Asian Anal 3

Asian Anal 3

Movie Type: All Sex
Hard X
135 Mins
THEMES: Anal Sex, First Time Anal, Asian girls,
STARS: Ember Snow, Saya Song, Kendra Spade, Nyomi Star, Ramon Nomar, Mick Blue,


In this nicely directed flick from Mason we get plenty of what the title promises. A lovely cast of four lovely Asian female performers who love some anal action give the audience exactly what they tuned in for. There is a first time anal scene from Ember Snow that is certainly an event. It helps land Ember the cover and the opening scene. It’s a good scene too, very good in fact. Ember is super cute, nicely built and takes to anal like a natural. This is a really outstanding scene and well worth a look. Kendra Spade is also very beautiful and also takes quite well to the anal action presented to her. I like the tease in the Nyomi Star scene. Anal fans will also dig the way she takes Manuel Ferrara’s big pole. Those two middle scenes are really good, but the finale pushes this movie over the top. Saya Song is a personal favorite of mine and she should be of yours too. She is beautiful, has a great look and never fails to give anything short of a fantastic scene. Paired with Mick Blue, Saya turns in the best scene of the movie. The intensity is fantastic and they seem to have fantastic chemistry together. The angles are great, she handles everything he has to offer with a big smile, gapes (For those who like that) and manages to outshine a really great cast. More Saya would be great. In fact, isn’t it about time Mason shot her a showcase? I know that is something I love to see.

Ember Snow & Ramon Nomar

Pretty cover girl Ember Snow is ready for a major first time event. She is going to take her first real dick in the ass on camera. Apparently one lucky guy has been in there in her private life, but this is really quite the event. She is overflowing with energy and anticipation during her pre scene interview. Ramon shows up and does not waste any time. Ember gets on his lap and drops her pussy hard and fast on that big cock. Dropping to the floor she starts sucking like she really can’t wait to give him full access to every hole. He bends her over, teases her ass with his tongue and then slides his dick right into her tight butthole. Ember is all smiles as the anal action starts at full speed and picks up from there. Great close up shots of the action here. Spinning around into RCA, she smiles and screams with delight as his cock stretches her. Her body looks amazing at this point in the scene. For a first anal scene, this one is super enthusiastic and perfectly captured. Ramon dishes out the dick and Ember is filthy hot and cute at the same time. The scene ends perfectly with a big load of cream fired onto her pretty face. This scene is an absolute keeper.

Kendra Spade & Mick Blue

Lovely Kendra Spade does traditional tease footage with no interview. During this nicely edited segment, she gets her tight asshole warmed up with a glass dildo. Just about the time she seems good and ready, Mick comes in and starts kissing her cheeks. She keeps working the toy in and out while Mick focuses his tongue on her clit. Not wasting any time, he replaces the dildo with his cock in some straight to the A fun. Mick pounds her pretty good before they take a break so she can taste his dick. She is very pretty, but also quite quick to get his dick back in that ass. Great shots of her ass as she bounces up and down in his lap. Mick finishes up by cumming in her ass. Kendra is very beautiful and this energetic scene is quite impressive.

Nyomi Star & Manuel Ferrara

The tease for this scene is nice and glossy showing off Nyomi star and her tight body. Manuel comes in and gets his fingers right to work on her pussy. He works his mouth down to her shaved lips and makes sure she is good and wet. Wanting her shot at his cock, she is breathless as her lips work up and down his thick shaft. Using both hands, she slurps loudly as she takes as much as she can. He pulls her up on top of his cock and lets her ride. Nyomi isn’t shy and manages to buck her hips pretty hard with him meat buried inside of her. Moving to her even tighter hole, Manuel doesn’t slow down a bit. He keeps working her clit with his fingers as he moves her all the way on top for RCA. The anal action in this scene is really good. She bends over and takes full force strokes from Manuel which is impressive every single time. I love the way she holds her cheeks wide open while he drills her from behind. They finish up with a really big facial shot. Intense action and this climax help this scene hold its own with some really good ones.

Saya Song & Mick Blue

Last up is my favorite member of the cast Saya Song. She is cute, petite, sporting lots of ink and always, always brings amazing energy to a scene. The tease is tightly edited with lots of close ups on her face, body and busy. Saya looks more than ready to play. Working a red dildo (that perfectly matches her shoes) into her asshole, she gets warmed up for something real. Mick joins her for a kiss and can’t keep his hands off of her. He goes down on her and has her moaning loud enough to be heard over the rain hitting the huge windows behind them. She strokes him with both hands before working her mouth down crotch level. Mick fucks her mouth which she handles well but things get hotter the second she takes over shows off her real BJ skills. This woman is so painfully underrated, but damn it’s fun to watch her work. Turning around and spreading her cheeks, she takes him from behind with the camera nicely positioned to get all the action. Saya takes everything he’s got and grinds back on that dick. They spend a lot of time fucking standing up with breaks to let her power suck his cock clean in between. Mick gets on the ground and holds her cheeks open so the screen is filled with her cute little ass taking every inch of cock as well as her tattoo (Bonus points here if you like intense anal with ink.) Some of the best footage comes late when RCA turns into Saya on top of Mick with her knees pulled up, her toes pointed and her fingers working her clit while he stretches her ass. If you prefer gaping doggy, we get some of that as well. And some slapping if that works for you. They finish with Saya on her knees looking up at him while he shoots a load on her tongue. She looks fucking adorable and caps off the best scene of the movie perfectly. This one is a keeper folks.

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