Take the Condom Off 2

Take the Condom Off 2


Take the Condom Off
Movie Type: All Sex
159 Mins
Porn Fidelity
THEMES: Bareback Sex, Sluts, Romance, Call Girls
STARS: Valentina Nappi, Bridgette B Nickey Huntsman, Alyce Anderson


In addition to having a very clever title that catches the eye and enflames the passions of the audience, this movie is pretty good. In keeping with the trend towards rather hot, artfully shot porn, the folks at Porn Fidelity have done it again. The great cast, skillful lighting and hot sex blend to make a memorable stroke flick. It isn’t always what you would expect and I think that is what makes it stand out. The opening scene is hot, but super odd. Not sure why it stands out as odd to me, but it just is. Bridgette B is a hot, slutty woman who likes pulling trains. We see that in plenty of movies, but this one is edited to make it more story than sex and it fucking works, really, really well. When James Deen gets his turn on t his hot train, he delivers the good. Bridgette abandons the rubber rule and they hook up for a highly energetic fuck. It’s frantic and rough around the edges, but ultimately pretty great. Nickey Huntsmanand Tyler Nixon are a pair of church going young people who are drawn to each other to a tragic degree. The lead up to this scene is rather romantic. The sex is hot, with a lot of guilt thrown in there. It makes for an odd tone, but is rather effective. The aftermath is a little depressing, especially given the nature of the foreplay. Valentina Nappi is the hottest woman in the movie. (To be honest, she almost always is.) She plays a super hot call girl who goes the extra mile after originally turning down the bareback action. Her face and body are absolute perfection and the action is very hot. This is the best scene of the bunch and a must see for Valentina fans. Ryan finishes things off Alyce Anderson. She too is a working girl who goes unprotected for her special client. The bareback fantasy action is strong in this movie and that gives it some added heat. This is another creative and sexy movie from Porn Fidelity with enough action to make it worthwhile all the way around.

Bridgette B & James Deen

In a very will shot opening sequence, Bridgette B is hosting a cock train. She has left a note for guys to use a rubber and then entertains a stream of guys. It’s all soft core, but we get the idea as the guys come and go, leaving sticky condoms all over and putting a smile on Bridgette’s pretty face. James Deen enters the mix, slides a rubber onto his cock and takes her slowly from behind. She likes the way he fucks her and lets him take the condom off. Bridgette even turns around and sucks on his cock, giving great eye contact and showing off her hot sexual energy. They use the small space nicely, fucking hard and in positions that really take advantage of her body and lovely curves. I really like the way they use the mirror and the bathtub. He shoots all over her and the makes her cum all over his hands before returning Bridgette to her little gang bang perch.

Nickey Huntsman & Tyler Nixon

Sweet young Nickey Huntsman is quite the good girl. She does missionary work and makes for her church. Tyler Nixon is more than willing to help in the kitchen. They are playful as they bake and then both pray to be delivered from temptation during the voice over. Tyler gets her on the counter and eats her pussy until she cums. Overwhelmed by guilt, Nickey runs away. She tries to shower to wash off her shame, but Tyler joins her and they finish what they started. She gets down on her knees and starts to expertly suck his hard dick. She is a very pretty girl and clearly unleashing some sexual desires in a very hot way. They fuck in the shower before moving to the bed. The talk fits with the all too innocent set up and will have a strong appeal to people who like that angle. They explore one another in a very innocent way while the camera is picking up some great looking action. Once again the mirror really helps out with this aspect. They finish up with Tyler half pulling out to spray his seed inside and outside of Nickey’s hairy pussy. The guilt ridden aftermath may have some appeal for a specific portion of the audience

Valentina Nappi & Dylan Snow

Sitting in the dark, mysterious Dylan Snow orders gorgeous call girl Valentina Nappi to dance and then to spread her ass for him. Ha has her get a condom from a drawer, put it onto his hard shaft and start sucking. Valentina is one of the most beautiful women in all of porn and she looks great here. When he asks her to take the condom off she informs him that she doesn’t “do that.” Dylan gags her, zip ties her hands and locks her in a closet until she changes her mind. By the time he gets her out, Valentina is ready and quite pleased when Dylan starts eating her pussy He gets behind her and slides his bare cock into her wet pussy and she seems to enjoy every inch The gag stays in as he rolls her over and fucks her in missionary. Valentina’s body is perfect from every angle and when the gag comes out her moans are even sweeter. She goes back to sucking, this time savoring the flavor with nothing in between his cock and her skilled tongue. They finish up with a shot right on her tongue. This scene is beautiful kinky and the hottest of the movie by far

Alyce Anderson & Ryan Madison

Young Alyce Anderson wakes up, brushes her teeth, gets dressed, goes to class, comes home and studies. Yes we watch all of this in what has to be strangest bit of non-voice over tease footage I have seen a while. She is a working girl who has an appointment with Ryan. Starting out with a handjob, Alyce puts the condom on for a blowjob that eventually calls for her removing the condom to get a taste of the real thing The rubber goes back on when she takes a turn riding atop his pole. His cock fills her and she clearly feels every inch. Ryan flips her over which gives us a good shot of the penetration. Alyce is the one who asks him to take the condom off so she can feel him as he continues to work her pussy. There are lots of great close up shots here as she takes all he has. Alyce puts her glasses on for a second round of blowjob fun. She looks very cute with that big dick in her pretty face. Eventually he cums hard and deep inside of her tight young pussy.

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