Movie Type: Feature
Porn Fidelity
154 Mins
THEMES: Rough Sex, Cheating
STARS: Christiana Cinn, James Deen, Maya Bijou, Maxim Law, Donnie Rock,


This is a very interesting feature that works on a lot of levels. It tells a simple story of complex characters addressing serious issues. It does so in and around some blistering hot sex scenes. Unlike many xxx features, the sex scenes are very hardcore and rough in ways that drive the plot and explain the characters. It features really impressive acting performances from James Deen and Christiana Cinn who should both be in line for nominations at awards time. Not content to confine the story telling to the dialog scenes, director Andy Zane uses the frantic energy and naked aggression of the sex scenes to convey they confusion, anger, pain, passion and desperation felt by his characters. The scenes worth on their own as hot, aggressive and often rough gonzo smut, while also fitting in with and advancing the plot. This is a very fine line he walking here, but he does it masterfully. Deen plays a serial cheater and sex addict who rolls through women despite being married to Maxim Law. We open the movie as James enjoys a very spirited romp with his latest conquest, Maya Bijou. This is a really good scene that sets the stage nicely. For some reason, things are different this time and James opens up despite knowing that it puts his relationship at risk. Trying to make things work means confronting his demons, past and present. Both are represented by Christiana Cinn who plays his mother. He confronts her first as a hallucination or spirit as she is long gone. Their energy together is fantastic and though the scene is hard to watch emotionally, it is absolutely the best sexual action of the movie. They move from position to position in a way that flows and feels more natural than most highly staged feature sex scenes. Christian is back in a flashback, engaged in a crazed scene that wraps up all the love, hate, lust and anger they have for one another. It does all this while still managing to remain pretty damn hot. Maxim and James have their own highly passionate romp in the movie’s finale. Like the scenes before it, this one is filled with frantic energy. This movie is really well made with outstanding acting performances from the entire cast, especially Cinn and Deen. It features two hot scenes from Cinn and another from Maya Bijou that is one of her best. This isn’t a very cheery movie, but it is good, it’s hot and if you like hard-edge XXX features, you should pick up a copy.

Maya Bijou & James Deen

James Deen has a long history of cheating, but based on a phone call with his therapist, there is something special about Maya Bijou. She clearly doesn’t care that he is married; talking about how much wetter her pussy is than his wife’s as he pins her against the wall and starts fingering her. He bends her over and pounds away while she continues to mention his wife. He bends her over and slams her pussy while she keeps talking about his wife. They make their way to the kitchen where he lifts her onto the island and keeps her pussy stuffed. There is a frantic energy as they move all over the room, fucking in seemingly whatever position they land in. At once point he picks her up, carries her into the bedroom and really shifts into super high gear on her hot pussy. They finish when he fills her mouth with a big load and she swallows. Encouraging her to leave quickly before his wife gets home, James lets Maya know that this was a one time thing.


Christiana Cinn & James Deen

James is having a tough time kicking his demons. His mother (Christiana Cinn) appears to him and taunts him. She knows what she wants, knows that he wants to be like his father and do “the things” he did to her. OK, that’s edgy and the dialog between James and Christiana is handled beautifully. He dives between her legs and starts licking until she is screaming and ready for all he can give her. Like the first scene, this features a frantic energy between two outstanding performers. Christiana lets him pin her to the wall and fuck her for a bit before she gets down on her knees and greedily sucks his cock. Great eye contact here as she uses both hands to milk the shaft while her tongue tantalizes the head. Getting on top, she faces the camera and slams her body down to take every inch. The intensity actually picks up when they move to the bed. Christiana rides him with such extreme hip action that she might as well be trying to break his dick off inside of her. There are some great shots in doggy showing off her ass and fantastic thighs. The dirty talk also picks up and they finish off with a big creampie. This scene is intense and beautiful.

Christiana Cinn & Donnie Rock

After leaving his father over his infidelity, Christiana ends up hiding James in a closet when Donnie finds them. They fight and of course end up having intense, bordering on brutal, make up sex while he watches through a thin curtain. His tongue between her legs goes a long way towards bringing her in line with his extreme sexual intensity. She gets down on her knees with her hands behind her back while she dutifully sucks on his hard cock. It takes some work, but she gets every inch down and as Donnie gets undressed, she tells him how badly she wants him to own her throat. They start to fuck and the frantic energy is hard to miss. After pumping her pussy for a while, he rolls her over and tries her ass. This is really well shot sex that looks great and is intense from start to finish. He leaves a big load in her pussy and then discovers that young James has been watching.

Maxim Law & James Deen

James reach out to his wife (Maxim Law) in an attempt to explain his behavior. She doesn’t want to see him, but he shows in, bursting through the door and showing her how much he loves her by passionately pinning her to the wall and groping her big tits. Whatever he’s doing, it’s working. She drops to her knees and lets him face fuck her until she chokes. It certainly seems that their relationship was just missing a spark because she looks ready to squeeze his head off between her thighs once he gets going down there. He starts fucking and talking dirty and she matches his energy. They are going full speed ahead with James working hard from behind and holding her arms back as he stuffs his dick deep inside her. The frantic energy works well in this scene with Maxim and James finding pleasure in any position and his cock working into her pussy, her mouth or between her tits, whichever is closest. He shoots his load and they both seem spent. He is sorry, but is it enough? Can this be saved?

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