Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment

Movie Type: Feature
104 Mins
Hard Art
DIRECTOR: Sally Froth
CONDOMS: None Noted
THEMES: Casting Couch, Story, Interracial Sex
STARS: Niki Snow, Jayde Symz, Alessa Van Camp, Payton St. Clair, Vanessa Cage, Destiny Love, Claudia Fox, Robby Echo, Brad Sterling, Black Ken, Jay Crew, Chad White, James Bartholet


This is a very ambitious movie. It’s uneven to the point of being annoying, but I think its heart is in the right place. The first two thirds are the story of a young woman (Niki Snow) who comes to Hollywood looking for fortune and fame. There are some good moments as she makes her way through the familiar story. We see her fuck and then leave her small town boyfriend then get taken advantage of by scumbag agents in the big city. Niki is pretty cute and carries a lot of the sexual load as well as most of the dialog. She is very good at that latter and shows flashed of sexual energy as well. Some of the scenes are a little flat, but I don’t put that one Niki. They just seem to be a byproduct of the movie as a whole. The final act shifts gears and becomes kind of a Harvey Weinstein/Me Too parody flick. James Bartholet pays the lecherous movie mogul who takes advantage of everyone. At least until he runs into Niki. The story winds down quickly and it really feels like a different movie. Maybe had they been a little less on the nose with James’ character it would have blended in more smoothly. Then again the movie is fine for what it is. I like the script for the most part, it is nicely acted and that is always entertaining. Sexually the movie is a little flat. It just doesn’t have much spark. Oddly enough, the main cast lacks star power even as the non-sex cameos include some very big names. This is an interesting movie for people who really want to watch an adult feature with a Hollywood dream storyline.

Niki Snow & Jesse Bunyon

Starting here day (and the movie) off with a bank, Niki Snow rides hard on her boyfriend’s cock. She is on top, working her pussy up and down on his sick while the camera focuses on her pale, round cheeks. Niki seems to enjoy his long cock though nothing about this scene is overly energetic. There are some nice leg shots as they finish up in spoon and he shoots all over her furry box. As soon as he busts his load, Niki tells her man that she is moving to Hollywood to be a star.

Claudia Fox & Black Ken

While Niki is bouncing around town getting headshot, bombing auditions and striking up a relationship with a would-be writer (all via montage), her new neighbor Claudia Fox is getting boned down by Black Ken. She is a mature Latina who strips down quickly. He’s got a pretty big cock, but she takes him to the base with some serious head game. Climbing on top, she drops her down on his until their flesh slaps together loudly. Ken takes her from behind; giving that pussy everything he’s got. He pulls out and shoots a load all over her tummy right as Niki walks in on them.

Niki Snow & Robby Echo

After a quick one line advice session from her neighbor (“Hang in there.”) Niki gets busy bonding with and banging her new beau Robby. Her legs are spread wide as she runs her fingers through his hair while he slurps his way around her wet pussy. They swap places and she shows off her hungry mouth once again. She slobbers all over him and uses the excess spit to make sure things are good and wet. Mounting up, she works her hips slowly, showing off her ass as she takes him in. He spins her around and gives us a nice view of her body from behind. They finish with the spoon to bush popshot again.

Payton St. Clair & Jay Crew

One of the places Niki visited was a porn agency run by Jay Crew. When he isn’t getting newbies into the biz, he shoots POV content with his clients. One such babe is tatted blonde Payton St. Clair. She gets the fat head of his cock between her lips and sucks like her life (Or at least her rent) depends on it. She POV shots are nice and she is rather enthusiastic as he shoots his load all over her boobs.

Niki Snow, Alessa Von Camp & Brad Sterling

Desperate for cash Niki shows up for her first porn shoot. She is thrown into a maid’s uniform; or rather lingerie that kind of sort of maybe looks like a main might wear it under her costume on Halloween. Niki dives in with Alessa and Brad and gets up to speed in no time. Getting her mouth busy on her female costar, Niki sticks that ass up in the air so Brad can work in and out of her wet slit. Niki takes to the three way action like a natural, sucking Alessa’s lovely breasts and getting into the action wherever she can. He pulls out and shoots on her boobs and face, capping things nicely.

Jade Symz & Chad White

After the shoot, the production assistant Jade Symz wants to get off set, but her boyfriend Chad White just wants to get off. She gets on her knees for a pretty hot, fully clothed BJ. he bends her over, takes down her jeans and fucks her from behind. For some reason the scene just gets cut off and we follow Niki on a montage of ups and downs.

Destiny Love & James Bartholet

The movie shifts at this point to a story about Harvey Weinstock (James Bartholet). He barks into his headset, orders people around and is unapologetically lecherous with young intern Destiny Love. She gets the message pretty quickly and starts sucking his cock. It’s a short BJ that ends when he pushes her face away and jerks off all over Niki’s headshot.

Vanessa Cage, James Bartholet & Hanna Hays

After trying to sleaze his way into Niki’s pants, Harvey is back watching two blondes get it on in his hotel room. Neither of them seems very enthusiastic about things and I would imagine the barked orders from the corners aren’t helping them. Eventually nature takes it course and we get a bit of energy. There are some good close up shots while he sits in the background jerking off.


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