No Experience, No Problem

No Experience, No Problem

Movie Type: All Girl
DIRECTOR: Stills by Alan
128 Mins
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Sex at Work, Coercion
STARS: Angela White, Kira Noir, Tiffany Watson, Ivy Wolfe, Chloe Cherry, Kendra Spade, Abigail Mac, Uma Jolie


This is an all-girl movie with a running theme that has some pretty broad reaching appeal. It is a sex at the office flick with some extra special twists. Sometimes being qualified for a job just isn’t enough. Others are just not very good at their job and have to fins special tasks to make sure they stay gamefully employed. Each of these scenes features hot lesbian sex in the office setting. There are also good stories to set up the fun. In the opening scene Ivy Wolfe gets a bit of revenge on a college classmate who tormented her. Now needing a job, Tiffany Watson has to find ways to make it up the lesbian she made fun of. Both women play their roles very convincingly Kendra Spade and Chloe Cherry are both very good looking young women. Kendra is new on the job and has to get used to Chloe’s aggressive first day orientation. Abigail Mac plays a beautiful and lenient boss. Lenient at least when it comes to hotties like Uma Jolie who know just how to make it up to the boss when they mess up. The finale has a different tone and really fine performances from both Angela White and Kira Noir. That’s my favorite scene for obvious reasons, but there are plenty of good ones to go around.

Tiffany Watson & Ivy Wolfe

Tiffany Watson has a job interview with Ivy Wolfe. Tiffany remembers Ivy from college and seems a bit put off when Ivy doesn’t remember her. It gets worse when Ivy is ready to turn Tiffany down for a job and drops the bomb that she remembers Tiffany and her friend making fun of her for being gay. Only one way she is going to get that job now. Tiffany is very uncomfortable as Ivy makes her move, licking and sucking her former tormentor’s nipples until she can only moan and confess that she has never been with another woman. That doesn’t slow Ivy down one bit. She gets her tongue into Tiffany’s pussy and shows her some new tricks. Ivy knows just what she is doing and thoroughly enjoys giving Tiffany a thorough tongue inspection. Willing to do anything for the job Tiffany shows her future boss just how quickly she can learn new things. They settle in for 69 with Tiffany getting used to having a pussy on her face as she cums from Ivy’s expert loving. Let a mess in more ways than one, Tiffany is shocked to find that even after her hot lesbian turn, she still doesn’t have the job she needed so badly.

Kendra Spade & Chloe Cherry

Kendra Spade is brand new on the job and a little unsure how she landed the position since she has no experience. Her new boss, Chloe Cherry plants a kiss on her and doesn’t seem to care when Kendra lets her know that she isn’t gay. The thin blonde is not at all shy about letting Kendra know that if she wants to keep the job, she needs to play along. Not about to lose a good job, she lets Chloe strip her clothes off and sits in a chair with one leg high in the air while the blonde goes to work on her hairy pussy. There is more to keeping her job than just leaning back and looking hot so Kendra gets a lesson in lesbian love as Chloe bends over and shoves her face against her ass. These two young ladies are lovely and take their time exploring the fun of hot sex in the office. There is some nice footage of them tribbing on the floor (in heels for those paying attention). Very hot eye candy, especially from Kendra.

Abigail Mac & Uma Jolie

Uma Jolie is super pretty, but not especially good at her job. That drive Abigail Mac crazy. Uma is always late, constantly spilling coffee and seems to forget every important meeting that her boss has. That triggers the inevitable “I will do anything to keep my job” and the hot lesbian sex that follows. Uma is a little shy at first, but Abigail takes charge and has a very pretty pussy that needs eating. Wanting to get a close up look at the ass that has been the subject of office chatter, Abigail bends her young employee over and likes what she sees. They pick up the pace and the eye candy is super high here. There just isn’t a bad angle to capture these lovely ladies. Uma may be a mess around the office, but she more than earns her keep as a sexual plaything. Abigail is a giving boss but really seems happiest when she has her legs spread and has Uma giving her orgasm after orgasm. Wanting to be fair, Abigail does reward Uma for a job well done with some vigorous slit licking of her own.

Angela White & Kira Noir

Angela White spends her time writing nasty, hyper-critical comments on the Girlsway web site. She gets a visit from Kira Noir who is quick to give Angela a piece of her mind. Kira demands that every negative comment be changed immediately. With a strap on peeking from under her shorts and a stern tone in her voice, Kira has Angela flustered and nervous as she goes through some intense rewrites. Eventually she decides to let Angela see for herself what it’s like to fuck a super hot porn star. Grabbing Angela by the head, Kira pulls her in close and forces her strap on all the way down her throat. Taking charge, Kira yanks Angela around, stuffs her panties into her mouth and starts using that rubber cock to teach her biggest critic some new tricks. Kira thrusts hard and talks dirty while Angela moans and looks stunning. Learning all sorts of new tricks, Angela pledges to never write a mean comment again as she bounces with absolute abandon on that strap on. Turning her attention to Kira’s needs, Angela eats pussy and ass like a natural and even manages some of those little touches she hinted at in her dialog. (The ass shaking while eating Kira is especially sexy.) Great scene that is a ton of fun to watch.

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