Ultimate Fuck Toy: Gianna Dior

Ultimate Fuck Toy: Gianna Dior


Movie Type: Showcase
172 Mins
Jules Jordan Video
DIRECTOR: Jules Jordan
THEMES: Threesomes, Interracial Sex, Younger Girls with Older Men, DP, Big Cocks, BBC, DP, BDSM
STARS: Gianna Dior, Dredd, Manuel Ferrara, Jill Kassidy, Markus Dupree, Jules Jordan, Steve Holmes,


The showcase is the new standard by which a pornstar is measured. This is one of the best showcase lines in all of XXX. That makes Gianna Dior’s addition to the Ultimate Fuck Toy a rather big deal. Of course Gianna Dior is already a big deal which is why she is getting the showcase in the first place. She gets a chance to show off her pretty face, smoking body and sexual skills in this nearly three hour flick. She shines in every scene and offers some good variety. There are some hot one on one scenes as well as threesomes. We get a touch of BDSM and of course one scene with Gianna taking on Dredd. That one leads the movie off and it sets the bar super high. Gianna enjoys Dredd’s big cock and she handles it beautifully. If you want to make an award-winning showcase, start out with an award-caliber scene. Really good energy here and another good example of why this movie, its director and its star are all on my must-see list. Taking on another big cock, Gianna handles Manuel next. They have very good chemistry together and he doesn’t take it easy on her in any way. Jill Kassidy helps Jules out for the first threesome. This scene really impressed me. Both women look great and the light BDSM is really well done. Jules bring Markus Dupree in for a second three-way where Gianna is the center of attention. You can check DP off of Gianna’s showcase list. Very good scene here as well. For the finale Gianna takes on Steve Holmes. It is another good scene with the cute starlet taking a big cock with a little kink. It’s really good, but I wonder if maybe putting that scene in the middle and saving the DP for the finale might have added some oomph to the finale. Hey, if I am nit picking scene placement on a movie then you should automatically assume that everything is so good that I have time for this shit. This is a fantastic movie from start to finish and a must-own for all Gianna Dior fans. As always there will be a lot of competition for Best Showcase, but this one has to be on the short list. It’s really fucking good.

Gianna Dior & Dredd

Gianna opens the movie in white thigh high boots and a sheer body stocking that highlights her lovely body. The tease sequence is perfectly edited and gives her a chance to show off. The audience gets to see her from all angles as she moves and teases. With Dredd waiting in the wings, we know what kind of action to expect, so a great tease sequence is a really wonderful way to build up anticipation. When Dredd joins her, Gianna rubs his cock through his pants, making sure he wants him as badly as she wants him. Getting on her knees, she looks at his cock with awe and wonder. Taking her time, she uses both hands and her lips to get him started. Using his tongue to make sure she is at least somewhat ready for that monster, Dredd has her all set up to take the ride of her life. Easing her way down onto his dick, the young starlet seems to enjoy the feeling. Those of you keeping score at home may want to note that she keeps her boots on as she picks up steam and loudly fucks him. He spins her around for doggy which gives us a great view of the action. Gianna is tight, but enthusiastic about taking that monster pole. Taking a break she puts her mouth back on it, showing us once again just how fucking big it is. He finally unloads into her mouth, capping of a scene that will be tough to top. It runs long, but with the extended tease setting things up, this one feels just about perfect.

Gianna Dior & Manuel Ferrara

Starting off her next scene in a sexy little bikini, Gianna does another really nice tease sequence. I really like the way Jules has shot the tease on these first two scenes. It really gives Gianna a chance to shine before she fucks. Manuel is very interested in getting started as soon as he can get his hands on this tight twenty one year old. He spreads her thighs and licks her sweet juices while his hands explore her body. Grabbing his fat cock, she sucks the head and marvels at his girth. Climbing on top, she grinds her hips on his cock while he holds her by the throat. He flips her over to face the camera, showing off her great body while she wriggles her hips and loves the way he pounds her. They move over in front of a mirror which allows for some interesting angles to be sure. It also has her in the perfect position for him to shoot a load on the glass and then let her lick it up. Hot and nasty, just what the fans want to see.

Gianna Dior, Jill Kassidy & Jules Jordan

It wouldn’t be a Jules Jordan showcase without at least one scene featuring light bondage. Gianna is ties up and blindfolded, but can’t wait for Jules to do “nasty” things to her. He needs some help and brings in Jill Kassidy to double up the sensuous torment. Jill goes down on Gianna while Jules uses clothespins on her nipples to get her going. The eye candy of these two women in the same scene together is rather tremendous. Jules craws between Gianna’s legs and starts fucking her while Jill is there to lend a helping hand and hungry mouth. Now that she has been properly broken in, they untie Gianna and the girls give a sizzling double blowjob. Jill is gorgeous as always and adds a lot to the fun. She lustily licks Gianna’s asshole while waiting for her turn to get plowed. Gianna waits for Jules to move to Jill’s mouth and then goes crazy eating pussy. There is a brief by fantastic shot of the girls side by side in doggy while Jules goes from one pussy to the other. Also of note, the shots of Jill’s ass while she rides cowgirl near the end are pretty fucking awesome. Jules gives both women a nice facial shot at the end. This is another scene that will make this showcase stand out at awards time.

Gianna Dior, Jules Jordan & Markus Dupree

Starting out with some black and white tease, Gianna looks ready to try a different kind of threesome. She crawls on the bed between Jules and Markus, giving them attention and showing off her body in lingerie and heels. I love the way she takes her time getting naked and teasing them with her hands and mouth. By the time she gets around to the double blowjob, the action has been set up perfectly. The pace here is perfect and Gianna makes us all want her with each passing second. She handles both dicks perfectly, sucking them lovingly and showing off her pretty face. The guys put her in doggy and work her from both ends. That body looks great and she seems to be having a really good time being the center of attention. They enjoy her mouth and pussy for a good while before moving on to the DP. She takes both dicks and looks behind her with a big smile on that beautiful face. They position her perfectly for the camera as she leans her legs back and lets the guys take turns in her pussy. Both guys have big loads for her pretty face and she takes them with a big smile. Great looking action here and this is the kind of scene that shows us why Gianna deserves her showcase.

Gianna Dior & Steve Holmes

Gianna is all ready for Steve Holmes in the finale. Her black lingerie and stockings are lovely and he is more than ready to start her off with a kiss and a slap on the cheek. She submissively bends over and lets him use a riding crop on her ass. Keeping with the theme she stands prone while he explorers her body with his hands and mouth. Dropping to her knees, Gianna holds her hands behind her back and lets him gently fuck her pretty face with his big cock. Steve puts her on the bed and takes her from behind. Gianna’s tight pussy opens up and she is able to take some serious dick. They move around in the bed with Gianna taking breaks to suck his cock in between positions and Steve making a snack of her juicy hole. All set up for a big finish he pushes her feet up behind her head and goes balls deep in this hot young woman. Gianna gets her chance to be on side and is quite vocal in her appreciation for all the meat he is pumping up into her. They finish up with another facial that Gianna takes with her mouth wide open.

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