collection in the opener. She has a sugar baby/daddy relationship with Mick Blue. He takes care of her bills and she takes care of his cock. Lana Andrews has the hot for the guy renting the guest house from her parents. She does what she can to capture his attention, finally succeeding in her quest for control of his cock. This young woman is very pretty and her scene was fun to watch. Addie Andrews decides that her sister really doesn’t deserve the man she’s got. So she fucks him. Pretty hot set up for a good scene. The last scene is actually my favorite. Jade Kushis having trouble concentrating on her studies. She takes a break to fuck and gets filled by a big cock. Jade looks fantastic and shows really good oral energy. Her body is fantastic and that scene is well worth sticking around for. All of the scenes look good and there is enough sexual energy to make it worth a look.

Gianna Dior & Mick Blue

Gianna Dior is a college student who lets us know how tough the life of a typical college student can be. Fortunately, she doesn’t life that life. Instead she has found a way to make things a bit easier while she gets her education. The finances for her lifestyle with the help of her sugardaddy. Mick Blue pays all the bills and he gets to play with Gianna any way he wants. He puts a lace blindfold on her and then lets her lovingly suck and stroke his big hard cock. This is a nice bit of kink, but things get way hotter when she takes it off and can make eye contact as her lips work up and down the shaft. They move to the bedroom where she rubs her clit while his dick stretches her tight pink pussy. After riding him, she dismounts and sucks her juices from his cock. Gianna is beautiful and her body is fantastic. She also seems to thrive on the action as it gets more passionate. There are some gorgeous shots of her flat on the bed being fucked from behind. Gianna gets on her knees and works his cock with both hands until he explodes all over her pretty face.

Lena Anders & Alex

Lena Anders is a spoiled rich girl who is used to getting whatever she wants. When her parents rend out the guest house to Alex, she has trouble dealing with the fact that she can’t just have him. She gets by with bathtub masturbation but of course he walks in on her. Lena feigns outrage but then drops her towel. He licks her for a second before pullout his cock. It’s huge, especially compared to her thin frame. She takes it in both hands and stares up at him while he fills her throat easily. She has very pretty eyes that make the BJ interesting. He spreads her pale thighs and works that fat cock into her tight little pink slit. Once she gets used to the size, he picks up his strokes and bangs her pretty hard. The tight fit seems to work for both of them as she gets on top and grinds her hips. In bed, Lena licks her way down to his cock. She rides on him so hard and takes every inch of that big dick. He takes her from behind, really giving it to her hard. They shift locations again, getting into the shower to finish up with some wet fucking and facial. Lena is very cute and takes that big cock with surprising skill.

Addie Andrews &

Addie Andrews’ sister has moved to LA and met an amazing man. It makes her jealous and she can’t understand why. After packing her bags, she puts the move on little sister’s man. Whatever he feels for his girl, he isn’t about to turn down a shot with this lanky blonde beauty. She drops to her knees and finds that her sister’s man has a big dick. It fits nicely into her mouth and the eye contact is fantastic. Turning around she bends over and invites him right into her pussy. Nice leg and ass shots in a scene that is already really nice to look at. They move to the bed for some lovely full body shots as she rides in reverse cowgirl. Addie works her body up and down on his like she is there to get herself off as many times as possible. She gets on her knees and starts sucking again in what appears to be an attempt to drain his balls. Instead they get back into spoon and bang until he fills her pussy with a hot creampie.

Jade Kush & Johnny Sins

Beautiful Jade Kush is studying for finals. She needs to focus and tries to avoid distractions, but Johnny Sins is just too enticing. He is just the kind of guy she likes and as soon as she invites him in, they start kissing. Jade grabs his cock and marvels at the size. It is as big as her forearm and suddenly that is all she can think about. Falling to her knees, she wraps her lovely lips around him and starts sucking. She looks very hot on the floor, still fully dressed with her eyes looking up at him as his cock vanishes deep into her throat. Johnny takes her to the bed and removes her top so he can play with her fantastic breasts. Moving his mouth down a bit, he has her going crazy with his tongue in her slit. Her pussy is soaked and his dick works easily into it. Jade picks up the pace when she is on top, bouncing wildly as their bodies slap together and her tits shake as only natural ones can. Right in the middle of fucking she stops to suck him clean before climbing up for the final ride. By the time Jade takes his load, she has forgotten all about her studies, but looks wonderfully relaxed and focuses just the same.

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