Anal Fuck Dolls 5

Anal Fuck Dolls 5

Movie Type: All Sex
153 Mins
DIRECTOR: James Deen
THEMES: Anal Sex, Rough Sex, Toilet Sex, Women Suffering
STARS: Chanel Preston, Kendra Spade, Whitney Wright, Jillian Janson, James Deen, Steve Holmes, Tommy Pistol


This is another four scene movie featuring rough anal sex that is high-energy and often rather joyless. I know that this kind of action has an audience, but it really kind of makes me scratch my head. Hot energetic sex I get. Hell, that’s what I love about gonzo porn. But some of this stuff looks like punishment and that just isn’t what I’m looking for when I got smut shopping. The opening scene is a good example I’ve always loved watching Chanel Preston. She is beautiful, has a smoking hot body and a great performer. In this scene, she looks like she is being punished from start to finish during an anal fuck over a toilet. Kendra Spade also gets fucked long and hard in the ass. She seems to enjoy being roughed up a bit so there is that at least. Whitney Wright is incredibly beautiful and her scene is the first one that made me want to watch from start to finish. The finale stars one of my favorite performers, Jillian Janson. Her scene with Tommy Pistol is interesting, but is another example of the sext looking more like torment than fun. She is shivering in a cold shower through much of the sex. I don’t know, I just don’t get my rocks off watching women suffer. I know that plenty of people like this kind of action and it is generally well shot. The cast is solid and you may well like it a lot more than I did.

Chanel Preston

Sitting quietly alone Chanel Preston seems pensive. James approaches her, takes out his cock and rubs it on her lips. As it gets hard, he grabs her by the hair and guides her down the shaft until she chokes. She heads to the bathroom, he follows her, rubbing her pussy and bending her over as her blank expression changes to one of fear. His dick goes right up her ass, showing us what she might have been worried about. The whole vibe here is very specific and it’s not really my thing. Chanel pulls it off well and seem distressed as James covers her face with her panties, chokes her and rams his dick up her ass. He cums on her face and she is so upset that she washes it off with water from the toilet bowl. Like I said, a very specific vibe, so if you’re into it, then you will love it.

Kendra Spade & James Deen

Kendra Spade also looks a bit distraught at the start of her scene. But once her phone rings, she smiles and drops her shorts as she heads upstairs. Something good must be coming because she masturbates until her fingers are really wet and then waits in the bedroom for James. The action is as rough as in the first scene with slapping and panty gagging, but Kendra seems pretty jazzed about the whole thing. She is happy on her knees with his thrusting cock filling her mouth, making her gag. He stands her up and shoves her against the wall while she reaches back and spreads her little cheeks. James cock immediately stretches Kendra’s tight butthole while he tugs at her hair. The rough anal is well shots and Kendra does a pretty great job of taking that big dick. James cums on her face and Kendra pulls her lips back to make a mess and show off.

Whitney Wright & Steve Holmes

Whitney Wright is not a great assistant. She can’t seem to get anything right, causing Steve Holmes to wonder why he hired her. Steve drifts off into a little daydream where Whitney is more than worth keeping around. She dances around in lingerie, showing off her fantastic ass. Approaching Steve she shows him some things she is better at than work. She takes his big cock in her mouth and starts sucking. Whitney has a beautiful face and puts it to good use on her boss’ big pole. When he is good and wet Steve starts fucking the pretty brunette. He doesn’t stay in her pussy long though because he wants to fuck that tight asshole. He rolls her over and she obediently sticks her ass in the air to give him easy access. Good hard anal here with a big facial finish.

Jillian Janson & Tommy Pistol

Jillian Janson is shivering in the shower. She looks miserable and things are about to get worse. Tommy Pistol shows up with a belt and makes her beg for punishment. She has to suck his cock which always means great eye candy. They fuck in front of the mirror with more punishment in every stroke of his cock. There are some great shots of her bent over and taking him in the ass while he tugs on her hair. They are in and out of the shower, using the water to punish her as well as the sex. This is another scene that is utterly joyless and leaves me cold despite Jillian being one of the hottest women in the business. I get that it’s rough sex with some BDSM elements, but it ends up looking more like domestic violence than fetish sex. He ends up cumming in her mouth and as always Jillian looks fantastic sucking down every drop. This one just didn’t work for me, but you may have different results.

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