Amateurs Wanted 7

Amateurs Wanted 7

Movie Type: All Sex
223 Mins
Net Video Girls
THEMES: Auditions, Amateurs, POV, Split Screen
STARS: Cindy, Jess, Jill Kassidy, Lilly,


We have seen these calendar shoot casting videos for nearly two decades. It is a formula that clearly works. Women show up looking to do some calendar work. They are talked out of their clothes and into POV sex. By design they often are slow to get into the action. Sometimes they look downright bored or upset to be there. That seems to be the point and it gives us the idea that we are watching real girls just trying to get a job. The sex scenes feature lots of POV footage and some split screen shots as well. With cute, fresh talent and the clearly appealing hook, this movie gets by even with long, too-loosely edited sex scenes. Jill Kassidy is the best looking woman in the cast. She also is the best performer and gives the best scene. The movie works for fans of the site and who like the blind audition, tricked model aspects.


Pretty young Cindy shows up for the calendar shoot and presents her ID. This fresh faced eighteen year old seems a little shy, but wants to model. He talks her out of her dress and talks to her while she sits shyly in her bra and panties. It takes a while, but she eventually sits naked with her legs spread and her fingers playing with her pussy while she talks about sex. When they let her see that there is a purple dildo on set Cindy is talked into using it on herself. All worked up Cindy agrees to play along and gets on her knees to suck some cock. Cindy likes to be told what to do and sucks dick tentatively. She is shy, but that is a big part of the charm here. She holds a camera while he goes down on her and then starts fucking her shaved pussy. Turning her over, he takes her from behind. The split screen offers two nice views of the action. They finish with a facial. Cindy is cute and shy and carries that through the whole scene.


Orange county babe Jess impresses the producers so much that they want to get right into the shoot. They talk her out of her sweater and are pleased with what they see underneath. After showing off her body, Jess has to talk to the camera to show that she is OK with some racy content. She uses that dildo on her tight little pussy. Getting bolder she agrees to suck some dick and get her mouth around a long hard pole. While not exactly overflowing with enthusiasm, Jess is rather cute. She rides his cock with same flat lack of energy she showed while sucking it. The split screen shows off her body all right, but it really kind of drags until the facial finish.

Jill Kassidy

Jill Kassidy is a little sketched out when she is greeted at the door by a dude with a camera. They calm her down and get some basic interview stuff out of the way. Jill looks really good. Even here where she is kind of dressed down for the amateur look she is just stunning. When she gets naked and those pretty legs spread wide, wow, it’s a sight to behold. No longer quite as shy she gets on her knees and starts teasing his cock with her lips and tongue. Jill is the prettiest woman in this video and her scene is stronger because of her great girl next door looks. The POV shots from overhead show off her nice natural chest and that lovely smiling face. The doggy shots are really good as well because Jill has a wonderfully shaped ass. She also shows good energy and enthusiasm which really helps out a lot. She goes back to sucking and takes a load on her face.


Last up is Lilly who is also worried about the camera, but quickly chills when presented with the change to be in the calendar. She has shown up in a hot little set of shorts and a revealing top. Getting her into her underwear, the interview gets more intimate. Lilly looks good naked, especially her bouncy natural breasts. She spreads her legs and gently uses the toy to get her juices flowing. Dropping to her knees, she starts slowly sucking on his cock. Nice eye contact here, but not a lot of energy. She’s cute and that has some built in appeal of course. When she is in doggy, she pushes back slightly, but the moans and talk seem canned which makes it less fun to watch and causes the run time to drag considerably. Things do not improve when she gets on top. Yes, she looks good, but she rides his dick the way one imagine a bored trophy wife might on a “you didn’t buy me anything, but Christmas is coming up” date night. Back on her knees, she goes through the motions of stroking him to a big facial. Lilly is cute, but this scene just felt long, flat and instantly forgettable.

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