Cheer Squad Sleepovers 28

Cheer Squad Sleepovers 28

Movie Type: All Girl
164 Mins
Girlfriends Films
THEMES: Cheerleaders, Lesbian Sex, Tribbing, Young Girls
STARS: Jade Nile, Maya Bijou, Nova Cane, Natalie Brooks,


Girlfriends Films keeps riding this successful cheerleader line and they continue to be super fun to watch. This one is a little different from most of the others though. It features four girls who are all on the cheer squad. The other movies usually feature older authority figures having fun some of the girls on the squad. That changes the dynamic quite a bit so you may want to adjust your expectations accordingly. Frankly I like the idea of the squad getting a whole move to themselves, but that’s just me. There is a bit more uniform play in this movie as a result of the cash. They still find ways to get the girls into street clothes though. With a cast of four girls and four scenes, the match ups are pretty simple. Two girls pair up, the other two hook up as well. Then for round two, everyone just swaps and we get a nice little four girl round robin. All four women are pretty cute and they all perform well in their scenes. If you like sexy young cheerleaders being playful with each other then the additional footage will work for you. If you like hot lesbian sex, then you know that you are in the right place. Very solid addition to one of my favorite all-girl lines.

Jade Mile & Maya Bijou

After their cheerleader sleepover has given us several minutes of fun tease, Jade Nile and Maya Bijou decide to step out for a romantic first date. They end up in a bar all dressed up and sharing a glass of wine. They share their coming out stories in a place that is just deserted enough for them to say whatever they want. Back at home the fully clothed kissing starts. Taking their time getting naked, the young cheerleaders explore their natural breasts and slim hips. By the time Jade starts eating Maya, they are both fully in the mood and ready to make it great. When she returns the favor, Maya makes her teammates eyes roll back in her head. That’s some serious tongue action my friends. They grind on teach other next, giving us a chance to admire their bodies. They finish up side by side with some finger play to end the night.

Natalie Brooks & Nova Cane

Waking up to find their teammates naked and in bed makes Natalie Brooks and Nova Cane more than a little horny. They have some fun with markers before hitting the sheets for some sexy making out and boob play. It takes a good few minutes for the panties to come off, but when they do, both young women attack their oral sex duties with vigor. The 69 is quite effective, very loud and super easy to look at. This scene is a little more playful than the last one and it fits the little set up we got beforehand quite nicely. They spread their firm legs and grind clits while smiling and moaning playfully. Very nice eye candy and I love the playful energy on display.

Natalie Brooks & Maya Bijou

The next morning, Natalie and Maya get up early to work out. As luck would have it, they both like to work out topless. This makes for some interesting tease as the girls work up a sweat and talk before they inevitably take things to the next level. This serves as a warm-up for a later scene.

Jade Nile & Nova Cane

While the workout is going on in the another room, Jade and Nova decide that switching it up would be a good idea. Fast forward to another get together with all four girls in their uniforms. They start with a few sexual dares and eventually just pair off for full on lesbian sex. I like watching them make out in their uniform and slowly explore one another. Even when the panties come off, the girls keep their skirts and tops on for some sexy make out footage and under the skirt finger play. Once they get fully naked, it is all about the serious pussy licking. This was my favorite scene of the movie. Just enough uniform play to go along with the hot sex.

Natalie Brooks & Maya Bijou

Finally getting to finish what they started, Natalie and Maya go into the bedroom and kiss while in full uniform. They look really cute still dressed. The kissing and touching is definitely fantastic. The uniforms come off quicker in this scene and that may work well for some people. No complaints about the oral sex that follows as both girls lick and finger like they are having a blast. Maya has a very cute little ass that is on display nicely. She also keeps her feet up in the air for a long time as Natalie works her magic between those young thighs. They finish up grinding pussies and kissing as they cum face to face. It looks like the squad it tighter than ever after this sleepover.

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