Punish Me Please 1

Punish Me Please 1


Movie Type: All Sex
123 Mins
Two Thumbs Productions
THEMES: Rough Sex, Outdoor Sex, BDSM, Schoolgirl, Santa Sex
STARS: Sophia Leone, Kylie Quinn, Mia Martinez, Kirsten Lee


This is one of those movies that looks like it’s going to be super rough and push the limits. It kind of is, but doesn’t go as far as the box cover might lead one to believe. That isn’t a bad thing as far as I am concerned. Rough sex movies these day leave me pretty cold as they tend to be joyless and dreary. This movie has an edge and a bit of a BDSM flare, but it stops short of being as bad as some I have reviewed recently. The women in the movie are good looking and very interesting in the kind of rough sex their guys dish out. In fact, the women usually instigate the hard fun and that does tend to soften the harsher elements a bit. Kylie Quinn’s scene takes place outside which gives it a very unique feel. Kristen Lee is super cute and the coed angle is played up well in her scene. Sophia Leone is my favorite girl in the movie. She is gorgeous and this is the hardest action I have ever seen her turn in. Mia Martinez is also very appealing and gets banged by Santa Claus for some extra appeal. This is a good movie if you like rougher sex without the joyless crap that usually comes with it.

Kylie Quinn

Sitting by the pool with her boyfriend, Kylie Quinn suggests they try “that thing” they talked about. The thing in question is to have him tie her up and give her rough sex. To make it even more fun, she wants to do it outside. It doesn’t take much to convince him. He gets some rope, grabs her by the throat and chokes her while she is tied to a tree. Grabbing her by the hair, he fucks her mouth while she strains against the ropes. They make good use of the tree and ropes, keeping Kylie helpless as she fucks her from behind and slaps her any time she disappoints him. Moving to a deck chair, he spreads her legs wide and fucks her pussy with a vengeance. She gets a chance to ride his cock as well, showing off a very nice little ass as she does. They finish with a big facial shot.

Kirsten Lee

Kirsten Lee is horny after class and sucks her man’s cock in the kitchen before she even takes off her backpack. When she isn’t gagging on his cock, the pretty young coed is begging him to fuck her. Her aggressive cock sucking is really hot and long before things turn rough, she is clinging for dear life as he grabs her by the hair. Great head here but she wants even rougher. He throws her on the couch and pushes her panties aside while he fucks her. The choking and finger gagging get stronger as he bangs away. He flips her over and spanks her ass pink while she aggressively pushes back to take his thrusts. While aggressive, this scene is less brutal than some of the others in the movie. As a result I actually find it rather hot. It helps the Kirsten looks pretty fantastic on her knees and also riding reverse cowgirl on a hard dick. He shoots his load on the couch and then helps push her head into position to clean up every last drop.

Sophia Leone

Beautiful Sophia Leone has been thinking about the kinky things her boyfriend told her he saw on the internet. She has decided that it sounds like fun and she wants to be choked and fucked really hard, but she also wants him to tape her mouth shut. They start with choking and she keeps asking him to do it harder. Turning her around he fingers her pussy and slaps her cute little ass. This makes her pant and cream herself immediately. Down on her knees, the pretty girl gets her face fucked until streamers of spit extend from her lips to the head of his dick. The tape goes over her mouth as he fucks her from behind. She looks so damn good and reacts really well to his rough thrusts. There is some slapping and choking, but mostly this is just a great looking high-energy fuck starring a gorgeous woman. They bring the tape back into play again later, but lose it in time for her to moan loudly and then take a big shot of cream all over her pretty face. I really like Sophie and this is about as hard as I ever seen her fucked.

Mia Martinez

Being a Santa is a rough job. Luckily this stressed out Santa, his girl is going to make his holiday a hot hotter. She wants to do the rough sex thing again so he bends her over his knee and starts spanking her. There is a lot of Santa talk as he works his fingers into her. When it comes time to suck his cock, Mia attacks the meat with her hands and mouth while he grabs her by the hair and then slaps her in the face with his cock. When he starts fucking her, he pushes her legs up so her feet are behind her head and holds nothing back. Mia looks really good like this. She’s tight, flexible and hot. She also seems to be loving the full speed banging her man is giving her. She flips over and sticks her ass up high while he wraps his bent around her neck like a leash. He finishes up by choking and fucking her until he shoot his load all over her pretty face.

BONUS: Trailers, Photo Gallery, Bonus Scene (Brittney White)


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