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Chester Writes
Hey Rog, I checked out your top 20 list and was wondering if you had heard from any of the babes on the list? Any new pictures to celebrate?
Rog Replies: Chester,
So far, I have heard from only two women on the list. Calli Cox and Flower both sent me nice emails. They did not seem like they were for publication, so I didn’t put them up. No word from any of the others and no new pictures yet. (Anyone on the list who has Rog Rules shirts…..come on. Anyone who doesn’t, I finally got the new shipment in.)
URIK8 Writes Rog, what is wrong with your list? Why no Vivid Girls? Why are the European Goddesses so low on the list? Are you losing it?
Rog Replies: I may be losing it, but those girls end up lower on the list because I don’t see their work. Vivid hasn’t worked with me in over a year so I’ve seen only a handful of their flicks. Private stopped sending DVDs, so I don’t see many of the Euro Girls. Granted, Jodie Moore got overlooked big time. Ironically, there are certain directors who have blocked screeners, making it tough for them to even get nominated come award time, even for the fan voting. That’s just the way some people do it I guess.

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