Vixen After Dark

Vixen After Dark
Vixen After Dark

Movie Type:
225 Mins
DIRECTOR: Kayden Kross
THEMES: Eye Candy, Anal Sex, Orgy, Sex in Water,
STARS: Tori Black, Adrian Chechik, Janice Griffith, Ivy Wolfe, Jessa Rhodes, Abella Danger, Vicki Chase, Ana Foxxx, Mia Malkova, Kira Noir, Angela White


We can always tell when it is awards time. Porn breaks out their best projects. Vixen’s entry is a feature flick directed by Kayden Kross and starring Tori Black. Yeah, that’s a pretty great start. The result is what you would expect, a stunning piece of eye candy with intense sexual heat. The double disc set bring us a loose story of high finance, high gloss and hot sex. Tori is stunning as the lead and handles her dialog with confidence and supreme sexuality. She’s at the top of her game in this movie folks. And she’s not alone. The rest of the cast also turns in fine performances. Of course a lot of the star power comes from the movie’s finale. More on that later. Tori carries the movie until that finale. She opens the movie by taking Juan in her office. The scene is beautifully shot and very energetic. I love the way they use the space in this scene. It adds a lot of head to an already blistering pairing. Tori shares the spotlight with Adrian Chechik in a three-way with Jonny Sins. Again, the set comes into play as they fuck on a piano, using the furniture to perfection to create something as beautiful as it is hot. Tori watches as Ivy Wolfe and Janice Griffith have smoking lesbian sex in a pool. Hitting on the same theme, the location and camerawork are exquisite. We get one more Tori scene as she teams with Marcus Dupree for some white-hot anal action. Instead of praising the set or the art design (which is outstanding) and just give tons of props to Tori and Markus for an anal scene that will be mentioned often come awards season. It is he sexual highlight of a great movie. The finale is also going to be talked about because it may be the single biggest collection of female talent since those old Digital Playground feature-capping orgies. Tori, Angela White, Vicki Chase, Mia Malkova, Ana Foxxx and so many more women add their beauty and talent to an X-rated nod to the Last Supper. This is the kind of big event scene that is going to earn some hardware. That should be the case for the movie as a whole, Kayden Kross as director, Tori Black for her performance and her anal scene and any technical awards you can come up with. After Dark is a stunning effort from start to finish that is gorgeous to look at, fun to watch and filled with sexual energy.

Tori Black & Juan Lucho

Gorgeous Tori Black is a woman in a power position who is used to getting what she wants. When Juan walks into her office, Tori makes it clear that she wants him. She is naked before he is and they start passionately kissing on a couch in front of a huge window overlooking the city. He goes down on her, making sure to pay attention to her asshole. Moments later Tori’s leg is on his shoulder and his cock is balls deep in that spectacular pussy. Tori gets on top and her cute ass gets slapped while she rides up and down. The backdrop is stunning, adding the overall heat and eye candy of a scene that already features Tori and her fantastic body. Right in the middle of the action, she stops to suck his cock. It is a brief but intense blowjob that serves a break before they stand and go at it some more. Tori’s legs look amazing and when he takes her from behind standing by the window, she fucks back hard enough to make this a very high-impact romp. Juan flips her over and fucks Tori in mish for a long time until she is ready to shoot a load all over her pretty face. Perfectly shot finish to a white hot scene. (That started with bright sunlight and finishes in darkness for those keeping score).

Tori Black, Adrian Chechik & Johnny Sins

After holding her own in a high stakes game of poker, Tori peels off with eye candy Adrian Chechik while Johnny Sins watches. The two beautiful brunettes kiss and tease as Tori works her way down Adriana’s body for a taste of her sweet treat. Johnny makes his way over and gives Tori a lick. They are all on top of a piano and every once in a while a stray hand or foot will hit a key. Just a small touch, but it adds a nice layer of real world heat to the action. Adriana bends over the top of the piano so Johnny can eat her while Tori sucks and strokes his big hard dick. Tori aggressively pushes Adriana back on the piano and buries her face in pussy while directing Johnny to take her from behind. Staying in charge of the action even with Adriana is being fucked, Tori dishes out orders and wants to see her cum all over Johnny’s big dick. The dirty talk in this scene is almost as good as the eye candy and that is saying a lot. Both women get plenty messy when they share a double blowjob late in the action. The sexual acrobatics really stands out in this scene and it looks fantastic from start to finish. As they bring it home Johnny is banging Adriana with Tori right there waiting, licking and smiling until that cum shoots into Adriana’s pussy. Tori licks it up and the two beautiful women share a sloppy kiss.

Ivy Wolfe & Janice Griffith
Ivy Wolfe and Janice Griffith go swimming late at night in a gorgeous pool. They aren’t supposed to be there, but neither is Tori who watches them from a balcony as they get playful, frisky and finally downright naughty. I love the way this scene is lit and the way that Kayden Kross uses the water to enhance the eroticism of the scene. Janice swims over and drives Ivy to screaming fits of passion in no time. The lighting of the action is exquisite here. I know we are supposed to be paying attention to a pair of lovely young women engaged in hot lesbian sex, but I can’t get over how gorgeous the pool lighting is. Moving away from the water, they keep it up near a fire pit. Ivy started out as the passive partner, but she really goes after Janice once they get warmed up. That only elicits an equal response from the thin little burette who uses her fingers to make sure Ivy feels every second of their encounter.

Tori Black & Markus Dupree

Tori comes home to find Markus Sleeping. She gets naked and starts to ride him. He protests because he has work in the morning, but she has an offer he can’t refuse. Her ass needs to be fucked and he is the man for the job. That wakes him up a bit. Since she is on top, he just slips into her ass and pounds up into her tight backdoor. He flips her over and pushes her feet behind her head to eat her for a bit before going right back inside of her. The anal action is intense and makes Tori squirt repeatedly. She finally stops to give him head halfway through the action. Dropping her head deep between his legs, she peeks her pretty eyes over his balls while her tongue does some serious exploring. He stands up and enjoys her mouth, fucking her with deep strokes and sliding between her lovely lips. Standing up by the fire, they fuck harder this time, with Tori showing off those amazing legs. They move outside to the patio which is just a fantastic change of scenery and gives us some stunning RCA as Tori brings thing home like the true superstar she is. She flails her legs, flexes her toes and grinds her ass on every inch of his dick. Markus finishes her off with a quick fuck on the edge of the balcony and then a massive load on her beautiful face. I know there is one more scene left, but this is a perfectly hot climactic scene from one of the best performers the business has ever seen. Hats off to Tori Black.

Tori Black, Abella Danger, Ana Foxxx, Angela White, Jessa Rhodes, Kira Noir, Mia Malkova, Vicki Chase, Alex Jones, Bambino, Mick Blue, Ricky Johnson, Ryan Driller

This scene is going to be talked about quite a bit at awards time. Though I stand by the idea that the pervious Tori romp was perfect, this scene has all the scope, star power and potential to spark discussion. Basically it’s the Last Supper with more than a dozen pornstars fucking, sucking, moaning and cumming along a lengthy table. There are so many beautiful women here that the action is beautiful no matter where the camera is pointing. Tori kind of works her way through the scene, stopping to enjoy. There are some great shots of Ana Foxxx getting fucked by Mick Blue and then sucked clean by Abella Danger when Ana moves to eat Tori. Kira Noir and Ricky Johnson spend a long time together and seem to have really good chemistry. This is a wildly ambitious scene with lots of fun stuff to watch. Kira Nori gets a cream pie and then slides over to lick cum off of Mia Malkova’s ass. With so many amazing female performers, there is eye candy and sexual energy everywhere you look. One especially hot moment features Angela White and Vicki Chase grinding pussies together. That is some might hot star power there.

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