Babysitter Diaries 20

Babysitter Diaries 20

Movie Type: Vignette
95 Mins
Reality Junkies
THEMES: Babysitters, Cheating, Young Girls
STARS: Judy Jolie, Tommy Gunn, Chloe Cherry, Jay Smooth,, Chad Alva, Lily Rader


This latest addition to the Babysitter Diaries franchise features some very sexy young women. Robby D is at the helm so the action is well shot and the set ups are cute and just a bit naughty. This movie caters big time to the young babysitter fantasy. Of course it does. It’s right there in the fucking title. The outfits and set ups play into this theme as well. Once the sex starts though, it’s your basic hot stroke flick. There are some women I have never seen before and that is always nice. Judy Jolie is just such a fresh face. She and Tommy Gunn kick things off in a kitchen scene. She is leggy and pretty and I want to see more. Chloe Cherry shows a lot of energy and more than bit of a naughty side. Diamond Kitty does a great job in the lead up to the action. Her scene is also hot, though they go through a segment in the middle with little connection and moderate heat. The final scene really stands out. Lily Rader is a perfect fantasy babysitter. She is cute, tight and knows how to seduce a guy. The sex is good looking with enough energy to sustain it as one of the best of the bunch. Overall this one is solid. A good cast and solid technical aspects combine with hot sex and serious fantasy appeal. Well done.

Judy Jolie & Tommy Gunn

Pretty young Judy Jolie loves babysitting for Tommy’s family. She loves the kids and it is a break from her second job as a stripper. As soon as Tommy comes downstairs she asks if he wants to fuck her. Tommy gives her a check with something extra. This time he gets to cum in her pussy. That makes Judy smile and shimmy right on out of her clothes. Tommy goes right after her ass with his tongue and she loves it. Returning the favor, she does a nice job of taking that cock deep into her mouth. She holds his balls and licks them, enjoying how much he enjoys her. They stand at the kitchen island so he can get into her pussy while she looks back and him and grinds. Nice leg shots as well as some close up angles from underneath. She loves his dick and asks him to cum in her pussy, Tommy actually pulls out a bit and fires all over those freshly fucked lips. Judy is quite the cutie and really earns her money.

Chloe Cherry & Jay Smooth

Naughty babysitter Chloe Cherry is busy rubbing one out when Jay Smooth comes in and catches her. Not at all upset, he just stands there watching while she keeps on going. He sits down with her and has her do some naughty stuff with a teddy bear before reaching over and fingering that wet little pookie. She stick her ass in the air and stays mostly dressed while he licks her crack and eats that asshole. By the time she takes his cock out of his pants, Chloe is ready to go crazy on it. Her ass is still high in the air as she sucks and strokes his hard meat. This is an aggressive and hot blowjob from the dirty blonde babysitter. When she spins around on his lap, he grabs her little ass with both hands and holds her cheeks open for the camera. He takes her hard in doggy and Chloe works her hips back until he shoots his load on her ass. The naughty young thing gives him a taste for good measure.

Diamond Kitty & Chad Alva

Chad Alva is a hard working single father. His babysitter Diamond Kitty has nothing but praise for her new boss and wonders if he ever gets lonely. The chemistry between them is inescapable and it boils over as she helps him tie his tie. They get close enough to kiss and that’s all it takes to push them right over the edge. He has fun with her big tits and gets her nearly naked before she slides down and works her lips over the head of his cock. She loves his dick and as things get sloppy, Diamond uses the excess spit to keep him all lubed up. Climbing on top of him she moans while Chad pumps into her pussy. Diamond has a big round ass the shakes every time his dick hits home. Her tits also shake in his face in this position. During doggy they seem rather disconnected. She just drives off a bit, but comes back into focus when he flips her over. She holds her feet up high and encourages him to bang her harder. With her encouragement, he pulls out and shoots towards her face. Most of his load ends up on her tits, but some hits her chin. I hope wherever he was going with that tie on wasn’t important.

Lily Rader & Tommy Gunn

Tommy arrives home to find the house a bit of a mess. There are toys everywhere and his babysitter, Lily Rader is doing laundry topless. His wife is running late and he tells Lily she can go, but we all know that isn’t going to happen. She starts telling him a story about a man who fell in love with his babysitter and the next thing Tommy knows; his cute blonde babysitter is sucking his cock like a lollipop. (See, it just accidentally happens sometimes ladies.) Lily is very cute and I love the fully clothed BJ fun. He gets her naked and has Lily sit on his face. The pretty blonde looks great up there and shows off her pale, all-natural body. Tommy drops her on his dick and spanks her butt a little while she rides him. This horny hottie is clearly looking to be a home wrecker and Tommy happily plows right into her. He lets her ride until she is panting and then flips her over to deliver the dick harder and faster. He finally pulls out and shoots all over her hairy pussy.

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