True Anal Tryouts

True Anal Tryouts

Movie Type: All Sex
280 Mins
True Anal
CONDOMS: Mike Adriano
THEMES: Anal Sex, Gapes, Rimming, A2M
STARS: Kaylani Lei, Marilyn Mansion, Haley Reed, Lily Ford, Cali Carter, Mike Adriano


Mike Adriano does everything on ten. When he shoots an oral movie, those mouths are going to be fully explored. When he does an anal movie, those buttholes get licked, stretched fucked and sometimes used as side show attractions. And when he tells a girl she is on call for an anal tryout, well you can get those anal skills are going to be put to the test. With each scene stretching to over an hour there is no shortage of anal footage. It often drifts into fetish territory with the detailed assplay. If you like that, then this is four hours of bliss. If it drifts too far into asshole fetish, you can always skip ahead. There is plenty of great stuff to go around. Marilyn Mansion opens the movie and gets fully explored here. This scene felt long to me, but has decent energy and the requisite ass play. Haley Reed makes her scene work in large part because she’s just so damn pretty. Watching her in this kind of anal action is a really sexy contrast of images. Plus, she’s a damn good performer. Lily FordCali Carter do a great scene together. I love the energy and the pace. It is honestly one of the best scenes I have seen Cali do. Great anal action in this one. That leaves us with the final scene. It just happens to be the reason I grabbed this movie in the first place. Kaylani Lei has long been one of my favorite performers in porn. There is just something about her that I find completely irresistible. She has been tearing it up lately in some naughtier scenes post-contract. This one focuses on her round ass and how completely it gets fucked. She is stunning as always and performs anal as well as if not better than any of the other women in the movie. There is a lot of good ass fucking in this movie, but for my money, the Kaylani Lei scene is a can’t miss.

Marilyn Mansion & Mike Adriano

Right out of the box with get naturally busty Marilyn Mansion who reminds me of what Aubrey Plaza mike look like if she got super high and did porn. Actually she looks more like the girl from GLOW who plays the director’s daughter (Britt Baron). Her fishnet outfit leaves her ass exposed and her big knockers hanging down. Mike finds those funbags utterly delicious and plays with them quite a bit. He bends her over and focuses on her ass, making it gape and eating it while she enjoys herself. By the time she starts sucking his cock, her ass has already been opened up pretty good. Marilyn makes sure to keep things very messy as she drools all over her boobs and keeps his prick lubed up with her spit. The tit fucking is pretty good, but Mike is really quite focused on her ass. She throws her feet back behind her head and lets him penetrate it. He pounds the hell out of her asshole, making it gape and wink. There is also quite a bit of tit play as Marilyn shakes and shows off her natural assets. The oil comes out and things get fetish level messy in a big hurry. At well over an hour already, this scene tacks on a bunch of oily, messy anal action that certainly proves Mike’s stamina and Marilyn’s ability to get drilled in the backside for a very long time. By the time the cumshot comes though, it feels less like a climax and more like an exhausted tap out.

Haley Reed & Mike Adriano

Haley Reed is a very pretty blonde who looks too innocent for the filthy anal action we know will follow. She strips down and spreads her asscheeks. Damn this girl is tight. It’s going to be quite a stretch for her later. The oral is great because the damn face is just so cute. She does a nice job as well, licking and sucking while making perfect eye contact. Though she isn’t going all the deep, Haley uses her hands perfectly and has the kind of face that makes me glad I’m still reviewing porn after all these years. Haley gives his ass a serious tonguejob as well. Bending over, Haley lets him fuck her ass. He does slowly at first, but then picks up steam and has her suck him clean before going at it again. This time he pounds harder and she reaches back to show off a little gape action. Haley is such a pretty little thing that the intense anal action makes for a wickedly hot bit of contrast. When he pulls out, she nearly double fists her tight little holes. Holy crap, that’ filthy. They even a add a big squirt shots before he shoots his load in her ass, makes her push it into a cup and basically finishes off this pretty girl by making her asshole wink.

Lily FordCali Carter & Mike Adriano

Doubling up on the fun, Mike has Lily FordCali Carter share the next scene. They are both cute and dressed in colorful outfits to make the visual pop. There is some cute tease as they help one another undress for the camera. Lily is very cute and quite slim. Cali is curvy, pumped up and inked. Mike helps Lily out when she gets behind Cali and eats her asshole. The girls turn their attention to his cock next. Cali sucks with her cap turned backwards which I am sure is a fetish for someone out there. The BJ footage is pretty damn good, especially when Lily gets a chance to show what she can do. Cali gets it in the ass first, letting her backdoor swallow the cock all the way to the root. After some warm up anal, Cali gets fucked in the butt by Lily using a huge toy. This makes things much easier when Mike comes back for round two. She sits on his cock with Lily getting in close. She sucks his balls while Cali’s cheeks hit her face on every stroke. Cali’s ass looks great when she gets up on top and rides hard on that dick. Cali gets a ton of attention here and she deserves it. Her butt looks fucking awesome and she takes every hard stroke. Since Cali gets all the anal action, Mike lets Lily take the cumshot in her mouth. She lets him shoot it between her lips and then spends a few minutes swapping that load with Cali.

Kaylani Lei & Mike Adriano

My favorite reason for the watching this movie pops up at the end. Kaylani Lei is decked out in this hot black, lace lingerie set that shows off her curves beautifully. She talks about how much she enjoys anal in her personal life, but I still think she is about to have more anal in the next hour than most people have in a year. Kaylani poses with her ass hanging out of the outfit and that booty is a glorious thing to behold these days. She sits on a stool with her cheeks sticking out and teases us like crazy. It looks so good sticking out that Mike just camps under it and licks away. She flips over and shows off her pretty shaved pussy. It is perfect for tongue fucking and that seems to make them both quite happy. He also licks and fucks her ass with his tongue before spreading and stretching her for the camera. With her ass already warmed up, he slips his cock right there between her cheeks. The POV footage of Mike fucking that tight ass is pretty hot. When he pulls out, she is gaping and he licks the freshly fucked bud like it’s candy. The close up shots of the long anal sequence are very good and it is always hot to see this lovely lady in such naughty action. They oil up her ass and let it take center stage as she rides on his lap. These are truly epic ass shots and you may never look at Kaylani the same way again. Damn that girl has some anal skills and quite the ass. She gets it in doggy for a long while. There are nice POV shots again, but I like looking at her face while she pushes her ass back to take him. Kaylani takes him into her mouth, pumping her fist and sucking his cock like she wants to pull his soul out through his urethra. It would make for a perfect ending, but this time around, he wants to go back into her ass before the finish. Pulling out just in time to cum in her mouth, Mike caps a scene that is sure to a favorite for anyone who loves Kaylani Lei half as much as I do.

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