Don’t Fuck My Daughter 2

Don’t Fuck My Daughter 2

Movie Type: Vignette
160 Mins
Two Thumbs Productions
THEMES: Young Girls, Braces, Shaved Pussy, Dangerous Sex, Facials,
STARS: Sally Squirt, Dolly Little, Bailey Brooke, Alyssa Cole, Sean, Bruce, Tony, Ralph Long


This is a movie with a very specific appeal. It’s right in the title, and it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to title integrity. The four young women in this movie all play adventurous daughters who enjoy fucking older men behind their parents’ backs. The set ups vary slightly with different degrees of risk to keep things interesting. The first two girls are cute, but also really fall heavily on the jailbait side of the young girl scale. If that is a bonus for you, then strap in. If that doesn’t appeal to you then the second half of this movie will blow you away. Little Sally Squirt has braces and a naughty look in her eyes as she takes her dad’s football buddy into the bedroom for some dirty fun. Dolly Little is a super-petite redhead who is painfully thin, but seems to really enjoy cock. She fucks her tutor and earns every drop of spunk he gives her. At this point, things really get hot for me Alyssa Cole is super cute and she gets bold with Ralph Long while daddy is sitting right there at the table. That is a hot warm up, but the sex that follows is really great. She busts out of the young girl mold and gives a fantastic performance. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still fresh, young and sexy. All of that and great energy too. Baily Brooke gives us more of the same. She and her dad’s friend nearly get caught but instead go crazy on the couch. Watching this girl ride a cock is bound to make you look at your buddy’s (Of age) daughter in a new way. If you like the older/younger dynamic and enjoy a bit of danger, then this is for you. If you like super thin girls, add some bonus points. For my money, watch Alyssa Cole and Bailey Brooke and enjoy.

Sally Squirt & Sean

Sean is watching the game with his friend when Sally Squirt comes home. Seems Sean’s buddy’s daughter is all grown up. Well, she’s eighteen. With her braces and backpack she still looks painfully young even as she gives him some sexy fuck me eyes. Sean sneaks a peek into Sally’s room and she invites him inside. When she reaches out to grab his cock, Sean gives only the slightest hint of hesitation before letting the brace-faced teen take his swollen head between her lips. It is very big in her mouth, but she looks up at him with wide eyes and a naughty grin. It is too big for her to go very deep, but Sally bobs her head and stays very still on the bed while Sean gets to enjoy her mouth. After a bit too much head licking and giggling footage (Unless you are really into watching girls with braces lick meat.) Sean takes off her pants, flips her over and stuffs his dick into her shaved little slit. He holds one leg up while she moans with each stroke. She climbs on top and they fuck at the same speed with the same moans as if on a loop. Her little ass is bound to make some people take notice and they pick things up a bit, but it feels like it could use some tighter editing to keep it fresh. They move into spoon, completely past that “quick and quiet” phase to avoid detection and Sean hammers her some more. Things finish off with a cumshot on her face, particularly the braces. This one plays to that fetish very strongly, but otherwise has limited appeal.

Dolly Little & Bruce

Bruce shows up to tutor Dolly Little. Her mother says she is very smart, just lacking responsibility. The dangerously young looking redhead has hair in braids and promises to work hard with her tutor to get those grades up. She is not at all interested in doing the work however. Dolly offers to fuck him for the answers and he resists the entire way to her bedroom. Once they get there, the naughty little ginger drops to her knees to fulfill her end of the bargain. She takes a pretty good amount of dick into her mouth and works her hands on his shaft nicely. Hey eye contact is pretty good and the young girl appeal is very strong again with this one. He stands her up and spanks her butt a little bit while getting her undressed. Flipping Dolly over, Bruce works his way from her shaved pussy to her mouth and back, kissing up her thing body and getting her heady to ride him. With her shoes still on and her sweater unzipped, Dolly looks like a girl in a hurry to get dick. That part is sexy and so is the way she moves her hips to take all of him deep inside of her. Her energy is good and when he spins her into reverse cowgirl she pushes back beautifully. After a few minutes on top, she slides off and sucks him clean. On top she spreads her thighs wide and lets him rub her lips before stuffing his big dick back into her. She sticks her little ass high in the air for some good hard pounding. There are some nice POV shots in mish that show off Dolly’s tight abs and tiny tits. He pulls out and she gets to his dick just in time to take his load right into her mouth. The dirty little redhead sucks out every drop and is well on her way to academic success.

Alyssa Cole & Ralph Long

Ralph is visiting his friend for dinner and they are joined by young Alyssa Cole. She is wonderfully cute, just eighteen and has her cheeks busting out of her tight little shorts. Alyssa takes a seat next to Ralph and gets bold rather quickly. With dad sitting right across the table from her, she reaches over and gives Ralph’s meat a squeeze. Taking out his dick, she gives him a handjob under the table with her dad sitting right there. As luck would have it, he gets a call allowing the precocious teen to slip to floor and suck his cock. When dad comes back, she stays hidden and keeps working him with her mouth. The dialog is funny and the shots of her face are super cute. They keep up the fun while dad washed the dishes. Using the kitchen island to shield themselves, Ralph stands there talking to his friend while Alyssa delivers a hot blowjob. They finally sneak off to her bedroom to enjoy some privacy. Alyssa is cute as can be and I really wish we got some better shots of in her those little shorts of hers. Ralph pushes her leg back and fucks that tight little pussy. There are some nice ass shots as she rides, showing off her tan lines and the pink cheeks thanks to his spankings. I love the doggy. Ralph picks up speed, tugs on her hair as they fuck to a hot climax. Alyssa drops to the floor and takes a big load all up her pretty face. This is the first scene in the movie that goes beyond the main theme for overall sexual appeal. Alyssa Cole is super fucking cute and very hot.

Bailey Brooke & Tony

The danger aspect gets ramped up in the finale. Tony comes by to pick up a check from Bailey Brooke’s dad. He isn’t home, but she invites him and puts on the moves. He is worried about her father coming home, but not so worried that he says no when the cute blonde wants to suck his cock. They get naked and he gives her perky boobs some attention before moving down to her sweet little box. While he is busy going down on Bailey, dad comes home. He can’t see what is happening on the other side of the couch. As soon as he leaves, she is on her knees working those lips up and down his hard dick. Like the last scene, this one goes beyond just the core theme thanks to some very hot head from this cute young cock sucker. Her hand action keeps him throbbing until he is ready to feel her feet up and down on his shaft. Bailey climbs on and wiggles her little ass while trying to get all of his dick into her. The shots of her pumping up and down are really hot. Bailey is very energetic and her tight lips stroke his cock beautifully. She spins around and shows off the front of her body while still bucking like mad. He flips her over and pushes her knees up to her chest so he can make that little pussy happy. They get into some really good looking doggy. Bailey is a horny young thing and fucking dad’s friend seems to bring out the naughty side in her. She spins around in time to get a nice big load on her pretty face. This is another winner.

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