Deeper: Predatory Woman

Deeper: Predatory Woman

Movie Type: All Sex
DIRECTOR: Kayden Kross
132 Mins
THEMES: Women in Charge, Seduction, Cheating
STARS: Haley Reed, Karla Kush. Rebel Lynn, Melina Mason, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, Small Hands


In this collection of scenes from Deeper, Kayden Kross has women on the prowl and in control. It’s not a femdomme movie, but it has some good “women on top” vibes to it. The scenes are very well shot, meticulously lit with an eye for making them look very mainstream. The attention to detail is quite impressive. There is enough dialog and set up to create some tension that adds an additional layer to the visual. If that appeals to you then pay special attention to this series from now on. Haley Reed is really attractive and quietly drives Manuel crazy. Karla Kush is very mysterious but also quite energetic. The power struggle between Melina Mason and Mick Blue is very intense and rather hot. Rebel Lynn knows how to get what she wants. This is a really well made movie with a lot of couples appeal, especially if you like watching passionate sex, good eye candy, some power struggle play and mostly female led action. Quality wins out in this movie. It was interesting and fun to watch.

Haley Reed & Manuel Ferrara

A long, slow built up with voice over dialog leads married man Manuel Ferrara into the arms of leggy young blonde Haley Reed. He kisses his way down her body and between her legs. In turn she kneels and plants soft kisses up and down the length of his cock. Once she opens her mouth, he slides it deep and fills her. He pulls her on top of him and holds onto her hips while she bucks and thrashes. Any guilt he might have been feeling is gone as he buries his big meat into her wet and willing hole. She finishes with her fist wrapped around his cock as she milks him into her mouth. She had her eyes set on someone else’s man and she got what she wanted.

Karla Kush & Small Hands

Small Hands strolls by a quaint little bookstore that appears to be closed. He peeks inside and finds a topless Karla Kush roaming the aisles. He goes inside and for some reason seems hesitant when she hangs around, clearly waiting for him to make a move. Eventually Karla does the moving, kissing him and breaking down whatever resistance was there. She gets him exited and leaves, coming back to find him stroking his cock on the floor. She joins him, masturbating and then orders him to her knees. This is such a quiet bit of femdomme that it feels very unique. She sits on his face and then swallows his cock, gently gagging as it hits the back of her throat. They start to fuck with solid intensity though Karla seems to maintain a cool distance throughout. Even as she rides in reverse cowgirl, showing off core strength and hip grinding motion that are incredibly impressive, Karla is looking elsewhere and seems to be just using his dick. He cums while they are in 69 and she is riding his face while he jerks off. Karla does a little clean up and then is gone.

Melina Mason & Mick Blue

Going into business with your wife can be rough, especially when you break up. Mick is trying to wrestle control of his company from Melina Mason, but she knows he has other things on his mind. She sits on his face and the shoves her tits in his mouth, forcing him to admit that he misses her. There is some good intensity in their back and forth as she strokes his cock almost as torment. The back and forth dynamic is interesting as they each try to gain the upper hand. When Melina gets on top she shows off her big round booty while bouncing on him. She teases him about using his money to buy her tits while she smothers him with them. Her big tits are quite prominent in the shots as they fuck. His load ends up all over them. I don’t know if they will end up together or not, but they sure have great sexual chemistry.

Rebel Lynn & Small Hands

Small Hands and Rebel Lynn are colleagues and he gets very nervous when she gives him a look and spills a drink in his lap. She knows what she wants and is confident he can’t resist. Even when he carries her out of his office and tosses her on the couch, she just looks back waiting for his next move. When he does nothing, she strips out of her dress shoves him onto the couch. He doesn’t fight her when she strips him and starts grinding her naked body against his. She kisses her way down his body and has him breathless with anticipation by the time her lips reach his cock. Swinging into 69 she grinds her pussy on his face while moaning around his meat. Sliding her body down, she gets into reverse cowgirl and takes things well past the friend zone with some serious hip grinding. By now he is on board and flips her over to pound away from behind. When he shoots his load on her tongue, it seems that whatever battle they were having is over and Rebel has won.

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