40 Years Old: Temptations of a Married Woman

40 Years Old: Temptations of a Married Woman


Movie Type: All Sex
128 Mins
Marc Dorcel
DIRECTOR: Liselle Bailey
THEMES: Cheating, Threesomes, Voyeurism,
STARS: Mariska, Lisa Del Sierra, Amber Deen, Amber Jayne,


This is a really nice looking feature with a very sexy story. Mariska X is a lovely woman who is feeling angsty about turning forty. She worries that her marriage might be getting stale and wants some adventure. She finds some in the form of a mysterious package with a cell phone. This leads her to sex with her man during a hot mid-day romp in the kitchen as well as other escapades. I really love the first two scenes. Mariska is lovely and her legs look great in stockings. After that, the other women get in on the fun. They are also attractive; though don’t have as much spark as the star. Luckily Mariska takes over a hot four way and kind of turns into a torrid threesome. The finale works as part of the story and is one more chance to watch our star shine. This is a nicely done feature with beautiful lead, high stockings and heels appeal and good enough sex to make things hot and horny from start to finish.

Mariska X & Ryan Ryder

The day after turning 40, Mariska X is having some feelings about hitting that magical age. She receives a mysterious package with a phone in it. Whoever is on the other end is sending her texts that have her juices flowing. Sure it is her husband; she jumps him as soon as he comes home. He is surprised, but not about to object when his pretty wife drops to her knees and starts giving him a blowjob in the middle of their kitchen. She is quite pretty and rubs his meat against her lips as she breathlessly sucks him hard. He stands her up and bends her over the counter to take her from behind. In true Dorcel (And pretty much all Euro porn) style, Mariska is still in her heels and stockings, balancing precariously as her husband picks up the pace. He spins her around and they uses the counter to prop up one of her legs. They take a long break right in the middle for her to suck his dick again. He pulls out, loses the condom and shoots all over her lovely ass.

Mariska X & Stirling Cooper

The mysterious texts do not stop and Mariska is intrigued. Her husband has to go away for the night so she spends some time with her girlfriends. Following the orders given to her in the text, she has lunch with no panties. That catches the eye of a stranger who follows her home. The text tells her that someone is waiting so Mariska lets the stranger in and is lost in his embrace second later. She lifts her skirt and opens her blouse so he can have access to her pussy as well as her full breasts. Still standing at her stairway she wraps one leg around him and lets him inside of her. There are great standing doggy shots with her legs (Covered by stockings of course) taking center stage. Mariska stops and squats in front of him, sucking her cream from his cock and moaning loudly as the stranger’s throbbing pole invades her mouth. I love the frantic way they use the stairs as a place to fuck. No time to wait. She is hot and needs it now. He finishes off with a load on her boobs and Mariska sucks out every last drop before he buckles up and leaves.

Liza Del Sierra & Emilio Ardana

The messages keep coming and Mariska ends up in a hotel watching her friend Liza Del Sierra get undressed through a crack in the door. Her blonde friend doesn’t waste any time, getting into bed with her lover and taking that rubber-covered dick into her pussy. She works her way up onto her knees as his strokes increase in ferocity. She sucks his cock, making sure he is good and hard before using another condom and hopping on top of his pole. Liza strokes his load onto her tits and makes sure to fully coat her globes.

Amber Jayne, Mariska X, Adrian Dimas, Alberto Blanco

Suspicious of her husband’s actions Mariska follows him to a shady part of town. She loses him but spies a sexy blonde (Amber Jayne) sucking two cocks in an abandoned warehouse. They catch her and immediately pull her in. She feels like it is still part of the game and goes along with it. Mariska steps right and sucks a pair of strange dicks like she was born for it. Amber gets back into the mix to even things out. Both girls are very enthusiastic about having meat in their mouths. There are some nice shots of Mariska standing up in heels and getting fucked from behind. She stays semi-dressed the whole time even as she grinds up and down on one dick while Amber greedily sucks the other. Both guys position themselves on either side of her so they can unload all over her chest. Very nicely shot double pop here.

Amber Jayne, Liza Del Sierra, Mariska X, Potro de Bilbao & Ryan Ryder

Mariska is about to give up on her mystery texter after some time with no contact. She goes to have a drink with her friends and finds the room full of people, including her husband. Liza is being fucked, Amber is there as well. Her husband has a phone that matches her and it getting texts instructing him to put his cock into Liza’s mouth. Amber summons Mariska to the couch next to her. The two start going at it while watching the hot threesome. Amber backs up until all five of them are on the couch together. She still keeps both cocks to herself for a while, happily riding one while sucking the other. Amber and Mariska seem quite content with each other until the guys unload their cream all over the dirty blonde’s tits.



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