Movie Type: All Sex
Adulttime/Gamma Films
DIRECTOR: Bree Mills
226 Mins
THEMES: Cheating, Group Sex, Big Tits, Natural tits, Voyeurism,
STARS: Angela White, Seth Gamble, Cody Steele, Whitney Wright, Isaiah Maxwell, Michael Vegas, Abigail Mac, Alina Lopezz, Gianna Dior, Aubrey Kate, Derrick Pierce


This is a special time of year for adult features. With the award window closing soon, most companies save up their big projects for the end of summer. That means we get some really good stuff to watch and I for one love it. Despite my ardent support for hardcore gonzo smut, I have always had a deep appreciation for adult features, especially when they are well done. To say that this movie is well done would be to sell it painfully short. Bree Mills has put together something that my fellow critics will be raving about for some time. She has also put together a movie that will be enjoyed by fans and recommended highly for years to come. Perspective is such a well-written and tense thriller that the press kit included an R-rated version that I am certain plays pretty well on its own. I’m going to watch that later this week, but my review is of the full X rated feature. Before we get to the X rated stuff, let’s talk about Perspective as a movie. Bree Mills directs the hell out of this thing. It is moody, tease, dirty, sexy, frightening and fun (Though not always easy) to watch. The lighting and music add to the sense of confusion and tension on a level we don’t see very often. The script is really well written with lots of great scenes for the actors. Angela White and Seth Gamble carry most of the weight, but before we get to them, let’s also take notice of the jobs done by supporting players like Abigail Mac, Michael Vegas and Alina Lopez. They take full advantage of some great dialog and all are worthy of supporting noms. The two leads are absolute locks for lead actor/actress nominations and probably wins. Seth and Angela play this movie perfectly. Without giving away too much, this is basically two movies in one. Or more to the point, the same movie twice from two different perspectives. This leaves lots of room for both of them to play diametrically opposed versions of the same character. Angela is particularly impressive. So much so that parts of this movie are tough to watch. She teased us a bit last year with a couple of gut-wrenching featurette performance, but in this feature; she shines from start to finish. So with all of this praise for the acting, the directing and the script, what about the sex? There is a lot of sex in this movie and it all fits the plot perfectly. That means it is super hot when the movie calls for it and difficult to watch when the story necessitates something darker. Most of the scenes feature Angela so that is a huge plus no matter what the scene requires. She is hands-down the best performer in the business so when Bree turns her loose she is absolutely stunning. Her first three scenes are perfect examples. Whether it is a passionate and heated exchange with Seth, a desperate tryst with Cody Steele or a stunning group scene with Angela at the center of attention, she shines absolutely. All of the early scenes have Angela playing slightly to the camera, teasing and taunting the whole way. All three of these scenes are fantastic. Angela looks great, connects with her partners and the audience and fucks like she loves every second. Three sizzling sex scenes in a feature this good is rare enough, but there are a few other highlights. Alina Lopez is really good in her scene. She handles her dialog well, fucks in character and looks great. These aren’t the only hot scenes, but the second half of the movie changes tone so decidedly that it would be a disservice not to address them. These don’t play like typical porn jerk-off scenes. They are supposed to be difficult to watch and as such, they work just as well as the others, but on a different level. Angela and Seth manage some manic heat in the finale, but the sense of dread has been so well established that they have a distinctly different appeal. Angela and Abigail have a scene near the end that is very hot, but it is also so emotionally charged that it comes with a different set of appealing factors. The sexual tone and the movie’s strokability (and sometimes lack thereof) is by design and handled with near flawless precision. From start to finish, top to bottom, this is a superbly crafted adult feature. The script is smart, emotionally engaging and tense. The music and camerawork are first rate. The acting from all involved is excellent with nomination-worthy performances from Angela, Seth, Abigail and Alina. The movie works sexually when Angela is at her best and the heat rises well beyond normal “feature sex” levels. It works as a stroke flick for much of time, but is also the best story-driven movie I have seen in 2019. It could even work as a couples-film. Just know going in that some of these scenes are not easy to watch. If this movie doesn’t win a bunch of awards I will be shocked and if anyone needs further proof that Angela White is in the midst of an historic run of adult film dominance, let me add her performance here to the pile of evidence to that point. I thoroughly recommend this movie to anyone who loves adult features.

Angela White & Seth Gamble

Angela White and Seth Gamble are a married couple seemingly on the brink. She has coffee with a friend and that turns into a very tense standoff that really sets the bar high for the acting performances in this project. They take a trip a few days later and she assures him that he has nothing to worry about. As if to cement this, they share a hotel bed and kiss passionately. Seth kisses his way down her body and settles in between her parted thighs. She flips over on top of him and guides his hard cock right into her. His hands gently guide her hips up and down and their eyes lock in a very passionate coupling. Angela keeps her eyes locked on his (and the camera) as she sucks his cock, tasting herself on her lover before he gets on top of her and they pick up the pace. She holds her knees back and he builds until their bodies are slapping loudly together. He finally pulls out and shoots all over her tummy, breasts and even her face.

Angela White & Cody Steele

Things seem to be just fine, but they aren’t. Seth goes through Angela’s phone and finds incriminating texts. It seems she may be lying about her relationship with Cody. Whether she is or is not, we get to watch them hook up in a very intense scene. Angela looks stunning stripped down her bra, panties and heels. She starts sucking his cock and is looking right into the camera as if trying to make every guy in the audience cum simultaneously. Showing off her skills and her beautiful eyes, Angela works up to some sloppy deep throat that manages to be both romantic and connected and at the same time, pure spankable smut. He gives her oral attention with the same intensity before they retire to the bedroom. The lighting goes very red which is interesting and artistic and also makes this feel more like a dream. Cody crawls between Angela’s legs and pumps like crazy. She’s looking over his shoulder again, like she’s taunting someone and it’s fucking hot. When they move to doggy, she keeps that smoldering look while her prefect breasts sway on every stroke. They finish with a big facial. Whether this actually happened or not, the action is smoking hot and we have only just begun.

Alina Lopez & Seth Gamble

With his thoughts of his wife’s affair driving him crazy, Seth hits a bar and is set upon by a chatty barfly (Alina Lopez). He propositions her as much from a need to make her stop talking as from desire. They get back to her place and Whitney is on her knees immediately. She is very pretty and matches his desperation with gleeful exuberance. Right in the middle, he imagines Angela there, sucking his cock and taunting him. He shakes off that vision long enough to get into bed and let Alina bounce on his dick. When his wife pops back into his head, Seth grabs his new friend by the throat and starts fucking her with everything he has. Alina loves it, but the visions don’t stay gone for long. The taunting gets much more severe, but also spurs him to give it to his young partner faster and harder. He finally exploded all over her. Then he does something (no spoilers) that really changes the tone quickly.

Angela White, Michael Vegas, Isaiah Maxwell, Whitney Wright, Abigail Mac, Gianna Dior

Seth does some snooping and ends up at an underground sex club where he finds Angela in the center of a six-person mini orgy. Three women surround Angela who is flanked by Isaiah Maxwell and Michael Vegas. This leaves plenty of mouths to please big cocks and Angela’s big knockers. There is lots of action to go around but everyone definitely stays focused on Angela who gets to lean back and just enjoy kissing and being eaten. Isaiah finally pulls her to the edge of the bed and works his long cock into her ready pussy. This has all three other women lined up to get a good close up view of the fun. Michael gets his turn and then leaves Angela’s legs back so she can get some oral loving from the orally inclined ladies. After a short break, the guys get back into the game, stuffing Angela at both ends. As before she is making eye contact, but this time Seth is peeking through the door so maybe she really is looking at him while she tries to deep throat Isaiah. Both Isaiah and Michael unload all over her perfect breasts and the other three women get to work licking it up.

As episode three beings, Seth is finally pushed over the edge And then we get the stunning shift in tone that makes this movie stand out as such an achievement. Seth is now a domineering asshat with a seriously creepy vibe and a drinking problem. Angela is in therapy and planning to escape. She breaks down in tears as Michal Vegas goes over a list of things she is supposed to do.

Angela White & Seth Gamble

This is a retelling of the scene from episode one, only this time Angela is not a loving and energetic partner. She is stiff beneath him as the thrusts into her emotionlessly. This is a tough scene because despite the powerful acting a plot driven tone of the action, this is still porn. No one is going to be turned on watching this depiction of abuse, sadness and emotional trauma. It is hard to watch by design and as such, perfectly executed. Angela gives a perfect performance and the editing keeps things incredibly tense.

Angela White & Abigail Mac

Angela is getting help from her friend (Abigail Mac) who comes over to pack a bag and make sure she is ready to make her escape. Abigail soothes Angela’s frazzled nerves and paints a picture of a post-exodus world that lightens her spirit. Eventually their words turn to whispers and those whispers turn to soft kisses. The connection between these two women is intense and the pace draws out every sweet, sensual moment. Abigail gently gets Angela to relax with her fingers and tongue and then guides her shuddering partner to her own pleasure zones. This scene is quite different than anything else in the movie. It is beautiful and matches the emotional tone perfectly.

Angela White & Seth Gamble

If you thought the emotions were tense in the last episode, wait until you get to the finale. Seth has Angela on the brink of tears as he bends her over in their closet and starts fucking her. There are some sexy visuals as she arches her back to show off her ass, but the emotional turmoil makes the scene hard to watch at times. It is not as tough as the scene between these two in the last episode, but they have done such a great job of setting the stage that I keep waiting for something horrible to happen. By the time she starts sucking his cock, there is enough frantic energy to make the scene work as an edgy, semi-rough scene that includes some manually-assisted deep throat. She uses both hands to milk his load right into her mouth.

The sex is over, but the story goes on for another half an hour. Usually that is the kiss of death for an adult feature, but it is essential to this project. The flipside version of the group scene is well acted (though not nearly as strokable) and the conclusion is taunt, unexpected and ultimately satisfying. As with the rest of the movie, the end and final chapter is unique and truly special. I don’t say this very often, but stick around for the end, even though the sex ends some thirty minutes before the story wraps up. You won’t be sorry.

Extras: NA (Streaming Version Reviewed)

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