Bad Wives (2018)

Bad Wives

Movie Type: All Sex
87 Mins
DIRECTOR: Adam Christopher
THEMES: Classic Porn, Public Sex
STARS: Alura Jenson, Edyn Blair, Sailor Luna, Norah Nova, Fallon West, Adam Christopher, Brad Newman, Brock Doom, Indiana Bones, Jimmy Broadway, Eddie Wood, Betty Black, Joe Filippone.


Adam Christopher has a very strong sense of XXX history. His work often features nods to classic porn from the past. This movie is a remake and a bit of a re-imagining of the classic Paul Thomas film. Taking on this movie is no small feat. Christopher does it with a fraction of the budget and minus the star power that PT had. Instead he has to find ways to shoot with what he has and find eroticism in storytelling and believable performances. Eden Blair and Alura Jenson play the title characters. They are both facing serious issues. Alura is unhappy about turning 40 and painfully aware that her second husband is banging her daughter. She also has developed a serious drinking problem. Eden Blair is in an abusive relationship with a husband who is too busy banging secretaries at work to give her the attention she needs. They meet a mysteries bartender (Christopher) who tries to help them see ways out of their troubled lives. Along the way, we get some interesting sexual pairings. Some of the scenes are a little confused and choppy. There are some lighting and focus issues as well. Some of the scenes shift in and out of focus while others are nearly flawless. Though it is rough around the edges, this is an admirable effort and a tribute to one of the better adult features ever made. I like the what Christopher is going for here and while this Bad Wives is not perfect, it’s still pretty fun to watch.

Fallon West & Brock Doom

Sexual tension runs high at the office and it is too much for Fallon West and Brock Doom. She quickly gets naked and on all fours on the desk where she can get started on his dick. Sailor makes a lot of noise with a cock in her mouth as she gets him ready. Brock flips her over and slams into her hard enough to hear his body slap against her thighs. Nice shots of her bent over the desk which sets him up for a cumshot on her ass. At least I think so, we really don’t see it.

Alura Jensen & Adam Christopher

One of the title characters (Alura Jensen) has a serious drinking problem. She gets good and loaded at the bar and then lets bartender Adam Christopher get between her thick parted thighs. It’s just a taste though because we have to see just how bad things are at home for Alura and her friend Eden Blair who is married to Brock.

Edyn Blair & Norah Nova and Adam Christopher

Things are bad for Edyn at home, but her husband isn’t the only one getting some on the side. Eden has some girl on girl fun with petite barfly Norah Nova. Edyn puts her up on the bar where she is naked save for her tennis shoes. The pussy eating is a nice warm up, but she also spreads her thick thighs for the bartender who puts a big ole smile on her cheating face. Norah also gets in on the fun, happily bouncing on his cock when she isn’t pleasing Edyn. Nice ass shots of Edyn riding the dick before the girls get down and share a facial blast.

Alura Jenson & Brad Newman

Alura does her best to show that turning 40 doesn’t mean you can’t get some dick. Well she and Sailor Luna (Alura’s daughter, Brad’s step daughter) actually share the scene with Brad Newman. They swap back and forth in a fantasy scene that has as much lighting trouble as sexual heat. The big facial for Fallon at the end is pretty impressive.

Alura Jenson, Indian Bones & Jimmy Broadway

Alura drunkenly stumbles out of the bar and down an alley. She is accosted by Indiana and Jimmy who are not willing to take no for an answer. Saving us some cringe, Alura sobers up and lets them know that they don’t need to force their way into a threesome when she is so willing to do them for fun. Taking out her massive tits, she squats and starts sucking their cocks. She bends over and lets those knockers slap together while she gets fucked at one end and sucks at the other. She gets on top of Jimmy and rides him, making sure she lets the guys know who is charge of the show. They both end up shooting on her face before she sends them on their way.

Eden Blair, Alura Jenson & Adam Christopher

Things get very intense during a long dialog scene with the two bad wives, Adam and three bound hostages. Eden and Alura air their grievances and seem on the verge of something truly horrific. Taking some time out for fun, the two wives share the stranger’s cock. They take turns sucking and trash talking their loved ones before Alura gets on the table to let her friend eat her while Adam bangs Eden from behind.

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