Stacked 9

Stacked 9

Movie Type:
Hard X
136 Mins
THEMES: Big Boobs, Natural Boobs, Tit Fucking, Tease
STARS: Autumn Falls, Ella Knox, Jade Kush, Skylar Snow, Mick Blue, Prince Yahshua, Jessy Jones


Mason has really hit it out of the park with this movie. The casting is especially dead on. If you are looking for great looking women with really nice racks then you have come to the right place. Further enhancing your viewing pleasure, Mason shoots the action with more than just a bit of boob appeal in mind. We get nice tease footage and lots of tit fucking. But even within the normal flow of the action, the shaking, bouncing and gorgeous breasts find a way to steal the show. Three of the four scenes are big tit home runs and the fourth is just really fucking hot. The cast helps of course. Autumn Falls is the hottest rising star in the business. She would be on the fast track even without a spectacular set of natural tits, but they certainly help particularly in this flick. She looks stunning in this scene and provides tremendous sexual energy with Mick Blue. There are plenty of great boob moments including some lovely tit fucking from this young stunner. Ella Knox has even bigger tits and her scene is exquisite. Easily one of the best she has shot to date, this one features some of the best big boob play of the movie. Jade Kush stars in a scene that is blistering hot. It doesn’t quite match the boob appeal of the others, but it is every bit as good as we would hope. She is beautiful and very energetic. There is also some really nice boob footage; she is just a tad smaller than the other girls in the cast. Do not sleep on this hot scene. The finale features busty, bubble butt Skylar Snow. She shows really good energy in this scene and get to show off her natural assets. I loved this movie on just about every level. As a boob movie it is exquisite. Great tease and boobs shots during the action. The sex is fantastic and finds a way to be hot and still focus on the boobs enough to make it a perfectly shot boob-themed flick. Every scene was good with stand out efforts from Jade, and Ella as well another reason to pencil Autumn Falls in as Starlet of the Year.

Autumn Falls & Mick Blue

Just barely 18, Autumn Falls has an amazing body that Mason spends a good deal of time talking about. OK, not her whole body. The conversation (Like the movie) is quite boob-centric. Autumn talks about what she likes sexually and shows that she can lick her own boobs. (A fan request apparently.) That is really it for the tease. Mick comes in and takes those wonderful boobs in both hands and starts sucking on them. He works his mouth down and gives her a good licking. She is wet enough for him to slip down and start fucking her. As soon as does, those perfect boobs start shaking with every hard thrust. As much as she seems to love feeling his dick in her, Autumn slides out from underneath Mick to suck on his cock for a bit. Dropping to her knees, she lets him fuck her mouth and then holds her boobs together for some very hot tit fucking. The energy level is plenty high as she climbs back on top for round two. They show off her ability to suck her own breasts as she and Mick each take a nipple and work it over. That is some very hot stuff and it fits the theme of the movie perfectly. Climbing on top, she shows the camera her ass while Mick power fuck her pussy. They break this up with a long tit fuck segment that is really well shot and shows off Autumn’s obvious natural charms. The focus stays beautifully on her breasts as Mick takes her from behind, letting Autumn’s terrific tits shake and bounce with every stroke. Mick finishes up on her chest so that Autumn can once again use her tongue to clean over her lovely lady lumps.

Ella Knox & Prince Yahshua

Ella Knox is very pretty with tremendous boobs that steal she show during some nicely shot (and very well lit) tease footage. Prince comes in from behind to grab those big knockers in his hands. They are great looking in her bikini top, but he wants to go straight for her hungry pussy with his tongue. He gets her going and doesn’t stop until she screams out that she is cumming. After that long segment, she quickly sucks her boobs and she gives him a considerably shorter round of oral before they start fucking. Prince rolls her onto her back and starts banging her box. Ella is loud from the start and lets her boobs shake on her chest as his balls slap against her ass. Her dirty talk is pretty fantastic and the shots of her tits are quite memorable. Ella drops to her knees and wraps those big beauties around his meat for some fantastic tit fucking footage. There is a second round of oral and more tit fucking to really push this scene into the can’t miss category for boob lovers. When Prince pulls Ella up onto his lap, we get to see that she also has a very nice ass to go along with those amazing tits. They finish up with a facial after which Ella wraps her boobs around him one more time to lick up every drop. This is a great scene and is easily one of her best to date.

Jade Kush & Jessy Jones

Jade Kush is very pretty and does some rather serious tease footage. By serious I mean she doesn’t crack a smile as she shows off her body and the camera lingers on her breasts. As soon as she is joined by her partner, Jade grabs his cock, drools on it and then starts swallowing his meat. Jade looks gorgeous with a hard cock in her mouth and must really like his dick. Even when he bends her over to inspect her lips, she reaches back and keeps stroking his shaft. He rolls her over and starts fucking her, grabbing her throat as he does. Not my thing, but she seems to like it just fine. Pushing her legs back until her feet are behind her head, he elicits quite a response from the busty beauty. Jade is very enthusiastic about his dick and takes it long and hard in doggy. They have her ride for a bit. She is very pretty, but the boob footage is not as prominent as it was in the first two scenes. That doesn’t change how much I like the scene, but if you are looking for maximum mams I love the way her boobs move and the expressions on her pretty face are fantastic. He aims his cock at that face and paints her with a big load at the end.

Skylar Snow & Mick Blue

Last up is Skylar Snow how certainly has a natural rack that will catch your eye. She stretches out a bikini top with that pair and her ass does a number on some tight shorts as well. They oil up her knockers to make them shine in the sun. Great boob tease footage here. Mick comes in and feels her up for a second before letting Skylar get to work from her knees. She sucks him deep and then lets him fuck her face while her big natural boobs shake wildly. After taking some pretty serious face fucking she gets on her back and lets him slide between her soft tits. He moves down, pushes her legs up and starts fucking. Her boob bounce as he bangs her pussy, but her ass is his main target and it gets filled quickly. Skylar is boisterous as Mick spreads her cheeks and pounds away. There is also a heavy dose of shaking, bouncing and jiggling boob flesh from every angle. They stop periodically to make sure those big tits get fucked. This scene has very strong anal action as well as great boob footage. If you want both, just watch the RCA. Skylar pulls her knees to her chest and lets her rack shake while she gets drilled in the backdoor. They finish off with a thick load all over her big knockers. She slowly licks them clean giving us one more stacked moment to savor.

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