Sabrina Casarova Cast in Dennis Black Magic vs. Belgium


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Sabrina Casarova Cast in Dennis Black Magic vs. Belgium

Sabrina to Play Cindy Stoop in Blockbuster

This movie is already getting a ton of buzz. Check out the Interview with Leona Queen I did over the weekend. She talks about the movie and plenty of other things.

From the Press Release:

Sabina Casarova (Czech Republic) as “Cindy Stoop” in the movie: “Dennis Black Magic vs. Belgium”

Dream Entertainment Ltd. is announcing the official news that Sabina Casarova is playing the part from celebrity Cindy Stoop in the movie: “Dennis Black Magic vs. Belgium”.
Dennis’ new book “Porn! is an illusion” keeps getting attention.
Just a few weeks ago, word got out that Cindy Stoop, the redheaded singer of the girl-trio Seduced and known from the TV show Temptation Island, gave Dennis a blowjob, getting 500 euro in return.
The singer denies everything, but Black Magic is clear: “There is no need to lie, I’ve got proof, everything is on the security tape.” states the porn-king on the celebrity site:
Quote from the book: “During the conversation, she told me she had a loose relationship with one of the CEOs of Nokia Belgium, no real relationship she said, but she slept with him and he gave her some pocket money, clothes and other gifts. He was her “Sugar Daddy.”
Why did she tell me this? What was her intent? I asked her if she would blow me for 500 euro, just to make a joke. At first she laughed, but then she looked at me seriously and answered positively. I hesitated but I did it. She gave me the blowjob, right there in my office.
I did just meet her 20 minutes earlier.” This quote can be found in the book of Dennis Black Magic, but of witch of the Seduced girls is he talking?
It was Reshum, Cindy’s colleague in Seduced, who brought the story out in the open. She is furious about the fact that also her name is been put in a bad perspective even thou, she has noting to do with the whole thing.
She attacked Dennis Burkas on a social network site claiming that her reputation is ruined due to Mr. Burkas. It was Cindy, her friend and colleague that got paid 500 euro for the blowjob and not Reshum.
For Dennis Black Magic it is crystal clear: name and reputation are more important than friends in showbiz.

Dennis Black Magic comments >>
Sabina Casarova is the perfect match to play Cindy Stoop in the movie. Her looks and for sure her professional mind in acting will make it for me easy to direct this scene.
When I met Sabina Casarova this week during the casting, she was able to tell me that she was following the press about this well know blowjob “scandal”, meaning that she is taking things seriously.
To have her in the movie gives me a good feeling and I am sure this scenes will be filmed exact on tape as it was in real.
I will continue the coming weeks further with the rest of the castings for the parts of: Tania Dexters, Eva Pauwels and Valerie de Booser.
This extra scene, what is not in the book, goes about Valerie de Booser (wife from Koen Wouters), and is based on the period 2001, what took place in the well known disco “The Zillion” on a Saturday night during the VIP hours.
Oldrich Widman comments >>
I am proud that Sabina Casarova who I know very well as one of the top quality professional adult performer will join our team in upcoming project.
Sabina Casarova comments >>
I have been living a schizophrenic life since I had quit the adult industry some years ago.
Trying to find myself in more “decent” projects, I kind of missed the fun times, and being judged by hypocrites every day and knowing it will never end.
When director Dennis Black Magic told me about his book and a movie in cooperation with producer Oldrich Widman, I did not hesitate to join them.
I truly respect both of these guys as they call things by their real names. For me reality has always been much more interesting and exciting than any kind of illusion. So let’s do something real for change.
By reading all the press and media articles from Cindy Stoop and Dennis’ his book, I said to keep it in the concept that I will do this scene also for 500 euro.

About the book: Black Magic vs. Belgium (Porn is an illusion) >>
He made what the people, the press and the market asked him, he paid a high price for this. In this biography you can read the real life story from Dennis Burkas, (Porn-King: Dennis Black Magic).
This release tells about the international closed adult entertainment, driven by the sexual instinct from the people. Many questions are still open and will be answered with this.
All secrets and the real way of working from the porn industry will be published. An exclusive look behind the scenes from a industry that is bigger then mainstream.
With revelations about the sex, drugs and parties in the media world. The way of business in the fashion industry, the castings, the working of it and the lifestyle from the models and the well known celebrities.
With this release, Dennis Burkas has not only a statement to make, but also he proofs what is for many still an illusion. ”What happens in porn before camera, happens 10 times more in fashion behind camera”
Free online in an E-Line publication format on:

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