Black Loads

Black Loads

Movie Type: All Sex
2 Thumbs Up Productions
110 Mins
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Porn Auditions, Anal Sex, Facials, Swallowing
STARS: Ryan Smile, Michelle Martinez, Scarlett, Emma Haze


This is a basic porn audition movie with a few specific niches in mind. It is interracial, with white girls coming in for a shot at XXX stardom. The set up is simple with basic POV and stationary cameras capturing the sex. There is an edge to the sex, with the guy doing the hiring often playing at rough and degrading. I realize that has some appeal for some people, but it ends up a little silly here. Half the time his dick doesn’t get hard and the harsh talk ends up feeling like it was added later. Some of the scenes end with an unceremonious rushing out the door, but it really falls short on most levels. A few of the girls are good looking, but they are often seem to be playing bored or semi-reluctant. Perhaps that was what they were going for, but it doesn’t work well as a rough or dismissive movie. Instead it just seems a little dreary and boring. Emma Haze is the cutest girl in the movie and she tries really hard. I would enjoy seeing her in other projects. While this type of movie is not my cup of tea at its best, it is likely to disappoint even the target audience due to sloppy camerawork, atrocious editing, lackluster performances and a half hearted attempt at nailing the genre-specific aspects. This is a rather disappointing movie that fails to even hit the primary themes very well Watch at your own risk.


Scarlett is an eighteen year old from Tennessee who says she is great at BJs and can fist her mouth. She demonstrates that latter skill and considers spitting cum out of her mouth to be a “waste.” The set up is long with Scarlett slowing showing off her body bit by bit. Ready to get going, she takes down his pants and starts sucking cock. It grows in her mouth and she challenges her throat by trying to take him deeper. She makes a big deal about his size, overplaying it by quite a bit. He bends her over and makes her thank him for fucking her. They fuck in doggy and she doesn’t seem overly thrilled, nor is there a lot of energy or eye candy. They both kind of go through the motions and there are some shots of her soft, pale ass before going back to suck it. She works him until he shoots and then licks up the load.

Emma Haze

Looking quite shy and sporting big glasses, Emma Haze is on hand to shoot her first scene. He lets her know that it won’t be gentle, actually telling her that she will be abused. She gets on her knees and the talks down to her while making her suck his thumb and then his cock. The camerawork is very sloppy, with horrible edits and POV footage that will make you appreciate the really good shooters in the genre. As she starts sucking his cock he calls her names and seems to be trying to choke her, but she easily takes him to the root (In large part because he is never gets even half hard from the BJ.) I think this is supposed to be kind of rough and aggressive, but it comes off rather pathetic and is a serious waste of a very cute female performer who does a great job sucking cock even without much help. After entirely too long he commands her to beg for his cock in her ass. She seems entirely disinterested and he barely manages to get hard enough to wedge himself in there. The editing is so horribly choppy that I started to wonder if they were just faking the anal, but there is enough footage to prove that they did what they could. There is some pretty good anal cowgirl POV footage, but every time he tries to talk tough and make her tell him she likes it, things just go flat. The attempts and racially oriented dirty talk are equally impotent. They finally finish with Emma taking a pretty good load right in her mouth. I’m not sure what they were going for here, but it ends up feeling like a pretty big waste of a very cute girl.

Ryan Smile

Busty brunette Ryan Smile comes into the office with an air of confidence. The set up is pretty basic. She wants to shoot; he needs to shoot a test video to show the casting director, you know the drill. Ryan shows off her big round ass in some tight shorts and her pierced knockers. He hits her up for an on camera BJ and she agrees since it will help her get work. Ryan has very pretty eyes and flashes them to the camera as she works hard to get his dick to rise. He responds better this time, but the scene still suffers from pruning sheers level editing. Ryan is more than happy to ride the dick as well, but only after he makes her say how much she likes his “black dick” a half dozen times. She sits on his lap, bouncing that big ass up and down and showing some promise. Her big ass remains at the center of the show when he bends her over. Ryan pulls off the dirty talk a little better than the last girl as she proclaims this the biggest dick she has ever had. Falling to her knees, she dutifully takes the load in her mouth. This one has some redeeming qualities

Michelle Martinez

Last up is Michelle Martinez who is a very pretty girl. She really wants to work as soon as possible, so he breaks out the camera for the little test video. Showing off her body as she strips down, Michelle bends over, spreads her lips and then gets dressed. The sample scene sets off some red flags for the young model, but once he assures her that he “is clean” she decides to give it a shot. Michelle sucks his dick and she really looks gorgeous, but he struggles again. We end up with way too much oral work on a floppy cock, but at least the eye candy is good. After a bit of BBC dirty talk she gets on top of him and shows off her slip body while stretching her tight pussy on his dick. Not a lot of energy, but she is nice to look at. When he turns her over the doggy footage is so badly out of focus that it is inexcusable to even leave it in. It isn’t like the whole position is bad, just enough to make you wonder why they didn’t clip it a bit. As pretty as she is, Michelle really seems bored right up to the big shot in her mouth. She even spits that out, but somehow that’s one of the more charming moments of the scene.

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