Joanna Angel’s Tight Cyberskin Ass Stroker


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Name: Joanna Angel’s Tight Cyberskin Ass Stroker

Manufactured By: Topco Sales

Joanna Angel Tight Ass Stroker

Type of Toy: Cyberskin Anal Stroker

Price: $25.56 at

Bottom Line: Tight as a Frog’s Ass

Size: Approximately 5.5″ deep.

Material: Cyberskin

Best For: Tight Stroking


This stroker from Topco and Burning Angel is supposed to be Joanna Angel’s ass. I don’t know if this is a replica or not, but it’s a damn tight fit and a mighty fine toy. It is made of Cyberskin material so it is soft, smooth and rather squishy.

The first thing I noticed about this toy is that it isn’t very deep, In fact it was only a little deeper than my hand is wide so it fit easily into my palm. The second thing I noticed was that the butthole was so tight and tiny that I wasn’t entirely sure it was even there at first. Needless to say this is a toy that requires a considerable amount of lube to even get things started.

Once you get some lube on the thing though, it opens up really well and the soft, thick build of the toy makes for a smooth insertion. For as tight as it is, Joanna’s ass actually opens up and makes some nice comfortable strokes. Just like the real thing, I’m sure. Inside the stroker, the walls are ribbed (this time for HIS pleasure) and offer a nice texture. The whole thing fits nicely into the palm and you can easily squeeze as much or as little as you like to increase the experience. It is a snug fit like an ass should be and very comfortable both inside and out.

The length was a bit of an issue. It is great for 4-5 inch strokes, but much longer than that and you risk popping out the other side. (Which can be rather unpleasant if you go too fast and get the head hung up.) Just don’t go trying to bury yourself too far into Joanna’s ass or you might get hurt. The other issue with the length is that the opening at the back is pretty big and if you aren’t careful you will end up a mess on your hands. (Or keyboard or TV or bedspread depending on where you’re enjoying the toy.)

Clean up is pretty easy. Warm water through the big hole and you’re all set. In this regard it’s even better than the real thing. Much less of a mess to worry about. It is Cyberskin and they have some specific storage instructions to keep your toy soft and fresh for years so follow those.

Overall this is a really solid stroker for those who want a really tight fit. It has a great texture inside and out, is easy to handle, fits really snugly and definitely won’t disappoint.

It’s probably not quite as good as actually fucking Joanna Angel in the ass, but for 25 bucks it is an affordable and attainable alternative.

Weaknesses: None.

Batteries Needed: None

Clean Up: Easy to clean with warm water and toy cleaner. For longer life, use Renew on the toy after each use.

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