Ripe 7

Ripe 7

Movie Type: All Sex
140 Mins
Jules Jordan Video
DIRECTOR: Manuel Ferrara
STARS: Adria Rae, Alex Blake, Gianna Dior, Autumn Falls, Manuel Ferrara


Manuel Ferrara gets to work with pretty much whoever he wants. He tries to pick performers who fit each line well. In this case he has girls who aren’t quite all brand new, but qualify as fresh, young and as the title indicates, ripe. Well he hit a home run with this cast. They are pretty, fresh, natural and fucking hot. All four of them. The most established of the bunch is Adria Rae who looks amazing in her tease footage and only gets hotter when she gets to fuck that huge cock. Alex Blake is a petite, fresh-faced cutie who graduates to the big time very quickly. The scene kicks off with some romance and ends with a big facial. The final two scenes really take things to a new level. Autumn Falls is really special. She is stunning to look at with an incredible body. She also turns in the hottest sexual performance of the bunch. Keep an eye out for this woman. I think she is going to be on everyone’s radar very soon. Gianna Dior

Adria Rae & Manuel Ferrara

Dressed in fishnets and little else, Adria Rae teases her way through a nice looking opening. When she is down to just the fishnets, we get some close up shots of her shaved pussy with the fabric slipping between her puffy lips. Interesting shots if that floats your boat. She gets in the shower and washes off her thing body, showing off as she gets ready for fun with Manuel. Getting playful, she crawls over to him with a big smile on her adorable face. What she finds waiting for her is a big fat cock that makes her smile grow even broader. Nice eye contact as she works the shaft and balls. He returns the favor with some aggressive finger play and rapid tongue action. They get into spoon and start fucking at full speed right out of the gate. Nice energy and good chemistry here. Her ride on his cock is rather short because he seems intent on getting his big dick up her tight ass as quickly as possible. That suits her just fine, especially when he puts his hands around her neck. He pulls her on top where she rides for a bit before throwing her legs out wide and just grinding down on his hard dick. This is fantastic looking footage. Manuel finishes her off with hard doggy and then some mish before feeding her a nice big protein shake that she sucks down with a big smile on that pretty face.

Alex Blake & Manuel Ferrara

Petite Alex Blake shows off her little boobies and tight ass in some red lingerie. She also has her bush shaved into a little heart. That must mean this is going to be a sweet, romantic scene. It is definitely that, with a whole lot of intensity. She gets her mouth on his balls and doesn’t seem to want to let go. Great looking head from this pretty young woman as she works on his big dick with her hands, lips, tongue and mouth. He pulls her on top and that fat dick fits quite nicely into her. She is very tight and each new position takes some getting used to. Once she adjust though, Alex takes it well and looks really good showing off her body. I really like watching her ride with those legs spread nice and wide. He gives her a big facial to close things out.

Autumn Falls & Manuel Ferrara

Autumn Falls is a new girl with a fantastic body. She comes out in heels and a little lingerie gets up that shows up every inch of her hot frame. She struts around for a long time during a lengthy tease segment. The camera captures her body and sexy smile. Long tease can feel boring sometimes, but not here. Autumn is stunning and I enjoyed every second. When Manuel gets his chance with her he starts with her incredible boobs, sucking and playing with them. It doesn’t take him long to work down between her parted thighs to get a taste of that sweet pussy. Positioning herself on her knees, Autumn takes his huge cock and works it into her mouth. That beautiful face fills the screen as she delivers a memorable blowjob. She mounts up and starts working her hips while he chokes her. That big cock makes her pussy wetter and Autumn seems to be having a great time. When he flips her over, we see her toes curling as his cock hits home. I like the energy, but when she is riding his dick it is hard not to get lost in just how hot this woman is. He bends her over and fucks her as Autumn looks back with a big smile on her face. They finish up with a big shot on her face. I can’t overstate how beautiful this woman is and how much we should all be watching for her in the future.

Gianna Dior

Gianna Dior comes in for the finale. Autumn is a very tough act to follow, but this cutie has what it takes. Her tease starts on the stairs and features some loving shots of her cute little round ass. Manuel gets a little creative with a mirror during the nicely done tease footage. When he shows up, they kiss and he grabs a handful of firm ass cheek. Moving her to the bed, Manuel spreads her legs and eats that hot little honey pot. He stands beside the bed and feeds her his big cock. Gianna does a really good job of opening wide and taking as much as she possibly can. She gets on top of his cock and shows off her body as she grinds her pussy and up down the full length. The mirror comes into play again as they stand in front of it for some blistering standing sex. Gianna looks great and she responds really well to his big dick. She begs him for a shot on the face and slips off of the bed just in time to catch one. It is another big load that she drains completely before showing if off and swallowing what she can.

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