Chloe Amour & Johnny Sins in Fast Times Fantasy for

Chloe Amour & Johnny Sins in Fast Times Fantasy for
30 Mins
THEMES: Bikinis, Big Cocks, Petite Girls, Facial
STARS: Chloe Amour & Johnny Sins


Remaking one of the most famous fantasy scenes in Hollywood history is pretty bold. But it’s also a natural fit. After all, Phoebe Cates losing her top to the Cars’ Moving in Stereo is so universally strokeable that it almost doesn’t need a porn version. I say almost because any excuse to see Chloe Amour acting out any fantasy is good in my book. Here she enjoys some rays with her best friend while they talk about dick size. Instead of an awkward Judge Reinhold going inside to spank it to Phoebe/Chloe, we get chiseled stud Johnny Sins doing the same. They do a nice job of recreating the misty spray on Chloe’s body as she gets out of the pool. Instead of catching him jerking off, Chloe takes time getting on her knees and taking his big cock out of his pants. Great POV shots here as she sucks it between her bright red lips and tells him how much she always wanted him. Her pretty face and sloppy blowjob are incredibly sexy here. The dirty talk ramps up and makes the scene super fucking hot. Chloe takes off her bikini bottoms and lowers herself onto his dick. The action goes into slow motion so we can really savor the sight.

Just like in the movie Chloe gets water in her ear and has to go inside. One look at his cock and she is on her knees. It is bigger than her boyfriends and so long as he promises not to tell his sister, Chloe is going to suck that huge thing. Even though we already saw her sucking his dick outside, I’m all for watching Chloe on her knees some more. Wow, she’s pretty and really good with her mouth. He flips her over and eats her asshole. I love that she still has her bikini bottoms on and just pushes them to the side when she squats over his cock and starts riding. I love the close up shots that show her tight little hole. Chloe is making all of our fantasies come true and Johnny is doing a pretty good of rocking her world. Chloe gets down on her knees for a super hot POV facial finish.

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