Liquid Sex: Classic Water Based

Name: Liquid Sex Personal Lubricant: Classic Water Based

Manufactured By: Topco Sales

Liquid Sex Personal Lubricant

Type of Toy: Lube

Price: $7.44 at

Bottom Line: Good Lube

Size: N/A.

Material: Water Based Lube

Best For: Fun Alone, With Toys or a Partner


Since I just finished reviewing the Joanna Angel Cyberskin Ass toy and made a big deal about he amount of lube it requires I thought I might review a really good lube.

The classic water based Liquid Sex lube is just your basic garden variety sexual aid. It isn’t scented or favored. It doesn’t make your dick tingle or numb the head to make you last longer. It isn’t made from hemp and it boasts of no magical powers as an aphrodisiac. It’s just a good old fashioned lube that gets the job done.

It comes in a 4 oz bottle that is designed to make it easy to hold. Very convenient for on the go pit stops where some extra lube is required. (As Mrs. Rog has pointed out, round bottles in these situations are truly horrible.) The lube comes out of the bottle at a good rate as well. One shouldn’t have to squeeze too hard, but you also don’t want to be flooded unexpectedly by a bottle top that is too generous. Good design on the bottle makes it easy to use.

Liquid Sex is slightly thicker than baby oil and creates a nice smooth feeling from the start. It isn’t too watery, but also is not so thick that it is tough to apply on those difficult to penetrate toys. (Or orifices) It lasts for quite a while which is nice. All lubes eventually get that slightly sticky thing going after a while, but Liquid Sex holds out nicely. It really seems to last with toys which is nice since you don’t have to keep pouring it on.

Since it is water based, Liquid Sex Classic doesn’t stain so if you get too much you can wipe it on the sheet or your shirt, or in your partner’s hair though I couldn’t recommend that one unless you want to get punched in the nuts. It also cleans up easily. Just a little warm water and soap and your hand, partner or toy (Or all three) will be good as new.

Weaknesses: None.

Batteries Needed: None

Clean Up: Soap & Water

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