Cheer Squad Sleepovers 31

Cheer Squad Sleepovers 31

Movie Type: All Sex
Girlfriends Films
167 Mins
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Cheerleader uniforms, Small Breasts, Natural Breasts
STARS: Dolly Leigh, Katie Kush, Lacy Lennon, Lexie Fox, Harmony Wonder, Lexi Lore, Danni Rivers, Isabella Nice


This is another long running series from Girlfriends Films that does exactly what they do best. It brings together a nice looking collection of young ladies for hot lesbian sex. The four scenes are strung together into two separate mini stories, both involving teams of cheerleaders getting to know one another. Some of the editions in this series feature older woman enjoying pretty young cheerleaders. This one features only cheerleaders, helping it to stand out from other GF flicks. The first group of girls focuses on a virgin (Katie Kush) who gets introduced to the wonderful world of girl on girl sexy by Dolly Leigh. In the second, Lexi Lore is exceptionally cruel to new girl Harmony Wonder. To keep the new girl from quitting, Lexi shows her all kinds of fun. This is a movie for fans who want to see thin young women with small, perky breasts. It also features plenty of cheerleader uniform action before and even during the sex. If you like well shot and nicely paced lesbian sex with some uniform appeal, this is a great volume of a great series.

Dolly Leigh & Katie Kush
Dolly Leigh is leading a stretching session with three of her teammates. When Katie Kush has trouble, Dolly gives her some special attention. Talk of the stretches helping with sex leads an embarrassed Katie to reveal that she is a virgin. That’s it, game on. In fact, Katie hasn’t even masturbated. With her teammates watching, she spreads her legs and let’s Dolly show her how that is done. When the finger play intensifies, the other two girls leave so that Dolly and Katie can play. The shy virgin cheerleader brightens up quickly with her legs spread and her sexy teammate burying her face between her thighs. She is quite bendy and Dolly knows just how to get those juices flowing. Picking things up quickly, Katie dives in and eats her teammate from behind. Lots of uniform appeal here and even some shots of Dolly with her panties stretches between her thighs. When they finally lose their uniforms, the girls mount one another and grind their way to mutual orgasms.

Lacy Lennon & Lexie Fox

All that finger fun with Katie has made Lacy Lennon and Lexi Fox totally turned on. They hit their room and relate their own tales of first time fingering. This takes them right to passionate kissing and some desperate groping during the undressing phases of the fun. The uniforms come off much more quickly in this scene, giving Lacy and Lexie plenty of access. Good finger play and some very energetic pussy eating highlight a scene that is sure to please the core audience. The intense pussy lapping really is fun to watch as are their natural, athletic bodies. While 69 gives us nice ass hots, the tribbing helps show off legs, boobs and lovely smiling faces. Since neither of these two cuties is a first timer, there is less of a power dynamic and more time spent on fantastic mutual pleasure.

Harmony Wonder & Lexi Lore

A couple of very thin cheerleaders are busy measuring themselves for new uniforms. They are joined by two other teammates and then the super-cattiness kicks in. Lexi Lore is the alpha bitch who sends new girl Harmony Wonder running into the bathroom with harsh critiques of her breasts. Upon hearing that the new girl plans to quit, Lexi rushes in to fix things. As it turns out Lexi is just jealous of how lovely Harmony’s breasts are. The topless mutual admiration session quickly becomes something much hotter. There is lots of kissing in skirts and socks as the young teammates get to know one another. They slide into 69 with Lexi on top grinding away on her adorable teammate’s pretty face. Based on how well Harmony is licking Lexi’s pussy I don’t think she is going to have to worry about being teased any longer. They end up tribbing for a very long time providing plenty of heat with bonus points if you like very thin girls in socks pulled up to their knees.

Danni Rivers & Isabella Nice

Not to be left out, Danni Rivers and Isabella Nice do what horny cheerleaders do in these movies, they fuck one another. It starts with a lot of breast play which takes us back to the original dialog and is kind of nice to see. For those of you who are paying attention to the uniform details, this pair has on shorter socks and leaves their skirts on a brief time before the mutual licking begins. They are both quite cute and in keeping with the theme of this movie, have very small, perky breasts. The kissing is quite natural though they seem to struggle a bit to find a rhythm when it comes to tribbing. (The couch looks like it might be slick and squishy) When it is time to 69 they find it easier to get going. Lots of finger play and lots of intense face to face interaction.

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