Mom’s Tricks

Mom’s Tricks

Movie Type: All Sex
128 Mins
Mommy’s Girl
DIRECTOR: Stills by Alan
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Fauxcest, Stepmothers, Stepdaughters,
STARS: Reagan Foxx, Riley Anne, Cherie De Ville, Eliza Jane, Auymi Anime, Carter Cruise, Erica Lauren, Cory Chase, Piper Perri


Fauxcest meets lesbian porn. Nothing new I guess. Just a progression of the creeping creepy that keeps creeping into every corner of the business. What, you aren’t into watching stepmoms get on with their stepdaughters? But all the cool kids are watching it. Look, if this is your thing then have at it. The set ups do their best to make incest seem fun and cute. The performer are energetic enough I suppose. Some of them are actually really attractive. The opening scene plays off the “on the phone” fantasy as cute young Riley Anne has a hot conversation with her boyfriend with her stepmom doing naughty things to her. Nice twist on an old favorite. The second scene is probably the best. Cherie De Ville plays the step mom who desperately wants to connect and hang out with her stepdaughter and her hot friend. Eliza Jane and Auymi Anime are very cute and make the scene hot, funny and dirty. If you are going to use any VOD minutes on this movie, this is the scene to watch. Carter Cruise and Ericka Lauren go from almost finding out they are related to fucking in five seconds. It’s a big creepy and the most skippable scene of the movie. The finale is good if you like some blackmail with your lesbian fauxcest. Piper Perri gets caught by Cory Chase and has to become stepmom’s little fucktoy. I enjoyed this scene. Piper is cute and Cory is always fun to watch. This will play best for fans of hot lesbian porn who don’t want to feel left out of the fauxcest craze.

Reagan Foxx & Riley Anne

Pretty young Riley Anne is super bored and talking on the phone to her boyfriend. Things get heated and she is rubbing her tight pussy when her stepmom, Reagan Foxx comes home. .She sneaks up on the cute little blonde and watches. Encouraging Riley to keep going, the curvy older woman caresses her tight teen stepdaughter. Riley keeps talking on the phone even as she is trying to protest what her stepmom is doing. Her dirty is folded nicely into the phone sex she is having creating quite a hot little twist. It isn’t right, but she can’t help herself once Regan gets that experienced mouth to work. Moving up Riley’s body, Regan sits on her face and then rubs that pussy back down so they can rub clits for a while. The older/younger dynamic is at play here and Riley is really quite cute.

Cherie De Ville, Eliza Jane & Auymi Anime

Eliza Jane is entertaining her hot girlfriend Auymi Anime. The little cutie is tired of her stepmom, Cherie De Ville always trying to move in on every aspect of her life. On cue, she barges in and hops onto the bed with the two pretty young things. When Cherie steals a kiss, and Eliza lets her own intentions towards Auymi be known. The pretty young girl is caught in the middle and plays up her shock really nicely. The two blondes compete for her affection and eventually just dive in for some serious pussy licking. In the end, Auymi is the winner because she gets some of her pretty young friend and her experienced sexy stepmom. Auymi gets to try a cute redhead named Scarlett. It looks like they are in a strip club or on some hot party buss. The surroundings really don’t matter though because the gorgeous Asian babe gets another first timer to break in. Scarlett reaches into Auymi’s panties and lets her fingers do some exploring. Auymi gets her new friend out of her panties and shows Scarlett what an experienced tongue can do. Having the women fight over her is flattering, but Auymi also takes some time to sample both step pussies. When the bickering is just too much, the pretty young Asian fixes the problem by guiding Cherie’s mouth to her stepdaughter’s pussy. The rest, as they say is history. Cherie and Eliza double up on Auymi’s holes including some serious ass licking. Then the two younger babes enjoy Cherie, riding her face and eating her slit. This is a fun scene with some very enthusiastic sex.

Curler Cruise & Ericka Lauren

Carter Cruise is on the verge of meeting the woman who donated eggs to give her life. OK, that’s some potentially heavy stuff for a porn, but let’s roll with it. She meets with Ericka Lauren to find out if she’s her mom. They sit nervously waiting for the test results and exchange small talk. They find out that they are not actually related and after some initial disappointment they decide to make the most of it. They don’t even bother to leave the waiting room. They get naked quickly and Carter does down on the older woman like she’s been in love for a good long while. Ericka returns the favor, making her younger costar’s eyes roll back in her head. They get into a 69 and show a lot of enthusiasm. This scene isn’t bad, but it isn’t as hot at the others. Unless you are really into Carter Cruise or totally nuts for the older/younger dynamic, this scene is probably the one you can skip in this movie.

Piper Perri & Cory Chase

Petite blonde Piper Perri comes home from school and rushes into the bedroom to talk to her boyfriend. Her stepmom (Cory Chase) comes home and finds condoms in Piper’s backpack. She confronts her stepdaughter about having sex with boys. Piper admits that she is and shocked when Cory mentions sex with other women. In a stunning porn logic movie, Cory threatens to tell Piper’s dad about the condoms if she doesn’t allow her stepmom to show her about sex with other women. Moving slowly, Cory enjoys Piper’s little titties and kisses her unsure stepdaughter. Taking off her bra, Cory gently guides Piper’s mouth to her nipples where the shy young blonde really starts to open up. Moving to the next level, Cory gets down between Piper’s legs and starts lapping. Playing her part perfectly Piper rolls her eyes back in her head as she experiences the unfamiliar sensations of impending climax for the first time. Cory rides Piper’s face and grinds while instructing her to “make your mother cum.” that hits it pretty squarely on the head. They explore each other in 69 with Cory quite comfortably taking the lead at every turn.

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