Crazy Asian GF’s 7

Crazy Asian GF’s 7
Movie Type: All Sex
205 Mins
Reality Kings
THEMES: POV, Asian Girls, Homemade Sex,
STARS: Drea Diamond, Lucy Lei, Tala Basi, Akemi Rose, Maya Mona, Aoki Kalani


This movie is pretty simple and hits the same notes over and over. From the title you can guess most of it. It features six very cute girls who all happen to be Asian. The GF part comes from the intimate relationships they have with the POV studs they fuck. Each scene features a dude filming his girl (Who happens to be Asian if you missed that) and the fun that ensues. The girls usually resist at first which actually kind of makes it feel more realistic. The POV action is pretty good though after three hours some of the shots feel a bit stale. Maybe tighter editing or more variety could help. Then again, if you like what they are shooting, why not see the same thing several times? All of the girls are attractive and they are fresh enough to be new to just about everyone. It would be tough to pick a favorite in this movie because the girls are so similar. I really like Lucy Lei though. If you like POV action with fresh, pretty Asian girls, this will suit your needs just fine.

Drea Diamond

It is laundry day and all Drea Diamond wants to do is get through a few loads before the day is through. Her guy has a camera and a big of an obsession with her ass. We all know where this is going. He follows her to the bedroom where she does a little booty shaking in tight cutoffs. This is fun and cute tease as Drea gets into bed and sheds her clothes slowly. When she is naked, her man gets in behind her and eats her pussy. Still holding the camera, he gets in close while his free hand is busy fingering her tight wet pussy. She takes the camera for a bit to offer a different view of his licking and slurping. He holds the camera for some sexy POV BJ footage. Drea talks lovingly to him about his cock while she licks and sucks it. Climbing on top of him, she pushes her ass back as he holds the camera as still as he can. He flips her over and we lose the POV but the camera is nice and steady as he slams into her hard enough for their slapping bodies to echo. He shoots a big load all over her face at the end.

Lucy Lei

Dressed in a sexy schoolgirl outfit, Lucy Lei is taking selfies while she waits for a ride to school. Her boyfriend is not in the mood to give her a ride and wants a quickie. They argue back and forth for entirely too long before she agrees. Looking up and asking him to be quick she starts sucking his cock. The eye contact is fantastic here and I hate that the BJ ends so quickly. He stands up behind her and fucks her, lifting her skirt for a little bit of apparel appeal. Now that they are warmed up, Lucy seems to have forgotten how late she is. She sucks his dick and playfully removes her top before getting back for another ride. Lucy is really quite cute, especially when she is connecting with the camera. There are some shots of her in mish with her legs spread really wide that also look pretty good though the shaky camera makes them a little less hot than they might be. He finishes by pulling out and shooting all over her. This girl is really cute and the sort of fresh faced talent we hope for from this series.

Tala Basi

When Tala Basi wants some privacy to take a shower, her boyfriend insists on bringing the camera into the bathroom. She wonders what he is going to do with the camera, but warms quickly to his touch. He licks her nipples for a few seconds and she is staring right into the camera like a pro as her mouth works the head of his cock like a ball washer on the tenth tee. Standing up she turns around and takes his dick into her pussy. The angle is limited and she turns around pretty quickly to suck him again. This is better footage anyway and that cute grin on her face is worth checking out. There is some nice footage of her shaved pussy as she drives her crazy with his fingers on her clit. After some good looking doggy, she pins around and takes a load on her tongue and pretty face. Cute girl who knows how to make her guy happy.

Akemi Rose

Blonde cutie Akemi Rose is looking through her close with her boyfriend and commenting on what a mess it is. She also finds some panties that are not hers. The camera is focusing on her cute ass though and in those tight cut offs, it is quite a sight. The talks her to the bed very easily where she sheds her clothes and start rubbing her wet meaty pussy. She gets on her knees for some sexy POV shots of the little Asian girlfriend with both hands wrapped around her man’s dick. Akemi has fun with his big dick before turning around the take him from behind. Her ass looks as good naked as it did in her tiny shorts and we get plenty of doggy POV footage to enjoy it. When she gets on top we also get to admire her perky boobs and smiling face. He finishes off on that face, shooting all over her and watching as she licks some of it from her fingers.

Maya Mona

Maya Mona is trying to get dressed. She is in some hot black lingerie and looking for the rest of her outfit. If she is upset with her man for filming her and giving her zero support, she doesn’t let that stop her from going over to him and sucking his cock to instant stiffness. Nice eye contact here. This girl has one of the best bodies in the movie and it shows when she bends over to let him her from behind. This is the kind of girl who makes me want to see more from less limited angles, but the personal style is still a lot of fun. We go to see a big more when he is on top and she guides his dick in before he makes her perky boobs jiggle with his solid strokes. She finishes him off with a long BJ that earns her a big load that she rubs into her chest as she smiles at him.

Aoki Kalani

Last up is busty gamer Aoki Kalani. She is looking to catch some new monsters on her phone. We follow her around her apartment a bit with a nice view of her thick thighs and juicy buns in tight shorts. Her boyfriend comes home and finds the whole thing silly. He would much rather catch her on camera getting into some naughty fun. She does not object, losing her top and then kneeling to take his cock right into her hungry mouth. His dick is pretty huge and she strokes the thick shaft like she loves every inch. Aoki has really nice lips and gives very energetic head. He turns her around and holds still while she pushes her nicely shaped ass back to take his cock in. Flipping over, she rides and again the camera focuses mostly on her backside. She gets back on her knees and waits for him to jerk his big load all over her face. What a good girlfriend she is.

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